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Raymond Molton
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1994-07-19 (25 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Dutch, English
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Mom (Syl), Dad(Rene)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    175 cm
  2. Weight
    75 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Brown and messy
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Equipment
    Hunting Equipment, adjustable to surviving within this world
  8. Occupation
    Train Engineer, Hunter


His name is Raymond Molton 25 years of age and loves camping in the wild.

Before the outbreak he originally came from the netherlands, where after his study he worked at all kinds of places he started out as a dishwasher, did some construction work and also worked a few years as a security guard. Eventually he started working as a train engineer where he traveled to all sorts of places, being alone alot infront of such a small cabin you come to enjoy nature and the outside world youre starring at all day every day. So every now and then when he had a break of work he went somewhere either within his country os somewhere else entirely just to enjoy nature some more. it didnt take to long for him to pick up hunting and to be able to hunt and live in the wild.

One day he decided upon going on holiday to Chernarus, he has visited by train before and fell in love with the forests immediatly. He had found a nice spot somwhere in between Zabolotye and Sinystok with plenty of wildlife around and a water nearby so he could basically stay within the forest at all times since he had both food and water nearby.

After sometime things went wrong, for weeks he could hear bombs falling in the distance, bombs changed to gunfire followed by more bombs exploding. over a couple weeks time everything started to go somewhat more quiet. all this time he decided to stay within the forests and survive and wait everything out.

when everything turned quiet again Ray decided to get out of the forest and investigate. he knows there were villages nearby and went there first. Upon arriving he saw a couple people stumbling over the streets, when he came closer he tried to talk to them but they all seemed very angry and didnt really speak anymore.. he knew something was wrong.. he went closer and he almost had to vomit over the smell of rotting corpses. he finally got noticed by one of the people in the streets it screamed so loud and started running right at him. He decided he had to leave and find a safe place quickly, he knew if its like that everywhere he has to survive! there might be more like him he said there has to be.

And like that he set out on an adventure.

An adventure of survival and finding more people like him.


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