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Peter Larsen
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1971-07-20 (48 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Languages
    Norwegian, English
  6. Family
    Daughter Jenny


  1. Height
    179 cm
  2. Weight
    92 kg
  3. Alignment
    Neutral Good


Norway, thats where I live. At least i did.. My name is Peter Larsen and Im 48 years old. I work as a teacher for a living. Im married, have one son and one daughter. My daughter, Jenny, was traveling in in area of Green Sea. Last thing I heard from her was that she was on her way to Chernarus. On the phone she told me people needed help over there. People died in droves, and children became orphans because of a sickness. Something about people loseing their mind. I tried to stop her, but she wouldnt change her desicion. As time went by i grew more and more worried about her. And news event reports about whats going on over there started to show up on the tv, telling that people were acting crayzy, attacking and killing eachother. I tried to contact the norwegian embassy in the area, but I didnt manage to reach them.. Then the shitstorm hit us, and society collapsed. Same thing started to happen here, people started attacking other people. friends killing friends. I barricated my house, but soon we ran out of supplys. The electricety was shut down, no more water in the kitchen faucet. I had to go out for supplys, if not we where gonna die of thirst and hunger. All stores was empty, and as I moved around i saw rotten corpses. It smelled death all over town. I didnt se many of those zombies. Im shure thats what they are. But I heard them, and when I did I a turned another way. Two days later I was finally back home. I didnt mange to find much, but at least something. But when I opened the door, i smelled it again. The smell of death..

In my backpack I had a hatchet. I picked it up and went slowly upstairs. I heard strange noices from my sons room. I opened the door. No, I opened the door to hell. What I saw is on my eyes every time i close them. My wife where sitting over my son and eating on him. I screamed, what a fuck are you doing to him!!?? she turned around and looked at me. And I saw in to two dead eyes in the middle of a bface covered in blood.. I raised my hand, and with all my power i smashed the hatchet right between her eyes. I hit her over and over again, until there was no more sound....... A few days after i decided to go look for my daughter, my last will to live depends on finding my her.

My journy goes from here. I didnt even know where Chernarus was, so the mission was overwhelming. I packed up my car, and paid well to get me and my car on a boat over to Denmark. I sat in the car on the whole trip, afraid to run in to more zombies. When i got to Denmark i drove south, and when i stopped to find some food in a supermarket something incredible happend. Out of the blue I ran in to a gamingfriend from the old times. When he heard my story he decided to help me, suddenly this didnt seem hopeless! We traveld our way down southeast to Burgas in Bulgaria where we paid a old man well to bring us to our destination. When we was almost at Chernarus a huge storm hit us and the boat sank. We had to swim for our lives!We lost all our equipment and luggage and we where drifting apart because of the wind. I made it to land! I shure hope my friends did too. Now im here. Cold, tired, and almost out of hope….


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