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Olivia Watson
Character information
  1. Alias
    Doc | Doctor Watson | Liv | Red | Whisper
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
    Still all there
  4. Date of birth
    1991-03-25 (28 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Burlington, Iowa
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Spanish, ASL
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    None (Currently all deceased or missing)
  11. Religion
    Former Catholic, now agnostic


  1. Height
    172 cm
  2. Weight
    57 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Blonde and black hair, clearly dyed. Shorn short for survival purposes.
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Features
    Beauty mark on neck ; self-cut hair ; Several, faded and small scars on her face. Likely just from the troubles of surviving the apocalypse. ; A bite, looking to have been made by an infected human, located on the side of her chest.
  8. Equipment
    Several pairs of surgical/rubber gloves ; A sidearm for defense purposes ; A knife ; Several other surgical tools and/or medicines.
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
    Potius Cras
  11. Role
    Doctor ; Field Medic


Olivia Watson was born in Burlington, Iowa on March 25th, 1991 to a doctor and a policeman. Her mother, Jenny Watson, was a well respected member of the community and worked at the local hospital. Her father, John Watson, was an army veteran of the 34th US Infantry Division who later became a policeman after wanting to settle down and marry Jenny. The family were relatively well off and lived a normal life. Olivia went to the best school possible in Burlington, Notre Dame School, and she had a relatively normal school life, until however her mothers death in 2007. On January 7th , 2007 while on their way home from an event, the family got into an awful car accident after a driver lost control of their car and spun into the family sedan. The crash was attributed to the awful snow the city had been experiencing, however this accident was forever ingrained into Olivia and her father’s memory. Shortly after crashing, Olivia awoke to being trapped in the car, her seat having bent around her; her father lay unconscious in the drivers seat however her mother was slowly bleeding out next to him. Olivia tried her best to get out and help her mother, however nothing could be done; she sat helplessly and watched as her mother’s life slipped away in front of her. 

After losing her mother, Olivia became very distant and bottled everything up. Even after the advice of her school principle she never sought therapy, and neither did her father. John struggled to handle losing the love of his life, and so he turned to alcohol to deal with the pain. He never drank during work, however as soon as he got home, he would drink himself into a stupor. This caused a rift between Olivia and John that never really healed, as John emotionally neglected the needs of Olivia, and she never forgave him for it. Despite the issues she faced during that year she carried on with school otherwise unphased. Her natural aptitude for the sciences, particularly biology, saw her inch closer to becoming a doctor; a way of honouring her mothers memory. In 2009 she graduated from Notre Dame School and immediately set off for medical school at Des Moines University.

Des Moines was the perfect place for Olivia to attend university. Here she was far away enough from home that she didn’t have to see her disconnected father if she didn’t want to, however she didn’t want to stray too far away from her him. Des Moines was also her mothers alma mater, so her attending was the perfect place for her to truly honour her mother. While at Des Moines she made fast friends with her roommate Cassandra Cummings. Cassandra was a budding young brunette who was passionate about law, and as such was attending Des Moines to study international humanitarian law. The two were very close, however throughout her first year Olivia soon became aware that she viewed Cassandra as being more than friends. This came to an end however, when one night after coming back from a party, they admitted feelings for one another. This drunken confession led them to have sex, however in the morning Cassandra told Olivia that this couldn’t amount to anything further as she was too focused on her studies. This hurt Olivia immensely, leading her to become depressed for many months afterwards. However things went smoothly otherwise. In her second year she met a guy by the name of John Anderson, who was a Philosophy major on a football scholarship. She began dating John shortly after coming out of the depression following the Cassandra ordeal, so whether or not she dated him to get back at Cassandra is unknown. However things began changing for her in third year.

In her third year of study, Olivia began to develop very severe and persistent migraines. They appeared every day and lasted for hours at a time, they also began affecting her academic performance. After consulting with a few doctors she was prescribed OxyContin as a way to combat the pain, however the frequency of the migraines eventually led her to use so much that she began developing a dependence. She kept her addiction under wraps from John and Cassandra though, often faking migraines so as to have an excuse for taking the medication as frequently as she did. Things carried on like this for a while, however she carried on doing quite well in her academics. At the end of fourth year, while Olivia was about to start her postgrad, Cassandra left after graduating with her degree. She joined and began working for the UNHCR. This devastated Olivia, who never truly lost feelings for her, however the two still kept in touch. 

Life carried on normally for Olivia and John in Des Moines. John at this stage had begun working for the university as an assistant lecturer and was studying towards his doctorate. Olivia carried on with her medical degree, eventually finishing medical school and graduated cum laude in 2017. Shortly after graduating, she began working at the MercyOne Des Moines Medical Centre as a general practitioner, however shortly after she began her dad suffered a heart attack and passed away. However things were to soon get worse for Olivia before they got better, as a few days after her dads death, John broke up with her; citing the sudden circumstances as being too much for him. The sudden and unexpected tragedies she was now forced to face sent Olivia down a spiral that saw her migraines worsen. This forced her to increase her OxyContin use until a few months later she had a realisation. After talking to Cassandra about everything, she came to the conclusion that this job wasn’t for her. This prompted her to quit and join Cassandra in Chernarus, so Olivia could do something meaningful with her degree. She was also seeking the comfort of her long lost love, considering all that had happened to her that year. Olivia to drop everything she had ever known and boarded a one way flight to Chernogorsk on May 7th. 

She was greeted after landing two days later by a happy and eager Cassandra, who ushered Olivia into a car and immediately set off for the UNHCR base that she was operating out of, near Severograd. During the car ride, Olivia came clean to Cassandra regarding the fact that she loved her and that she couldn’t get the night that the two of them had together out of her mind. After a long silence, Cassandra agreed about the night and admitted that she also had feelings for Olivia. After much discussion the two agreed that in the interim they would focus on the work at hand, however as soon as the crisis was over, they would attempt a relationship. For the first time in a long while Olivia was happy, however this was not due to last. 

As soon as they got to the camp, Olivia jumped into helping the local branch of the Red Cross in providing medical care to those who were fleeing the tensions and conflict between Chernarus and Russia. This lasted for about a month, however the atmosphere in the camp became uneasy when rumours spread about the locals in Nagornoe and Kamensk being rounded up after some incident. Details were sketchy, but life carried on in the camp as normal, however this was the calm before the storm as tensions and frequent outbursts near the Russian border forced more people into fleeing, thus causing the camp to become very busy. 

Things were not just busy on Olivia’s side, as Cassandra was now having to deal with not only the Chernarus government, but as well as the Russian air force which was now doing bombing runs near them; the target being a once abandoned base north of them. Reports slowly started coming in of human rights abuses out of Severograd, as rabid and unresponsive soldiers began killing indiscriminately. They were also said to be completely impervious to injuries, however this was brushed away as just a tall tale. If these reports weren’t bad enough, the Russians had now switched from aerial bombing raids to now pounding the countryside surrounding Severograd with artillery, completely disregarding civilian presence. This made the camp become completely overrun with the injured and dead of the surrounding areas, as more and more sought the safety of the UN camp. If Olivia and the Red Cross weren’t dealing with artillery victims, they were dealing with victims of a new infection that seemed to have taken a hold of the locals. It started out as a fever, however it quickly progressed into something far worse until eventually the infected died out. However they didn’t stay dead for long.
Those that had died from the disease were put into a separate quarantine tent, but they soon started reanimating and attacking base staff almost immediately, killing everyone in the tent. The UN Peacekeeping Corps attempted to bring down these reanimated corpses, but to no avail as nothing seemed to stop these things. Soon the camp descended into chaos, with people being teared apart sending everyone into a mad frenzy. Olivia managed to just barely escape her medical tent, and upon venturing outside she saw the most horrific site. Blood and carnage everywhere, with people being torn limb from limb while others began killing others so as to aid themselves in escaping. Frightened and disturbed, Olivia attempted to look for Cassandra so they could escape together, however this was not what happened. After making it across the camp unscathed, she entered into Cassandra’s tent to try and take her love away from this horrific chaos. 

The first thing Olivia saw as she entered the tent was blood, more blood than she had ever know. And at the source of this blood was two of those things huddled around a body, a body that belonged to her love, Cassandra. This sent Olivia into a mad frenzy, where she grabbed the closest thing to her and began beating the things off of her love, however it was too late. Cassandra was gone. Olivia fled immediately, stealing a military vehicle and drove off as fast as she could. After driving for East for a few hours she bumped into another UNHCR base and was taken in by the workers there. After taking her in, she told them everything that had happened, however they put what she saw down to shell shock from Russian artillery hitting the camp; they refused to believe her about corpses rising from the dead and attacking the living. However Olivia knew what she saw, and what she saw was the love of her life being eaten by corpses. This realisation caused Olivia to suffer a metal breakdown, and she immediately ran for the medical tent where she began to take as much OxyContin as she could without passing out, as a way to ease the pain she had experienced of her heart getting ripped out in front of her by those things. After a few hours, she came to the realisation that there was no reason to be in the country anymore, so she prepared to leave. She began grabbing as much OxyContin, food, water and ammunition as she could fit in a backpack she had stolen, as well as a gun and silencer she found in the barracks. This came just in time, as as soon as she had gathered her supplies, she heard screaming and shouting coming from the entrance; followed by rapid gunfire. She knew they were here, and she knew she needed to leave. 

Seeing the entrance overrun she managed to sneak out of the camp through the back, and descended into the woods, where after a few hours of running she came to the Russian border, which was closed off due to the ensuing chaos Chernarus had found herself in. With no other option, she fled once again into the woods where she eventually came across an abandoned shack, which would make the perfect hideout for her. What was meant to turn into a few days turned into a few weeks, as the entire county collapsed all around her, and so she was forced to fend for herself through hunting and gathering. 

One day, while tracking a deer, Olivia came across a small group of survivors. It was three of them in total and making use of her limited knowledge of the language, she managed to ascertain that one of them was in serious need of medical attention. She agreed to help them, and escorted the group back to the shack, where she managed to bandage the injured man up as best as she could, however she knew this wouldn’t be enough to help him. After much discussion, they agreed to go out and look for more supplies on the condition Olivia joined. She agreed, and suggested they head towards the nearest city for supplies. After a week of walking, they got to the edges of the city, and what she saw shocked her.

The group was now face to face with an entire city full of those things, however they had to risk going in as they were not about to waste an entire weeks journey for nothing. They attempted to look for supplies, however they soon got overrun and the injured man, Maksym, was soon taken and devoured right in front of the others. This however provided a much needed distraction, which allowed them to sneak away and exit the city. After fleeing that chaos and regaining their breath, Olivia, Uri Ostapenko and Vira (his wife) agreed to stick together and try and survive this new world. They did this by travelling together, hunting and gathering supplies from abandoned towns. In one of the towns though, the pharmacy was left intact, and this is where Olivia finally found happiness after so many weeks of death; and that was in a few bottles of OxyContin. 

She took as many as she could carry, and as soon as she had gotten to where they had set up camp she downed as many as she could. Sweet relief was finally with her after so long. This carried on every day and every single time they were to pillage a town Olivia would always insist on going to a pharmacy. This did not sit well with Uri and Vira, who confronted her about it after a year or so, when Olivia began to get more reckless in her pursuit of tablets. She denied the accusations and that she was addicted, saying instead it was for her migraines. Vira and Uri were furious at her and called her a liar. This caused Olivia, who at this point had just gotten some tablets after a month of not having any, to become paranoid; she accused Uri and Vira of plotting against her in order to get to her tablets. This caused a fight to break out, with Olivia picking up her gun and almost killing Uri outright, and forcing Vira to flee. However just as she began fleeing, one of those things came out of the brush and grabbed at Vira, killing her. Immediately after this a horde revealed themselves, coming out from the tree line. Olivia grabbed whatever supplies were around her and fled, using Uri and Vira as bait to allow her escape. 

Olivia now journeyed alone, using the wilderness to survive and occasionally going into towns for more tablets. Eventually she found her way into Ukraine, with no idea of what awaits her in this strange and horrific new world. 


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