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Peter Boehm
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    2005-07-02 (14 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    German, little bit English
  9. Family
    Alexandra Böhm
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    165 cm
  2. Weight
    61 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes


Name: Pepe Böhm

Age: 14

Gender Male

Occupation: student / exchange student from Germany

Size: 1,65m

What a stupid situation.

Just went to school and now that.I just wanted to broaden my horizons. Well just improve my grades and make a good impression.

I needed that too badly. The teachers never got a good picture of me, but gave me the promise to exchange.

Now I think that they just wanted to get rid of me,at least for a little while.

I can not blame them. But I'm not sorry and it would be unnecessary to worry about it now. I actually need pity in my situation. Shit apocalypse!

When I came to this country, I received a warm welcome.

I played their game so they are not sending me back.. My replacement family consisted of 4 people. Father, mother and two teenagers.

Whereby the girl who was in my age was good to look at. Over time, a friendship developed between me and her,it was strange.

You have to travel to another country first to get to know a girl? Father would say now that I should grow up.

How to grow up? I was well on my way. Of course not under the eyes of my host parents. It was probably the curiosity about the foreign. Something you did not know. I felt like I was in another world.

But no, I had to behave in this world too,so it only was a Friendship.

It´s was better this way,otherwise her Parents would probably Kill me.

The boy was stupid and talked too much about nature,had i known at the time what is coming up to me,i would have listened to him more.

The time in the foreign school was pur Horror and meant a lot of work. The teachers here were much stricter and old-fashioned. That being said, I did not understand a word.

Even English is difficult for me. Probably not mine. But no matter! They probably could not handle me either. I had a big mouth and I learned a few dirty words. That was my motto. Always making trouble with the idiots.

But in the Apocalypse, this did not help me to survive, but hunger and caution did the job.I ran away from the host family when it broke out, I wanted to take the girl with me,but i was too late.

She and the rest of the family hissed at me already. At first I thought they were kidding me and the whole thing seems like a bad joke. If so, they would have gotten me so much.

But they did not get to me, because as the father puked out his innards, I understood the seriousness of the situation, so I had to get out of this place called Elektro quickly.

I can not pronounce the rest. There were enough films that told me exactly what to do in such a situation. For example, Walking Dead ... My mother did not care. I was allowed to watch whatever i wanted to. Luckily?

My dad was a bit stricter and did not allow me to play games or movies from the age of 16/18. But he was always away for Work.

Maybe that's why I got so shitty because I was missing something.

I ran north and heard many shots from elektro. Apparently the military was in full swing.

I always walked along the coast and it took several days to feed on the remains of the apocalypse until I found a big ship. There I lived and survived.

The ship was broken apart,strangely enough there was no one left who could have helped me in the beginning. Now I am stuck here. The last time was tough.

I had to feed on the leftovers that I could find there. What people had left in a certain amount when they were stranded and fled.

There was a lot of instant shit Food in the Containers. Luckily, there were no zombies here, just dead people.I avoided the rooms where the bodies where .

I did not want to see dead people,but one Day i saw the Girl from my guest Family. When I emptied myself and almost fainted, I got used to the sight from day to day. I tried as far as possible to throw everything overboard.

I tried not to cry, crying is just something for babies.

From time to time people came with weapons and looted the area around the Ship,some even came inside the Ship.

It could have been bandits, so I hid myself on the ship where no one could find me. I did not understand anything they said anyway.

I knew my way around the ship in and out.

Constantly beeing alone has probably made me crazy,i do not feel the need to talk anymore. With whom too?

Nobody knows German! I could talk with the steel wall of the ship where I painted a face! I tried to not get Crazy in the Head.

Funny way, the wall with the face keeps talking to me. At some point I will meet again people who can speak my language.

This is probably happening faster than expected,at least I hope so, I get funny thoughts ... The problem is that I do not know what's going on out there.

There are always shots or occasional trucks on the street with soldiers or at least armed people. I do not feel like dying just because a mad Russian thinks he has to shoot me.

The supplies I've accumulated are getting low and somehow I'm sick. At the moment I have a miserable sore throat. That's probably because of the cold. I'll be forced to go.

I do not know how to draw attention to myself without the alerting the mudheads.Maybe I have to behave and dress up like that so they leave me alone. The bandits will not recognize me either. Maybe I can steal a box of food. Or sneak unnoticed into a warehouse and get something to eat there.

How can I just lug it away? Oh no, food is still ok but first I have to get my hands on medicine,but i cant read the writing.The letters are looking weird

I'll have to go and hopefully I will not get caught.

I hope...


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