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Lia Jones
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    2000-10-28 (19 years old)
  2. Place of birth
    New York City
  3. Nationality
  4. Ethnicity
    African American
  5. Languages


  1. Height
    165 cm
  2. Weight
    68 kg
  3. Hair
  4. Eyes


If someone had told Lia she would have much bigger problems then writing a speech for valedictorian or filling out countless college applications she would have believed it. Adulthood. She knew it was looming over her but an apocalypse was never described to be a part of it. It all started in the summer of '17 where Lia was running all over the city of New York collecting applications for part time jobs and volunteer programs. They were a necessity for her to get into the college of her dreams as she knew being plain was not going to get her a full-ride or even at the very least spotted.

At home she was practically attached to her electronics whether it be her phone or her laptop as she waited by for confirmation emails. Browsing the internet in her wait a notification popped up on her task bar from an email address she had never seen before. As she clicked the link, it brought her to a web page of a local group who went abroad to help the less fortunate or wherever it was needed. Lia was flabbergasted as she didn't know if this was a sign from big man above or just luck finally being on her side.

While the sign up was easy and the acceptance email was too quick to be true, none of this phased Lia. This was all she could have hoped for to really get an edge up on her college application when compared to the rest. Over a week she was trained in basic medical treatment in case of an emergency, had gotten familiar with the group and the rules they had established, and even said most of her goodbyes to her friends and family. With their first stop being Chernarus she decided to read up on what she could, formalities and what not as this was her first time ever abroad.

After going through airport security, placing her luggage on the belt, and spending hours in the air Lia had finally landed in Novigrad. Not much help was needed to the whole of Chernarus as they had done a pretty good job at building themselves back up but there were certain areas along with certain people. The first place, and what turned out to be the only place as events would turn, was the leader's grandparents. They were getting old in age and to the point where his grandfather couldn't repair the house without paying a company a boat load of money. Their house wasn't big enough for all of us but conveniently they owned a boat house where the group was welcomed to stay.

Days went by which turned into weeks as Lia helped with repairs. The house unfortunately did not have any routers installed so checking her socials was the least of her concerns as she only had so much data left to use before going over. Something that did caught her eye one day as she was answering DM's back on Twitter was the video of a Russian helicopter flying into what seemed to be a military base. Being somewhat alarmed by the matter she showed her fellow volunteers but the leader brushed it off saying it was politics that didn't relate to us as we were just visiting. A few days passing it seemed the group should had followed her fear and left for the infection had started. Only when it was too late as the airports were shut down and borders were cut off did they find out. No lesson from her younger years in Girl Scouts could have helped her for these horrific days to come.

Thankfully they made most of their supplies onto the boat house but they knew it would only last for so long. Lia was thankful she wasn't a full book workaholic as she had knowledge of certain movies that were similar to their situation. Losing count of the days out at sea, looking out to the coastline where the dead roamed the streets, the group discussed their options. Scavenging was the only way to survive or they could always opt out. The group thinned out as time went on and members were either lost to the dead or to themselves. On what Lia thought was one of her many runs, it turned out it could have been her last one. While looking over what was and wasn't expired, she heard voices of her people and others she had not recognized. Moments of muffled talk could be heard until gunshots pierced her ears. Stunned, all she could do was sit there. Her mind swimming in horrific thoughts and praying for it all to be a dream but she knew it had been too long for that. As dusk started to fall, instincts kicked into full gear as she had recognized she had sat there for too long but all she came back to was emptiness. The boat was gone and her family she had made over this time dead. It was either survive or give up and Lia was not a quitter. No longer having the safe confinement of the sea she had to make her way in this cruel and barren wasteland called Chernarus.


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