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Jeffery Crackcorn
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1990-07-26 (29 years old)


  1. Alignment
    Chaotic Good


Jeffery Crackcorn, Ph.D. is a world leading pharmaceutical scientist from the southern US that had been involved in discovering multiple drugs used to treat infectious disease. Jeffery was obsessed with his work and because of this had spent all his time in the lab back home. Because of this, he really didn't have very many close friends and no close immediate family. His drive to "save the world" through drugs was what kept him going. At the time of the start of the breakout, he was in Chernarus for a conference focused on improving the scientific industry in Chernarus. This conference was a crucial step in the rebuilding process the area was going through and would help to kickstart scientific growth in the area. Jerffery believed that any traveling the world and spreading his science would help to make the world a better place. As news of what was occurring at the storage base spread, the conference was immediately postponed. Being unsure as to what would happen with the conference, Jeffery stuck around hoping it would resume after the conflict was resolved. Unfortunately this destroyed his chance the leave the area.

As the situation in the area worsened Jeffery came into realization that he had decided to stay for a good reason. He felt he was chosen as an expert to be able to research the infected at its source and discover a cure. He no longer had any desire to leave the area and instead wanted to get involved with learning more about the infection. Additionally, he had no one to return home to and new his best bet might be to understand the outbreak from its source. He understood the severity of the infection that had broken out and did not think that it would be safe to leave military protection at the time. He stayed in Chernogorsk until the military protection was forced out and at that point set out with the supplies he had, to try and survive the initial outbreak long enough to be able to do some research. Jeffery set out with one goal in mind; survive long enough to make a cure for the infection. He wasn't out to make friends or enemies, but will quickly learn that it would be impossible to survive and reach that goal without the help of friends.


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