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Richard Lincoln
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Hopeful mentality, but also one of wariness. He believes in good, but is a very skeptical in strangers. However he is one to put a complete stranger before himself.
  3. Morale
    Lawful Neutral
  4. Date of birth
    1980-01-14 (40 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Macon, Georgia
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
    Janice Lincoln - Deceased Wife
  10. Family
    Jackson Lincoln - Son
  11. Religion
    Ex-Baptist now Agnostic


  1. Height
    177 cm
  2. Weight
    86 kg
  3. Build
    Slightly stocky man, with a slight gut, but still physically able and fit.
  4. Hair
    Dark brown with greying strokes passed through that is slicked to the right side and back some as the sides are tightly trimmed.
  5. Eyes
    Dark brown eyes like that of dark stained oak furniture, that appear glossy and glazed over.
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral
  7. Features
    Richard carries himself with a bit of a slouch, and wears a tired look on his face. He has wrinkles concentrated around his eyes, and inbetween the eyes as a sign of stress from his job as law enforcement. He can also be found to cough slightly due to a history of smoking, and carries a weathered greying beard on his face. His gaze looks stoic and portrays a calm logical persona.
  8. Equipment
    A tan military jacket with a map of Chernogorsk, a compass, and a bottle of water. He also carries a pair of Levi blue jeans, and some tan hiking shoes for traversing the mountainous terrain of Cherno. He also carries a blue hiking backpack that remains empty as he has lost items within either due to threats in the area or being robbed traversing the land.
  9. Occupation
    Private Investigator
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role


Richard Lincoln used to be a detective in Macon, Georgia for the local county sheriff's office. Never one for college he worked his way through the force, and earned his position as a county detective. After the parting of his wife in a tragic car accident in 2008, Richard became recluse from society as at an early age of 26 he became a widower as his high school sweet heart Janice Lincoln slipped away from him. This sent Richard into a fit of alcoholism, and left him as a young single father. He left the force and instead became a private investigator, working private cases occasionally, but his main income as little as it was enough to support his minor addiction and his eight year old son, and he made a bit more money on the side as a security consultant helping people secure their businesses and homes. Being known in the town as someone with the unfortunate luck of being left to raise a child the townspeople looked on him fondly as he had always served the town. After his son's 18th birthday being in his first year of college at the states, Richard was offered a decent sum of money to travel abroad and look for a rich couple's daughter who had been on a study abroad trip in a country he had never heard of called Chernarus. With his own son being safe at home in the states watched over by his late wife's grandparents, Richard felt comfortable taking the job as it would fund his son's studies, and he had been promised money be provided for housing, food, and other necessary things while abroad. After all Chernarus seemed to not being doing so hot due to the hot bed of political tensions, and the local law enforcement not taking the time to seek for an American student abroad.

Richard boarded a plane in the states, and flew out to Chernarus in mid April landing in a foreign country he could feel the tension in the air lingering as he passed protests, riots, and several police checkpoints during his feel of the town. After settling in the first day in Chernogorsk, he immediately began looking into his client's daughter's housing family, and felt that was the best place to start his investigation. Approaching the home he discovered that this case of the missing daughter, Rachel, may turn out to be easy as she appeared to be with the family, however phone lines we're down, and tower's were being toppled due to the riots. After Richard was able to make contact with the client over a satellite phone to inform them of her safety, he informed the family he'd have to bring her home as they began their journey back. Richard stopped at his housing first, making sure to pack his bags, clothes, and items. However shortly as they we're arranging flights out of Chernogorsk, martial law had been brought down among the people. The city of Chernogorsk hit hardest as it was one of the main cities. This made their departure difficult as they had to wait a grueling month of martial law and crack down within the city. With the money funding them, they we're able to live comfortably through the difficult time, Richard's prime concern being the daughter's safety and his own son at home.

It wasn't long after that the rumors of rabid attacks began in July cutting off access to the east, which was necessary for their travel out as the family planned to fly them out in Russia by traveling through Takistan. As plans began to fall out, soon after in the coming days the attacks spread just north of Chernogorsk filling the city with refugees as the military was overwhelmed attempting to provide aid. At this point no amount of money was able to assist the duo in Cherno. As the days grew thin, and the military's patience grew thinner, Richard's satellite phone by this point had been stolen by some looter, and possibly confiscated by some military man. He had made the executive decision to leave Chernogorsk on the 16th of July, just before US Forces arrived as he had a feeling the compact tuna can of people in a country where it appeared there were others eating others. In the literal dog eat dog world, Richard didn't feel comfortable in the powder keg of Chernogorsk, and how right he was. In the coming three days Chernogorsk broke out as the military failed to uphold law. Looting, rioting, and massive amounts of violent spilling over in the city had made US forces pull out, and the CDF riding on the tails of Richard and Rachel. However as the turmoil had spilled into anarchy, and with the military pulling back. He had decided to neglect the help of the military as it seemed they would be of no assistance, despite the pleas of Rachel. As the two headed north into the country side, they spotted a military caravan of disheveled looking Chernarus soldiers that had pulled over for a breather and patrol. It was no doubt a squad that had pulled itself off the coast from Chernogorsk or Elektrozavodsk. Despite Richard's pleas, the duo approached the caravan, and luckily they had room aboard among other civilians as they were heading north in an attempt to evacuate citizens. As they headed north, Richard overheard one night on the soldier's radio that hope had been given up, and Chernarus was on its own. Almost as if the hope that lingered in the air among the refugees persisted, it was shattered as the Makarov rang out splattering the squad commander's brains in the night sky. Richard pressed his hand lightly on Rachel's ear to blot out the noise. He had to get her back, but for his own sake to see his son.

In the morning Richard stole a military backpack, two jackets, and attempted to part ways with the military making his own way east attempting to get to Takistan. Hopefully there the two would be able to part from the hell hole of this eastern European bloc, and make their way back to the states. As fate had been so cruel to him in 2008, it had befallen him again as the military group they stole from had noticed the items took, and quickly made haste in tracking them down. As the two fled deep into the woods, Rachel had twisted her ankle falling down in the chase. Richard tried to quickly scoop her up and make haste through the woods before the soldiers let loose a hail of gunfire on the two. As quick as Richard ran, the bullets were faster as they ripped the air, and pelted his jacket. Richard fell forward off a steep hill side sliding down as he held Rachel's head close to his chest attempting to her from getting as battered as he did. When the soldiers approached the hill they saw the two sprawled out on the ground, blood seeping from Richard's head as they whispered "Cyka blyat..." into the air before leaving the two to die. As Richard awoke he slowly stirred holding his head as rolled Rachel over, her eyes stone cold staring at the sky. A bullet torn asunder into her chest. She was dead before they fell over the hill. The bullet that had ripped through Richard's jacket narrowly missed him, and had struck her in the right atrium killing her instantly. As Richard sat on his knees, he could only bury his head into his hands in anguish. He had no more tears left to shed, and now had only one goal on his mind. Survive until he could find out the fate of his son.


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