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John Snow
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1990-10-29 (29 years old)


  1. Occupation
    Former Military


Was born with a drug addicted mother and alcoholic father. At a very young age he ran away from his parents and Grew up and orphan raised by his sister Samantha in Chicago fighting for survival everyday trying to find food and shelter. They always worked for what they had and never took what they had for granted and never the less not much has changed. They both grew up and managed to get adopted at the age of 7 and 9 by a couple who worked in the military. They were both very old Jim and Judy Snow, and unfortunately passed away only after twvele years of having been with john and sam. They left everything they had to their children john and sam and it helped put Sam through Med School and helped John join the military. He server twice in Afghanistan and once in Hemming way and again in Iraq. It was on his last tour in Iraq when he met a small boy, around 5 years old living on the streets hiding from the war, with no idea where his parent or sibling have gone. John looked at that boy and saw himself, he attempted to save the boy and gave the boy his seat on the helicopter and would wait for the second to come around in an hour or so. What john didn’t know was that the helicopter was set to blow up and kill johns entire special forces squad. Fortunately Johns partner and best friend chris were both waiting for the next chopper so they survived only to find out there wouldn’t be a second chopper. John and chris both worked there way back to the city blaming themselves for the children that died in the attempt to save them. Once they made it back to the camp they were both dismissed and sent home on the redeye flight that night. When john got home he heard a lot of rumors of a virus going around, he thought nothing of it and went to get a drink with chris. Within an hour some drunk guy picks a fight with chris and ends up biting him, no one thought anything of it at the time but chris teated it as he normally would tried to disinfect and bandage it. Later that day John goes to check on chris at his house to find him unconcise in the bathroom. He takes him to the hospital and was waiting in the room while the doctor was doing some tests. Chris leaped up grabbed the doctor and bit her throat out, John didn’t know what to do so he grabbed the security guards weapon standing outside the door and shot chris in the head, It was the single hardest thing he had ever had to do. John then tried to reach his sister, She was at med school trying to take her finals as all the commotion of a virus started spreading . John last heard from his sister three days before the apocalypse had started she mentioned a cabin she might be staying at in North Yankton. When John finally made it to the cabin all he found was a note with a knife through it saying "HAVEN IN CHERNARUS" and is now on a mission to find his sister. He had unknown relatives from his former military family staying in Deer isle and is planing on making a trip to find any survivors.


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