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Evans Chekov
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    PTSD, can become unhinged
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1985-03-05 (34 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Languages
    Chernarussian, English
  8. Family
    Armin Chekov
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    183 cm
  2. Weight
    81 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Long, disheveled, and brown
  5. Eyes
    Blue, missing one eye
  6. Features
    Missing his left eye, has a long thin scar running up his left cheek and through his eyebrow, Half of his right ear is missing
  7. Occupation
    Combat medic


Evans Chekov is no longer the man he was when he first came back to Elektro all those years ago.

Originally born and raised in Elektrogorsk, Chernarus he left to go to medical school in Russia before returning to his home country during the civil war where he was immediately drafted into the Chernarussian Defense Force. During this time he saw a good amount of combat, and it turned what was once a jovial boy into a somewhat more reserved man, but after the war was over his old personality did start to shine through again. After the war, he took a leave from the military to work at the hospital in Chernogorsk where he felt his skills would be put to better use. 

He was happy for some time, his brother Armin, and mother Annya came to visit him often, and during his time at the hospital he had met a woman, Tatyana, they had fallen in love. After dating for nearly a year Tatyana informed Evans he was going to be a father, and so put on a quick timeline Evans proposed. They were married New Years Day 2011, they ended up having a boy in May 2011 who was named Faddey. These were very peaceful and happy times for Evans, he carries pictures of his family and wife from these times. 

However it seemed as if god himself willed Evans happiness to end.

It was now May, 1, 2017, Evans aged mother had moved in with him and his wife in Elektro since his brother was working with NATO at an air base in the north west. On the news there was violence in the streets after some extremists attacked a wedding. Evans had been waiting by the phone, his anxiety at an all time high. He knew it was only a matter of time until the government called on him to serve, but he did not want to leave his happiness, behind, he didn't believe if he was called he would see his family again. 

He was unfortunately, right, on the third of May he received the call and was ordered to report for service in Berenzino where the military had set up near the hospital. Over the weeks leading up to the outbreak he talked to his family over the phone several times, but his duties kept him from coming home. During the early morning hours in the second week of July, Evans was awoken by shots ringing out from outside the camp. Apparently a vehicle carrying a NATO squad was overrun by rabid townsfolk on the way to Berenzino, and now the hospital and military encampment were surrounded by townsfolk fitting a similar description. Evans had little time to think, but the first thing he did was find a working phone and call his wife so she could take his family somewhere safe. She didn't pick up, but he left a voicemail and ran to his post. 

Several CDF members were shouting as they fired, but he heard someone scream "Shoot the head", and so he did. Ten minutes, half a magazine, and 12 confirmed kills later there was only quiet and the smell of spent gunpowder. After taking a minute to collect himself, he confronted his CO. Apparently something happened in Severograd the men from NATO were being sent up to check it out, and Armin was among them. They were a unit under the command of Ashven Davis a name familiar to Evans through phone calls with his brother. Only two bodies from the NATO team were recovered, neither of those two were among them. Evans pleaded with his CO to let him leave, to form a search party and find these men, but in the end he was told no, and nobody would be sent for them, so Evans dropped it and went back to his duties for now. That night, under the cover of darkness, Evans grabbed his gear, extra water, and MRE's and left. 

He found a car abandoned just south of Berenzino, and used that to make his way southwest to Elektro where he could grab his family call his brother to set a pickup point and hopefully get out of here towards Takistan. Unfortunately by the time he got towards Kamyshovo he noticed more of these townspeople who were acting rabid. He didn't have time to shoot so he drove past, but the anxiety in his brain was off the charts, "If it's down this far...", he thought, "Elektro is too close".  He was right, Elektro was too close, but it wasn't the soon to be called infected that were the problem. The infected don't use guns, but bandits, people willing to murder those unable to defend themselves do, and when he walked into his home where the doors had been busted down that's what he saw, his mother in a wheelchair by the door, blood dripping down her face, and his wife and child full of bullet wounds. 

Evans broke down, he could not take in the sight he was seeing. His immediate reaction was to vomit, and his next reaction was to run, but he forced himself to stay. He was going to bury his family. 

He sobbed while digging each grave. 

He dug a fourth grave, but seeing as it is a sin to commit suicide, so he would leave it open for later.

He spent the next two years and several months figuratively underground, trading occasionally but always using fake names and information. He stopped a bandit once trying to take everything from a trader, that's where he lost his eye and got the scar on his face. Luckily the trader helped him get that patched up, it was the first real positive human interaction he had, and while they went separate ways after sharing a meal, he took that interaction to heart and started looking for a place he could belong. 


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