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Troi Lindgren
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    2002-10-10 (20 years old)
  3. Place of birth


  1. Alignment
    Lawful Evil


Born in 2002 10th of October. Born in Sweden. grown up in a pretty bad place, full of infected, when i grow up i was all alone by the age of 15 and i met a group of people that was very nice and said they was heading to Nyheim becouse there was a cure there they heard atleast! so i followed them there. and we lost a few of good guys half the way by the time we got to Nyheim we was only 2 guys and 1 girl! we make a small camp in the southeast and hung around there for some time! and 1 day i went for a short walk for food they where gone when i got back so then i kept living there for 1 year or so. i did great with food and stuff but one day it came a gruop of people that took all my food and guns and cloths, BAD people really BAD! so i was really scared how i would manage this all alone and just sat in a corner in a house for DAYS! and 1 day i heard someone walk into the house! i would say it was a infected but when the door opend a guy stod there and was like Oh hey man! u dont look like doing good! here u have some food! and all after that we have been holding togheter!


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