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Edward Garreau
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1998-07-24 (21 years old)


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    75 kg
  3. Hair
  4. Eyes
  5. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral


My name is Edward Garreau, when I turned 18, finished my High School in Russia, I came back to my house happy, it was at 2012, 25th of July, only 5 years before the incident, my parents and I lived in Russia near Chernarus, I have held some useful exams and was invited to jobs I couldn’t imagine I would get. My parents decided with me on what Job I would go to, and I decided to be a mechanic in Chernarus in a snall town named as Turovo as I wanted for my whole life. because I was living in a small villiage and there was no jobs there as it was an undeveloped town. One night, I saw an advertisement for a website called tinder, in that website I saw I could find girls which look, personality and age I would like, I decided to go for a black-haired girl with a character of a kind person. After searching for quite a time I have found a girl named Venessa, she looked kind and had just what I looked for, unfortunately, she lived in the U.S, but she looked so good, I decided to talk with her because she was just my type. After a month of talking on the phone, voice chats and emails, we decided we need to meet, she wanted me to come to the U.S but I told her I couldn’t come because my parents want me to stay at home, however, because she had so much excitement to meet me, she decided to come and meet me at Turovo in Chernarus. I was so excited, and when I told my parents, they were pleased even if she’s coming from the USA. After a week of waiting and talking with her, she sent me a picture of her being on the plane ready to take off, 12 hours later she arrived, I saw her in real for the first time. She was at my house for a long time, and we talked a lot. One week later, she told me she wants to stay with me in Turovo and become my wife. I decided to agree. We’ve got married, and she chose to stay in Turovo, five minutes after the wedding she told me her parents called and that they heard about the news of her getting married to me, I thought they would be mad and tell her to divorce, but fortunately, they were pleased she got married. After almost five years, it was the 20th of July, 2017, she said she has a surprise for me, and she doesn’t want to tell me, but it will be on the 25th of this month, I was so excited. Meanwhile, I went to take care of the new dog we brought while she prepared the gift. She called her parents to come over to Chernarus to meet her husband after five years without seeing her. They paid for a scheduled flight for the 24th of July. She paid for a room for my family and hers in Novodmitrosk. After waiting for five days of excitement and waiting, I took her to a lot of romantic places. Meanwhile, her parents arrived and met my parents. After a lot of places, we came back to my house, and I was surprised by what I have seen, two families come to see my wife and me, I was so excited and happy. The next day it was my birthday, just came 24 years old, both of the families wished us nice things. I went with my wife to the supermarket because all of the food ran out, as we bought food we heard an explosion, it was so loud that my wife fell and screamed from it, we saw the explosion from a distance, it was near my house. We rushed towards our house, as we arrived we saw it became into ruins and a bunch of people running away from something we didn’t know, we didn’t see any of our families, suddenly, we saw planes coming from above, streets are full of cops and medical operations. We were there alone, searching for our families. After half an hour of unluck, we saw them, but infected, they ran towards us, and we started running away. My wife was so scared that she decided to betray me, she pushed me away so they can eat me instead, she told me I love her enough to let her live instead of my own life, I saw her running away, I pushed myself up and went towards her, I stopped her and punched her directly to the nose, she went unconscious and I left her there to be eaten, she got eaten by my parents while I saw someone saving me, he was on a tower, I went to the ladder and climbed it as fast as I can. He shot her infected parents and saved me; we grouped up as we saw the city coming to a complete shutdown, no planes, no bridges, and even trains, Chernarus wasn’t recognized as a country anymore. Five days after the incident, the guy who saved me, he found his friends, and we built a camp together, we had a lot of food and space for ourselves, but others saw us and requested to be with us. As we were their last hope, we decided to have them, they brought a ruined car with them, but it had some fuel in it, we told them to put it aside as we’ll find some spare parts to repair it. One guy came with me to scavenge for vehicle parts and hopefully find, we found a lot of parts, some of them were from my car which survived the crash since it was outside of the garage and away from the ruins or the explosions. We took what we could and started heading back towards the camp, because of the low space we had and the risk we took, one of us carried what he could, and the other person guarded him against any infected people that might drop us down. After a long way we arrived, because I was an expert mechanic I decided to fix the car with the necessary parts to start the car, it took almost five hours to fix it as it was badly damaged, especially the battery. After fixing the car we thanked the survivors for giving the car, but while speaking with them, we saw something awkward, their eyes were a bit red, and they couldn’t say a word, they just sat there hugging each other because of the cold they felt, they told us they don’t talk because they are really sick. We didn’t understand what happened, luckily, one of us was a doctor, as he checked them with what he could he didn’t found any sickness like this, he told us something we couldn’t believe, it was that they might be infected and will try to kill us very soon. Out of fear, we decided to do guarding while we were sleeping, we were on one side of the camp, and the two survivors were on the other side. On my shift, I saw them turning infected, and I woke up my friends as fast as I could, I told them to be ready for the infected to come. We prepared ourselves as suddenly we saw three other people coming from our side, they had guns, they started to shout that they’re raiding this camp and taking all for themselves. As trying to solve two problems both of his friends got killed by the raiders, they ran away, but we were just me and the guy who saved me on the day of the incident, both of his friends got killed from bullets. As we expected, both of the infected ran towards us, imminently I had a weird feeling as it happened before with my wife. I began stressing out, because of the trauma of being betrayed by my only friend, out of nowhere I pushed him away, while running I understood what I have done, pushed away my only friend to die to survivors. I took the car and drove away, the fuel ran out near a forest, there I have decided to station and enjoy what I have left while being alone, in a place where no one can save me from the infected.


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