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Vaas Snamiboro
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1989-10-09 (30 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Nationality
    Portuguese, Chernarussian.
  4. Languages


  1. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral


Born in Chernarus. I was raised in a former portuguese colonised town in africa. My name is Vaas. Vaas Snamiboro. Portuguese name from my father the asshole. Father had us Move to Cascais Kommune, portugal. Was a rough neighborhood. Father drank daily and my mother did what she did best to keep food on the table. We don't really speak of what she did, let's just put it like that. In school my grades were bad, and I recieved more 'belt' time than actual study. After school, I was supposed to join a university. I blew that up myself in the end. I lasted about a couple of weeks untill I met up with Barus.

Barus was the kind of guy who also had a rough child hood now that I think about it. He liked to deal small drugs were he could, you know, back then in the young days being a criminal girls definantly liked it. Bullies stayed away from you because they feared you would stab them with your gang. Anyways I ran around with Barus for some time, he tought me how to survive in the streets of a gang environment, how to steal and what not to say to people in the gangs. I remember I was thrown out of my university, right at that moment my dad had given up on the family and he had left us for some other whore. So I moved with my mother to Chernarus, and we moved into her foster-home in Bor. Her parents had died and an idiot lived there. I remember him. He did not live there legally. His name was Andrey Zherdev. Total asshole. He had more meassures of hurting my mother than actual pleassures during adult activities. I was only 17 at that time. My mother worked "with him" to be able to earn a room for her and I to stay in Bor. I never learned chernarussian nor russian, but I know my phrases. When Andrey noticed I was young enough, he introduced me to Dima. Dima was a spokesman i Think. For the local slavic group in Bor. You know, the bunch that squats around in a circle listening to music and drinking heavily, daily after work. Dima taught me how to work for him and his slavic brothers, he always talked about having his own "Hells Angels", but call it "Bors Angels."

Dima taught me how to steal. A casual theft was easy but the tactics was what mattered. Dima taught me that, if I had to be extra lucky i had to smell like what my mother called a looser. So I started drinking daily. Hung out with the slavic boys of Bor a lot. It got up to the point where I smelled like any homeless alcoholic, whitch was what Dima told me was advantagious. I did notice it too. How easy it was to pick-pcked a guy's wallet in the bus, because nobody wants to look near, nor pay attention to the alcoholic homeless drunk next to them. After Dima and I had been working together we had a job in Grishino where it went wrong. Police were waiting for us when we got there. Sometimes I think Andrey had snitched so he could have my mother in his bed with the thought of me being permanently away. Once we showed up to the black house, had only one door. We started picking the lock. Spotlights turned on all around us, and we panicked. I was then jailed for some time, but later released into a happening outbreak.


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