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Burny Vera
Character information
  1. Alias
    The Cowboy
  2. Mental
    Broken over the death of Gary, but determined to change the world for the better.
  3. Morale
    Life is precious, but he's quite unaware of the evil people can do.
  4. Date of birth
    1997-11-27 (22 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    New York City
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Gary Vera
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Weight
    82 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dark Brunette
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    Dark thick, kept eyebrows
    Tall refined nose
    Thin lips
    Bright Eyes
  8. Equipment
    A sidearm with a small amount of ammo
    A combat knife
    A canteen
    Wears a leather jacket and a cowboy hat
    Combat boots
    Handgun Holster
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
    No one
  11. Role


My characters name is Burny Vera. He was dropped off at an Orphanage in New York City when he was an infant and never met his true parents. Life was hard on him. He never got picked to be adopted and the kids at the orphanage just made his life harder. They would bully him and force him to do things he never wanted to do. A few months after he turned the age of seven the orphanage burned to the ground. Burny was lucky enough to survive but no one else made it. He was now a seven year old roaming the streets of NYC with no where to go and no one who helped him. Until he met a man by the name of Gary Vera. Gary took Burny in and raised him as his own son; however, Gary had a dark side. He was apart of mercenary, hitman, gun-for-hire kind of group. The group would be paid big money from people on the internet to fulfill hits on anyone they were told to. Burny was blind to Gary's true nature until Burny's 15th birthday. That's when Gary finally told Burny what his occupation was. Burny didn't care though, in fact he wanted to join Gary's group and start training to be a member when he turned 18. Gary didn't want this, but Burny begged and begged until Gary finally gave in. Burny had been taking mixed martial arts classes for about 6 years now and was ready to start learning to shoot. So every other day Gary would take the ambitious 15 year old to the shooting range to practice. Burny was a natural. Steady handed, clear minded, nothing would stand in his way. Several years passed and now Burny was Gary's right hand man. A month after Burny turned 21 the group got a new hit on a dangerous man who lived in Svetlojarsk, Chernarus. They decided to take the trip as they were about to make a fortune for killing one man. They had a connect in Chernarus who could hook them up with guns as well so the job would be easy. That's what they thought at least. When the time came they were scoping out Svetlojarsk, looking for angles they could use and following the targets movements. That's when it struck. Dead people in the streets running after civilians and eating their faces off. No one knew what to do, except for Gary. He got the group's attention and made everyone bolt. He didn't know what was happening and the money wasn't worth having flesh torn from their bones. As we were running to our vehicle the dead ones picked off members of the group one by one until it was just Gary and Burny. Gary started the car and they drove off. Gary immediately wanted Burny to buy plane tickets out of Chernarus as fast as he could, but all flights were cancelled and when he checked the news, he couldn't understand the terror that he was hearing. All major cities across the world were seeing dead people come back to life and when the dead came back they weren't the same as before. They were animals, killing machines, with only one goal. Eat. Gary starting slamming his hands on the steering wheel and shouting profanities. Burny told him to pull off onto a dirt path that led to a lone log cabin. That night they stayed in that cabin listening to the news, terrified to believe this was reality. Major cities across the world were falling, governments were becoming unresponsive. It truly was the end of times.

A few weeks passed, Gary and Burny were learning to survive in a land they weren't familiar with.  They would go out to nearby houses and loot for food and any kind of weapons they could find. They would hunt deer, cow, and wolves in order to keep their hunger under control. Luckily they found several wells nearby for water so they never needed to worry too much about that. They understood that the world ended and if they were going to survive they were going to have to change. One morning Burny was feeling confident and suggested to Gary that they should go back to Svetlojarsk to find more resources that they could use. Gary told Burny that this was a bad idea, but Burny insisted and his utter confidence sold Gary on the idea, so they drove. When they made it to the city, it looked dead and abandoned. This was good they thought, they figured that there had to be a lot of resources that went untouched. After looting through a few buildings it felt like they were hitting the jackpot. That is until a huge horde of the dead came running around a corner on the main street. Burny yelled to Gary for him to drop everything and follow him, but Gary just yelled at Burny to run and before Burny could even process what Gary said the horde swarmed him. Burny watched Gary get torn to pieces before his eyes. Tears ran down Burny's face but he had to go. He ran and ran, never looking back. He ran until his legs gave out and he fell down. Then he heard a gunshot in the distance and remembered that he wasn't alone in the world. He snapped back into reality and knew that he had to go out there and survive. He had to try and rebuild humanity. Gary would always be a part of him, and Burny knew that if he let himself die now, Gary's death would be in vain.


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