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Winston West
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Unstable . On the edge of going mental.
  3. Date of birth
    1999-01-11 (20 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Liverpool England
  5. Languages
    English , Chinese
  6. Relationship
  7. Family
    Margret West (Mother) , William West (Father)
  8. Religion


  1. Build
    Skinny , Muscley
  2. Hair
    Messy Short hair
  3. Eyes
  4. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  5. Features
    *Has Scar on right cheek*
    *wolf bite on right leg*
    *Gunshot wound on left leg*
    *Has a broken voice , due to strangle incident* // recovered
    Shot in the right arm
    left leg
    and the right side of the ribs
  6. Equipment
    Leather Vest
    Bomber Jacket , Maroon
    Black Cargo
    Anarchy Boots

    Skin - Light
  7. Occupation
    Bar Staff
  8. Affiliation
    The riptide





Winston West lived a very lucky lifestyle, being born in a good neighborhood , having very supportive parents and getting good grades in the best schools possible in the area of Liverpool. Everything was going well for Winston, he even had a plan to attend oxford university once he reached the age of 19.

Winston’s parents , William West and Margaret West both had very important jobs in the world. William being a sergeant in the police force  , and Margret being an assistant director for modern day films. Due to Margaret's reputation of being a director , she was friends with very popular and important people, with this reputation it gave Winston the opportunity to be a bar staff on a popular yacht known as the riptide, with his past jobs of being a bar staff in other pubs when he was younger this job was perfect for Winston.

At first Winston declined the offer as he was feeling very anti social , this was mainly because of the lack of friends that he got from college due to him being shy and quiet most of the time. But after some peer pressure off his parents he finally accepted the offer , and began packing his bags for possibly the last time.

He departed from the UK to Turkey Istanbul , on a calm relaxing 4 hour flight . He arrived at Istanbul on the 9th of July at night , he got a hotel that was provided to him by the company that organised the riptide. During the time he was in the hotel he was mostly in his room , ether reading or on his mobile phone.

On the first day of the riptide , he got dressed in a formal black shirt with grey slacks and went down to the docks to depart on the boat.   



Once entering the riptide , you could tell that the party was filled of A-listers with expensive food and drinks that only the richest could afford. Winston was not like them , he was just a bar staff serving drinks to the rich.

A few moments after the boat departed from its original position , about halfway throughout the journey there had been reports about some kind of “outbreak” , Winston did not react that much to the reports as he just thought it was some kind of internet ploy and speculation . That was until he noticed something was not quite right , most of the passengers on board where going back to cabins due to sickness and headaches. Even with everything going on Winston was still not convinced that it was anything , as there could have been many different causes to this , drugs , food poisoning or heavy migraines off the music and heavy lights.

All of Winston’s predictions of the headaches and the sickness’ that the passengers endured was then debunked , when the passengers that were sick began to act in an unusual manner , ripping and eating living people.

Winston quickly reacted to this and opened the closest cabin he could find , once he opened this one of the infected came flying out grabbing Winston. Winston did not know what to do , so he did the thing that came to his mind , which was to throw the infected on the floor and quickly lock the cabin door. As soon as Winston locked himself in the room , he looked out the window to see the infected that he threw out ripping someone apart whilst they were screaming in pain. Winston just stepped away and sat on the bed in horror as he could hear the distant screams.

3 hours Winston waited for it to end , he just sat there in shock shaking and in a distant trance whilst tears slowly traveled down his face. Once all the infected were thrown off , Winston went to the survivors of the riptide , they were discussing about next plans for the riptide . But Winston did not hear that much , he was mostly in a trance shocked at the fact that he was a coward and because of his actions somebody died. Even though out the explosions that happened Winston was just remembering what happened on that night.

Winston once regained sense when the sun came out on July the 19th , and the boat finally stopped on land , a beach , this beach was located from what one of the passengers said “south zagoria “ , a place that Winston did not even know existed.

Once they all landed on the beach , you could see the infected being drawn in by the sound of the boat running from the horizon of the beach , once they departed they were too late the infected caught up again eating alive a dozen of the other survivors. Whilst this was happening Winston had a flashback to the riptide being stood still whilst the chaos erupted around him , this flash back suddenly once got stopped when an infected tackled Winston landing him on the ground , Winston used his arm to prevent the infected from biting him, winston thought he was dead. Until a brave survivor pushed the infected from Winston , he then picked up Winston by grabbing his hand out , Winston thanked the man and smiled for the first time in a long time , but then suddenly the man got tackled by an infected being ripped apart by the one he pushed off Winston. Winston did not know what to do , other than run to the other survivors that escaped.

Winston stayed with the other survivors for now , as he was not that sure what could be our there and with the infected , gunshots and blood stains it does not sound good. So it was the best option to stay with the rest of the survivors as he knew they were not bad.

But being with the group means that Winston has to make decisions and fall under a leader in order to survive … that is a risk Winston has to take.


John x3
Joey x2
Rysen -RIP
Garret - RIP




Red Hat - Father gave it to him on his 17th birthday , one month before he passed away.The hat that Winston is currently wearing is not the same one as his father gave him, but the hat color it self it an importance to Winston.




25/08/2017 -  So today was pretty boring , i got locked in a room , climbed out a window , pointed a gun at my head , met people (that was nice) and on the verge of insanity! Good night! 

26/08/2017- Well i met the Tony Moretti guy he was quite a guy , ended up pointing a weapon in my friends face which made me petrified. But Anton was making the orders to him more that Taryn which made we wonder what his actual plans was and my emotions then got the better of me , which then caused me to point a rifle in his face that then caused a dispute. I then told everyone i am leaving , and for good this time . Maybe i will return when i get better but for the mean time i will be MISSING. 

31/08/2017- Sorry i have not written much in this thing , but hay i will just tell you what has happened the past few days . Firstly i arrived back at the camp with a CDF spy , which then resulted in me getting shot by my own people (i know right) . After that got sorted out the CDF the next day turned up demanding reasons why . But anyway you know that Tony guy , yea ,, the one that pointed a gun at my friend well he also hates the CDf and in fact i am joining the army and i am 100% hoping to die from it because quite frankly , fuck this world and fuck the people in it. Idiots !

10/08/17- Ey! Heaven aint that bad , playing pool with Garrett and Rysen. Still dead though .... and still a virgin ffs!




Character page is done! Had fun making this tbh , gonna edit the rest of the characters later on this week.

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RIP winston :(


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