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Roxanne Moore
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    1994-08-04 (25 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
    English, German
  6. Languages
    German, English
  7. Family
    Dexter Moore [Brother]
  8. Religion


  1. Height
    165 cm
  2. Weight
    51 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Black, Long
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  7. Features
    🕷️ spider tattoo on the neck
    🕷️ spider tattoo on the left hand
    🕷️ spider tattoo on the right arm
    🕷️ spider tattoo above the stomach



Roxanne Moore aka Rox was born on the 4th August 1994 Birmingham, England.
Her parents decided to split up right after the birth of Roxanne. Either of them took one child with them. Michael, the father choose her and her mother, Janet her brother. Due to the german roots father side he took her to Germany, he just wanted her to be away from her mother, she was a drug addicted and beaten him and her brother, but when Michael saw her for the first time, he knew that he had to safe at least her. But Janet didn´t want to give their children to him, but she was rather interested in the boy than the girl anyways. So she agreed with it. Reluctantly Michael only took Roxanne with him to Germany. He wanted to provide her a good life, raised her like a little princess but he was a nothing, he wasn´t able to find work, was weak, but had a good heart. When Rox was 5, all of his savings were gone but he met a woman, a wealthy woman who fell in love with him. Michael also seemed to like her but his main reason was his little girl Roxy. However the woman had two sons, who didn´t really appreciate the new family members, especially not Roxanne because they noticed that their mother loved that good little girl.
Roxanne's life was superficially spectated better than without the marriage of her farther and that woman. But in depths she got destroyed. The two boys made her life difficult and messed her up. In front of their mother and her father they pretended that they were just playing but they beat her, pulled her hairs out, locked her in the wardrobe, destroyed her toys and almost throw her out of the window. When she was 10 one of her step brothers was 15 and almost raped her. They scared the shit out of her, she didn´t want to go home after school, she needed something to get rid off those scenes on her head. She started smoking at 10, drinking at 12 and went to 16+ parties when she was 13.

She experienced wild and cruel things at a young age but hid all of it to her father and her step mother. When she was 16 she was struggling with her life, her ex-boyfriend had beaten her, hurt her and had made her drug addicted. Rox wanted to commit suicide, but one of her Instagram followers, D3X91 stopped her from doing it. He was her best friend, he didn´t just see the sweet girl in all her pictures, he was able to see the suffering in her eyes, the sadness and the hate. At some point they made plans to kill everyone on this planet. D3X91 knew her story and promised that her step brothers will pay for all the things they did some day. Rox wasn´t sure about that but appreciated such a nice person in her life.
However he made her sadness turn slowly into hate, he taught her how to protect herself and don´t get used anymore. They wanted to meet on her 18th birthday, she would move out on this day as well but then her father told her that she had a brother, that her brother was living in England at their mother's place. Rox was confused and didn´t know what to think, what to do with this piece of information. Michael gave her the telephone number of her brother. Rox was sitting in front of the phone, she wanted to get to know her brother, wanted to find out how he was doing and how his life has been, knowing that their mother was drug addicted she expected the worst. After a while she dialed the number, waited "Hello" she froze, she knew this voice.. "Hello, are you Dexter Moore?" she ask with a shaking voice , it was silent on the other end till: "..Roxy is that you?!" Roxanne dropped the phone, only two people were allowed to call her like that and then the face to the voice appererad in her head. It was D3X91 face... she didn´t want to believe that.. but D3X91 was Dexter Moore, her brother.

Life has been cruel and unfair to both of them, Dexter was even more pissed off, he should has been there for his little sister, protect her from all the evil but he has not been able to do anything, but that would change.
On the same day he killed their mother, the tickets for the flight to germany he had bought weeks ago. Dexter went to see Roxanne and they still wanted to make their plan true, escape together. But at first Dexter wanted to take revenge, revenge for all the evil and bad things her step brothers had done to her. He tortured them... at fist Rox was just standing next to him, watching it. After a while Dexter handed over one of the tools to Rox, told her to make them pay. And she took it and in the end killed both of them. Roxanne didn´t feel sorry, she felt relieved and satisfied, she actually enjoyed to see them suffer, scream, bag for their life, she liked the power and the dominance which she had at this moment.

After all that murders they had to flee, Rox had managed to get fake papers for both of them weeks before her birthday. Roxanne only took her spider, Beasty-Boy with her. She wanted to start a new life in Russia, a life with the only human being that makes her happy and enjoy the small moments, with the person who knows everything about her. They wanted to spent time together, they have had already lost so much of it, but brother and sister should be together again. Russia wasn´t the best place for a psychopath and his little sister that looked up to her big brother and adored him. Dex wasn´t able to stay out of trouble, they were dragged into an underground gang war and soon things became more bloody, more cruel and more advanced. Dexter had to torture people, had to destroy families and Rox just watched it most of the time. Her brother motivated her to help him, knowing that she loves spiders he bought her a dagger with a spider grip, on the spider's legs were 4 more small blades attached. Roxanne loved it and was surprised that he gave her a dagger, cause he has a knife collection that she never has been allowed to touch. So the first thing she did was to carve a spider web into someones back.

She felt the warm blood on her hands after she was done with it, she looked at Dex, he smiled proud at her, she liked to see him being proud of her, she actually loved it. He didn´t force her to to all the bad stuff, she just started to enjoy it, to feel the power and control again. Most of the people were scared of Beasty-Boy already, but Rox and her Black Widow - spider dagger was another thing. It didn´t take long and Rox killed her first victim, she cut him, engraved spider webs and spiders into him, deep enough to cause heavy bleeding but not deep enough to make him suffer less, he bleed out slowly. It was a mess.
Time went on and Dex and Rox were known in the whole Russian underground scene, they dealt with organs, dead bodies, drugs, Vodka, spider poison and knives. Early 2017 they were about to get into gun business as well but an enemy organization was able to trace their roots back to the murders so they had to flee from the authorities. They wanted to stay low until they would just drop the case and then return to their business. Rox had bought a little cabine when they first came to Russia just in case they would have enough from the life in big cities like Moscow. It was in the middle of nowhere. The closest village was 20 km away.
A few months later they saw the first infected, heard broadcasts about what was going on and figured out that it was their chance, their chance to strike back again, because there was no government, no law, no authorities just some crazy groups. And Dex and Rox just fit right into all that mess.
Some day they were checking out apartment buildings when Rox was scouting the area and saw a huge horde of infected. That was the horde the people were talking about on the radio, thousand of them... they knew that this could get dangerous so they went south, crossed the black mountains to Chernarus and then continued there journey to the coast. So if the horde ever comes down there they will just escape via water.

But for now Rox and Dex are roaming around South Zagoria, hunting down new victims and trying to survive.


Some day Rox was on her own, she had left her brother while he was asleep. Looking for another knife for his collection she crossed the northern border, at nightfall she made a fire because it was freezing cold, the temperature had dropped quickly. While engraving "Rox & Dex" into the new knife she was surrounded by a group of Russians. Before they attacked with melee weapons only she was able to put tape on the radio to keep the button down, so the whole fight was transmitted on her frequency. The attackers turned out to be old enemies and showed no mercy on her, she fought but it were to many. Before she dropped to the ground she had been able to kill one attacker with the spider dagger, it went straight through the skull and another one by shooting him with her pistol. While falling she hold on to the engraved knife, she showed no fear and was finished off with a shot , straight in head.

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