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Aaron Michaels
Aaron Michaels
Character information
  1. Alias
    The Preacher
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    1984-02-03 (35 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    United Kingdom
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Weight
    87 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Mouse Brown / Faded Ginger
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Evil
  7. Features
    - Basic Infantry Combat & Survival Training // // // intermittent - affected by the psychology trauma
    - Leadership & motivational training // // // intermittent - affected by the psychology trauma
    - Tier 1 Combat & Survival Skills // // // intermittent - affected by the psychology trauma
    - Recon & Surveillance training // // // intermittent - affected by the psychology trauma
    - Proficiency in hand to hand combat // // // intermittent - affected by the psychology trauma
    - Canine handler training // // // intermittent - affected by the psychology trauma
  8. Equipment
    Due to the specialised operational duties, the 22nd SAS partake in the equipment would be classified as "standard" amongst the unit but it greatly varies from each operation. However, this gear will have always included combat specific protective gear as a must.
  9. Occupation
    Troop Chief of the 22ndSAS - Previous // Preacher
  10. Affiliation
    22ndSAS - Previous // The Church
  11. Role
    Troop Chief - Previous // The Preacher


Aaron Michaels was a Troop Chief serving under the leadership of Josh Price in the 22nd SAS at the time of the outbreak. Their regiment was stationed in Chernarus to ensure peacetime continued and to assist the local law and military forces in preventing terror or local militia groups making the region unstable. When the outbreak started we were reporting back to the UKSOCOM prior to our radios going dark.

After this point, Michaels and Price both continued operating with their team before unforeseen circumstances resulted in much of the group being killed or lost. With the team scattered throughout Chernarus Michaels has resorted to helping local groups with training and survival until he can relocate the members of his team.. the ones that survived that is.


In nearly 3 years since the outbreak has occurred Aaron's mental state slowly deteriorated, the death and bloodshed of so many friends and survivors he has met along the way have resulted in a swift decline in recent months.

Aaron found solace in the many churches throughout Chernarus, reading the many Christian books of the many denominations along the way. 

2 years after the outbreak Aaron found himself trapped, barricaded inside of a church with a small group of survivors. A couple of women and a small collection of men. A group, who Aaron still does not know the name of began raiding the church under the cover of darkness, stained glass and concrete rained down on the group. Low on Ammo, Aaron had no choice but to take refuge behind one of the pews, a frag grenade blow a hole in the side door. Incapacitating one of the men inside the church.

Hundreds of rounds of varying calibers must have been fired into the church that night. Killing most of the survivors inside. A grenade was thrown into the church a second time, sending a pew flying, slamming against the one Aaron was hiding behind, knocking him unconscious. 


Many hours passed and Aaron awoke to the sound of birds, and the sun's rays shining down through the broken glass. Bodies and Bibles scattered the building.

He leaned down, picking up a bible before stepping forward over a body of a fallen survivor. 


At this moment Aaron felt the sun hit his face and something inside him clicked... In a holy place such as this, there must be a reason for him to be alive. For the others to have died. For God had willed it. 

For the rest of his days, Aaron has dedicated his time to spreading the word of the lord. Those who are without religion he attempts to convince to join "his church".


Those who have sinned, well... The Preacher doesn't like to get his hands dirty.. but The Punisher does. Sins should not go unpunished. The lord see's all. The rest is for you to find out.








Additional Info Regarding the Initial deployment to Chernarus so not to conflict with the Lore

The 22ndSAS is a Tier 1 Special Forces Group that specializes in counter-terrorism and Intelligence Gathering. With the dissolution of the USSR resulting in the independent state of Chernarus, the 22ndSAS was deployed without knowledge of the host country to go into "deep-cover" and embed itself in the background. Their sole purpose being counter-terrorism. Targetting any groups that served as an ideological threat to the independent state of Chernarus. They targetted the command structure of insurgent and terror groups that aimed to disrupt the operating of the new state.

Their deployment had nothing to do with the outbreak and the regiment were deployed without any knowledge of the future outbreak. They were not acting as a security force alongside the CDF or other forces and had ZERO interaction with the CDF or future Russian Forces.
As the outbreak began the group went into most deep cover, not breaking contact with the CDF forces as the consequences would be unknown. With NATO not informed of the UKSOCOMs actions the group went to ground during the deployment of NATO forces, ordered by the UKSOCOM to remain unspotted at all costs. Contact with UKSOCOM broke down before being cut off entirely, only coming out of hiding after the Intervention phase of the lore had concluded.

The deployment of my regiment to Chernarus would have 0 impacts on the pre-established DayZRP Lore as the 22ndSAS would've only been known to a few members of UKSOCOM before the BAF's priorities fell elsewhere as the UK became over-ran due to now much smaller the countries infantry presence has become in recent years.

The knowledge of the deployment to Chernarus became lost as fires raged throughout BAF Black sites to contain the classified information Inside and those who knew of this deployment were either drafted to fight for the protection of the country and died or don't have high enough authorisation to attempt to bring them home... now, after 2 years since the initial outbreak, the hopes of the 22ndSAS regiment being brought home have been dashed with most being dead and the status of the UK being unknown.


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