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Barry Chuckle
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1974-10-23 (45 years old)



Barry is a middle aged man who used to hold a job down with the government tax division. He took a promotion to come to chernarus and spent long periods of time away from his family. The personal sacrifice was always justfied as he was the breadwinner and his absense meant his wife and child never went without.

He strongly supported the government; he paid the taxes and he was confident they would look after him. How wrong he was.

When it became evident that the army had lost control of the situation and reports were coming in that the quarenteen had not worked Barry lost all hope that his family survived. He keeps his phone on him after the power grid failure just incase, but he knew that even if they were alive the phonemasts were long out of use.

Watching the complete destruction the outbreak has caused around him, he has become sour towards authority figures, he feels all the years he spent supporting 'the man' was a waste. Now, Barry keeps out of limelight as much as he can and tries to get by without making too many ripples.

From time to time he travels alone or with small company. He justifies this by arguing that less attachments means less loss. Being alone is not always the rule though, he isnt afraid of joining a band of brothers, but will oftentimes become the recluse of the group, the overwatcher rather than the trailblazer.


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