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Jennifer Wrenn
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
    Roughing It
  4. Date of birth
    1994-05-09 (25 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Okinawa, Japan
  6. Nationality
    United States of America
  7. Ethnicity
    Caucasian ; Japanese
  8. Languages
    English ; Very basic Japanese
  9. Family
    Yuuma Wrenn [Father - Deceased] Holly Wrenn [Mother - Deceased]
  10. Religion
    Formerly; Briefly Shinto, Non-practicing Christianity Currently; Atheism


  1. Height
    167 cm
  2. Weight
    66 kg
  3. Hair
    Dyed Blonde, Darker roots showing
  4. Eyes
    Walnut Brown
  5. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  6. Equipment
    -Black Baseball Cap
    -Red Shemagh
    -White Sweater
    -Leather Boots
  7. Occupation
    Formerly; Waitress






Jennifer was born in Okinawa, Japan to a her loving parents Yuuma & Holly Wrenn. Her father served in the Japanese military, while her mother was a stay-at-home parent. Jennifer only lived in Japan until she was about six years of age, moving to her mother's hometown of Richlands, North Carolina. It was there that she lived most her life, an uneventful but exciting childhood. Being an only child and having relatively strict parents, Jenn began to crave the more chaotic aspects of life. Around the age of sixteen, her mother was diagnosed with late-stage Lymphoma. This was a rough time for her having to deal with her mother's cancer, but she persevered and spent as much time as she could. It was only a few months before it completely ravaged her mother and she died late Winter. To help herself cope, she began involving herself with petty crime, at one point she even sold drugs to some of her classmates. This behavior was quickly stopped by her father, who was rather upset and still grieving. Instead of allowing Jenn to become involved with these negative influences, he began to spend more time with her. He taught her basic survival skills, how to shoot a gun, and countless hours of self-defense. It was comforting... learning to cope together... but all good things end and her appetite couldn't be satiated. Where was the one place she could go? Get away from her old life? Get away from the grief and her over-bearing father? Chernarus. A few friends of hers had mentioned it in passing and Jenn jumped on the opportunity as fast as she could. So off to Chernarus she went. The group of friends didn't last long when the outbreak began... but Jenn was ready. Ready to survive... Ready to cause her own havoc. 

-still WIP, will add more-




¬ Gunshot Wound; Right Arm | Healed




[Greg "Greg" Foster - Alive]

"My beloved body guard, Greg. From tit' North or whatever the hell he says, either way he's one of my valued friends. Side note... Find the the fucker after he ran off."

[Connie "Bernie" Bernard - Alive]

"Bernie is one hell of a crazy thing! Reminds me of Mal sometimes, except Bernie ain't a coward or Australian. A valued friend, even though I know she doesn't always have my back... the bitch."

[Lev "Lev" Yelagin - Alive]

"Been a while since I seen Lev around, though we all make sure to keep good radio contact. A valued friend... He's off playing soldier boy right now, but I'm sure he'll come 'round in due time.''

[Mackenzie "Mac N' Cheese" Bennington - Presumed Dead]

"I ain't seen Mac since the boat over from the island... I hope he's alright."

[Derek "Derek" Langman - Presumed Dead]

"Ain't seen Derek either, hope him and Mac are doin' alright. They're both good people."




Royal Blood - Out of the Black

Mother Mother - Little Pistol

Iron & Wine - Beneath the Balcony

Colter Wall - Sleeping on the Blacktop

Little Dragon - Crystalfilm


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New best friend? I think so. 

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