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efthimios jhons
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1995-10-08 (24 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    greek english
  8. Family
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Weight
    98 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
    high moral and good in building works
  8. Equipment
    mostly the gear from my deployment
  9. Role
    forgoten soldier


It was like yesterday when they gathered the entire platoon to help in one operation in the eastern bloc. We had no information about the task, but we had orders to land in Balota airfield in Chernarus and join with the rest European forces. When we left Greece, we were discussing that this is just an uprising nothing too dangerous. As we were getting closer to the eastern block, we looked down and saw flames, destroyed buildings. Chernarussian and American forces fighting together what seemed to be civilians. This was no typical battle! We soon realised what was happening. Humans eating humans. We started to feel uneasy and before we even touched the ground, we were terrified.
We were thirty-two Green Berets, the best of the best. Whatever the challenge we can accomplish it and always return victorious, but not this time. Our eyes were witnessing something unimaginable. We turn to our leader to ask what is happening and he responds “Its classified” with a sharp tone. I thought in my head “classified? We are the special forces here! What do they mean? What are we going to encounter?”.
After about an hour, we landed. The number of troops were equal to a scenario of Russia attacking Europe. But no this was something far worse. We went to the briefing room and we heard what was happening. On Cherno dead people were coming back to life! They told us all they knew. chernarussians was conducting an experiment. They were creating super soldiers on Kamensk base, an underground facility, and suddenly everything went black. A team was sent to investigate but nothing. The team vanished. An outbreak began.
We were given hazard suits with the task to infiltrate to the ground facility with the delta six and alpha one. We went to the base with an armored vehicle and get off the vehicle one kilometre away from the base. Around three hundred meters away we saw a check point. All the soldiers were killed and the technicals destroyed. We moved further in and saw soldiers moving strangely. Their skin was pale, and I had a feeling that something terrible had happened to them. One chernarussian soldier recognized one of his friends inside the base and shouted, “Hey Yuri, what happened?”. This was the start of the end! They started screaming and running towards us. We started shooting, looking back it was a terrible decision, more of them started coming in huge numbers. Each team took a sector and we started to fall back. However, we had a mission to complete.
My captain spoke with the other captains and they decided to send a group of nine people, three Greeks, three Americans and three chernarussians. I was picked. I was very lucky that I got picked even though at the time I didn’t like it. We set off through the bullets and the army of the dead. When we reach the facility, we had lost three guys, two Greeks and one American . This was probably the last time we will ever see the other guys as well. We shut the door behind us, and we started going down. We didn't know what we were looking for but when we reached the lab, we saw a very terrifying scene. Blood everywhere and humans torn to shreds. A few meters later we heard knocking sounds and screams. If only someone could see us. We had cold sweat running down our spines, our night vision had been broken so we forced to use our flashlights. After some time, we saw some weird shadows but when we went too close, they vanished, like this game that I was playing when I was little. What was the name again I thing its metro, yeah metro.
We reached the last room, a big chamber. This room was different from the others it had big capsules everywhere with creatures that we have never seen before and robots who they were putting them to these capsules. As we procced to this large room we noticed that some of these capsules where broken and there were claw marks on the walls. When we found the control room, we discovered the facility’s plans and we decide first to go where the formula or whatever it was creating these things. We needed to take the plans and the blue scripts and then to the generator room to shut down the power. We splited in two teams, we took the plans and cut the power. We met up again, but it was feeling different someone, or something was tailing us.
When we reach half way to the exit something grabbed the guy who was watching our backs. We heard a scream and then nothing darkness and silence and after one second a deformed creature appeared four legs, huge claws, no face and no skin. Before we managed to kill it, it killed two guys, one chernarusian and one American. We took one sample of its blood and we started running. Then the rest of the creatures started chasing us. They got very close and they were many of them, we were only four. The two chernarussians said to hand them the explosives and go for the door. They said “You have two minutes before the explosion. Me and the American started running like there was no tomorrow. We reached the door, we went outside and we closed it. We fell by the wave of the explosion and we were afraid to go back again. What if this abominations where still alive? We prayed and we take our leave .
When we were outside silence; no radio, no gunshots, no nothing. We kept our heads down and we started going where we last saw our friends, none survived. We took out, we walked a lot, but we managed to arrive to the Balota camp. No-one was there and everywhere we could see zombies. We travelled the coast to see if anyone was alive but nothing. After a month we saw a group of survivors, but we didn't approach. The days became weeks, the weeks months but no sight of any military operation and one day as we were searching supplies in Gorka I heard a gunshot and I saw my battle brother falling dead in the ground. I fought the attackers, but they were too many and I had to leave as soon as possible. After one year and half I was living near Myskino and I had left my base to search for ammunition and supplies. At some points I saw a group of bandits about to kill hostages. I took my trusty mosin in my hand and started shooting. Two of the bandits fell dead and the other one was killed buy one of the hostages. I wend down first. I was scared that they will kill me, but I thought “if this is my last day so be it”. I greeted the two survivors and now we are 3 friends who try to survive in this harsh world.
Diary of the sergeant efthimios johns
1st platoon of the Greece green berets


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