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Eve Barlow
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1997-07-30 (22 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Languages


  1. Height
    165 cm
  2. Weight
    124 kg
  3. Hair
    Long stringy brown hair that hangs well off her shoulders
  4. Eyes
    Dark Brown eyes
  5. Alignment
    Neutral Evil


Institutionalized and shattered Eve who had nothing, but a good life found herself locked away and sentenced to death. Since a young age Eve was always one to question things, to challenge herself, to open her mind. Eve coming from wealth could always have her every want, need, and desire met without a moment’s notice. Finding herself and realizing her potential since a young age Eve always got away with trouble. Her younger years would be filled with shoplifting and joy riding in her parent’s cars later leading her late teens into grand theft auto and small-town shop robberies. Unentertained by all the work she accomplished she found herself using and abusing drugs. This led to her blowing through extreme amounts of cash at a time forcing her parents to finally act against her. In one large leap her parents cut her flow of cash and denied her any bit of money until she had gotten herself free of her addictions and problems. Rather than increasing the amount robberies she had done she had convinced herself that she was not the problemed factor. In the late months of winter following her parents taking her money she had devised a plan to claim all the money that was rightfully hers. On a late march night Eve had snuck into her parents’ room and brutally smashed and beaten her parents to death each hit could be heard echoing through their house followed by shallowed death wrenching screams. In a moment of clarity, she had realized what she had done, realized that they were dead, and realized that it was everything she had ever imagined. She took everything she needed got all the money she wanted and flew out east taking a flight into the province of Miroslav before finding herself in Severograd taken in by a family looking to help someone in need, but they only fell victim to her next, killing 2 children, a mom, a father, and torturing and killing a dog. The police were called due to the commotion and various calls detailing shocking screams and crying. The policed arrived at the house finding each family member torn apart and mutilated body parts hanging from each end of the house only to find Eve laughing and playing in the center of it all. Institutionalized and shattered Eve who had nothing, but a good life found herself locked away and sentenced to death after 4 years of trials. 3 days before her execution the infection hit and Eve found herself alone, abandoned, and forgotten in an empty wet cell on a island far from home.   

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Love the character, good read. Will be interesting to see her in RP.

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