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Alena Novotna
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Pretty much carefree
  3. Morale
    I can't be bothered, right?
  4. Date of birth
    1995-10-13 (24 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Kirovograd, Chernarus
  6. Nationality
  7. Languages
    Chernarussian, English, some German and some Russian
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
    Jendrik Novotny [Father - deceased], Christina Novotna [Mother - deceased]
  10. Religion
    None really, she has her own believe


  1. Height
    155 cm
  2. Weight
    50 kg
  3. Build
    Quite small and not very muscular
  4. Hair
    Dark brown, almost black long hair
  5. Eyes
    Originally blue, the left one more gray now
  6. Features
    - None

    - None currently

    - Several Tattoos on her body
    - Different colored eyes
  7. Equipment
    - Simple jeans
    - Simple shirt or jacket
    - Sneakers
    - Scarf

    - Some sort of pistol
    - Some knifes

    - None currently
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation
  10. Role















You want to know about my childhood? Well, there isn’t really much I could tell you that would be any different from other childhoods. But if you want to know a little bit more about facts like where I was born and that stuff, sure I can go with that.

I was born in Kirovograd, close to the industrial part of the city in a house. It really looked beautiful and yeah, I guess it surely would have surely noticed it… cause it was really huge… and maybe even a bit over the top for certain people. I guess most of our neighbors just couldn’t understand, why my father decided to stay in that area instead of moving to another part of the city. Well, what should I say? Jendrik loved his neighborhood where he gad grown up himself, no matter if he suddenly became quite rich because of his very successful business. What he was doing? Mhh… not really worth talking about it, really.

But as you can guess, there wasn’t really anything I was lacking. Except maybe… a sibling. Having an own room is great, sure it is… but it can become a little bit lonely sometimes. Jendrik was working almost every day, there was not much time left for his daughter or even his wife. Sometimes I ask myself, if my mother wasn’t upset about it… but thinking about it right now, I realize that I never really talked about it with her. Yeah… Jendrik and Christina, the dream couple of the neighborhood. And maybe they really have been, I don’t really know. I was too young to really understand how a good marriage worked or not and now I can’t really be bothered with it anymore.

Anyway… so you know where I grew up, you know the names of my parents… what else… oh I was probably one of the few children which had to learn English as soon as I was able to speak. My mother wasn’t born in Chernarus, but in England. Even though she lived most of her life in Kirovograd after she met my father during a university semester abroad, she was still insisting me to learn proper English. In case we ever decided to move there and do… whatever. Yep, having a language teacher as mother had it’s advantages and disadvantages. When it came to her, she wanted me to learn all the languages she learned… that would be English, German, Spanish and even a bit of Russian. Yeah… I stopped with English and a bit of German.

But no matter what I had at home and what kind of education I was able to get, one thing was never really in my reach. Having true friends. Most were either too intimidated by my father or were jealous I guess and decided to rather pick on me than actually just getting to know me. There was actually only one child in the neighborhood who spent some time with me. I wonder what happened to him after he needed to move away.

Alright, that’s enough from my childhood, okay?

CWOgxNL.png     ER9c6aU.png





Hmm… where do I start with this… oh yeah, I guess I started to slowly grow up, when I realized that you couldn’t just be too thin or too fat… no there were so many things that could be wrong with our bodies, it was really insane! At least when I listened to other girls whenever they saw a mirror. I don’t know, I never really understood that, but I guess I didn’t have to. It was just very funny to watch, not gonna lie about that.

Next to that, I guess it was pretty normal. Preparing for school, doing exams, going on parties on the weekends, doing some other stuff we are not really proud of later on. Yeah that’s actually a pretty good summary of my teenage years. And then it starts to get more serious. Finding a job, working in that job, getting money and everything that comes along with that. It wasn’t really the life I was hoping for to be honest. In that moment, all of us realized, that this was probably the thing I couldn’t be more different from my father.

He was more a workaholic. I hated it. Well, not work itself to be honest, but that everything needed to follow a boring schedule. Every day was basically the same. Getting up, getting ready for work, work the whole day and coming back home in the evening. It was hard for me to accept this reality, but I couldn’t tell you why exactly. It took me quite some time to finally find something I considered myself happy with.

And so I became an adult. A boring, hard working adult… nah, just kidding! I guess there was a reason why my father kept calling me a child. Yeah, other’s loose their curiosity and sense for causing trouble over the years, but I was clinging onto it like a koala to its tree. I guess curiosity kills the cat one day, but till then I’ll surely will have a lot of fun.

Oh wait, you surely wanted to know other things, right? Like, what I learned and what I was working then finally? Well, that is easy to answer. I learned to be a banking employee, worked as it for a few years and threw then everything overboard to become a novelist. If I was good? Well, that’s hard to say. I earned quite some money with it, but I didn’t get famous. Maybe because of the reason, that I never wrote anything under my real name and identity. But, who cares? I had fun doing it and actually still enjoy writing till the present day.

Okay, that’s enough. Come on, you have to admit that this stuff is boring, isn’t it?

j6BscRW.png     BtThZJW.png





I guess that’s what you are wondering about? Where was a young little girl like me during the outbreak and how did she manage to survive for so long? Honestly, I have no fucking clue myself. I know I was in Kirovograd, enjoying my days off with a friend, chilling on top of my car and watching the clouds passing by. I guess the experience itself was the same for everyone. Panic, disorientation, fear… I was no exception from that. My father called me on my phone, telling me to immediately move to the location of our private bunker. I really tried to reach it, though in the end, I had no reason left. The car of my parents got attacked while they tried to get there. I don’t have to say more, do I?

Afterwards I’m not even so sure anymore what I was doing. I don’t remember much of that time, except the huge swarm of butterflies passing by. I first assumed they were desperately trying to escape, but I know better today. I’m not gonna explain it to you. Most people don’t understand it anyway or think that I am crazy. And that is totally fine, I mean, maybe I am crazy? Who knows that for sure, right?

After all, I moved over to Jelení Ostrov  with a boat cause I believed there might not be as many infected around. Oh yeah, how wrong I have been. Yet, I don’t regret it. After everything I heard and saw, it was a more peaceful place than a lot of other places in Chernarus.

But yeah. Now you got a very shallow story about me, with a few basic facts and information.

Tell me… do you think now you know who I am?

6flN0hW.png     cvEaEtV.png






Yes, that's right, my eye colors are not exactly matching each other. 

This is called heterochromia. What it does? Basically it's not doing anything, since it's just a word to describe the condition of having two different eye colors. But there are quite a lot of different causes, which actually lead to Heterochromia. A lot of them are just harmless, like a hit on the eye which damaged the iris slightly or you can even be born like this. 

In my case though, it's caused because of glaucoma. Now you surely ask yourself, what the hell this is, right? Well, to keep it short, it's an eye disease that damages the optic nerve and leads sooner or later to complete vision loss. It's possible to stop or slow down the process with surgery and proper medication, yet without any treatment, there is nothing that can be done. As you guess right, in times like this it's everything else than easy to get proper medication for anything... and surely not for something rather unique like this. 

For now, it only affects my left eye, causing the color to fade and letting it appear more gray than blue. I can still see... yet my vision is more blurry and I guess one day I will loose the ability to see with it. I can only hope that it won't jump over to my other eye... which is healthy so far. But who knows... I'm not a doctor.





Curious ykhqXF0.png Carefree ykhqXF0.png Adventurous ykhqXF0.png Tolerant ykhqXF0.png Playful ykhqXF0.png Good-hearted









ykhqXF0.png None currently ykhqXF0.png














Very nice,as always.


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Just now, Mikey said:

Very nice,as always.


Thanks ❤️ 
It's just a second character though for Deer Isle when I have time, since my main character is currently held captive xD

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Once again a beautifully made character page.

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Man, no Jona? So weird seeing you two apart but I am excited to see this character grow and interact with her more!! 😄 Don't be a stranger ❤️

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