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Michael Marcano
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1971-05-07 (48 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Milan, Italy
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Italian
  9. Relationship
    Martha Marcano
  10. Family
    Marco Marcano (Father), Maria Marcano (Mother), Donnie Marcano (Brother)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    78 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Grey, Slicked back
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  7. Features
    Mikey has a large scar across the left side of his face and random scars across his arms
  8. Equipment
    -A golden lighter engraved with his own name along with "Carlone"
    -Varying amounts of cigarettes
    -A locket with a picture of of his wife
  9. Occupation
    Organized Crime



The Family

Michael and his brother, Donnie were born in Milan, Italy. He lived with parents in a small quiet house in the country side. Michael attended a small catholic school in the center of a nearby town. He was the life of the party, quickly becoming the most popular child in the school. For the few years that he attended, he kept comedy alive and well within the quaint town. On Michael's 15th birthday a man came to cisit his father. The man wore nothing but black and carried a suitcase. Strength radiated off of the dark man as he sat down at the table and spoke to Michael's father. His mother brought both Donnie and Michael into the bedroom hurriedly. There was conversation between the men before the piercing sound of his father's yelp, followed by several minutes of loud crashing and choking. The man had slipped strangled his father to death, leaving him dead on the kitchen floor. The death resonated within Michael for years,  before Michael and his brother eventually grew old enough to leave the country and travel to America.

The New Family

When Michael, his friend Moe Moretti, and Donnie, arrived in the United States, the first thing they noticed was the crime business. There were business fronts left and right, blatantly selling weapons and drugs over the counter like a corner man. Being a young man at the age of 23, Michael and Moe began working for a small circle of street thugs that extorted the local populace for chump change. The money was decent, Michael rented out his own apartment in the center of town. One late night, Moe and Michael were ordered to grab a package that was being held by some rival thugs at an apartment downtown.
Something felt off from the moment they left their car. The air hung like a horror movie with obvious scares. As Moe pushed open the front door to the building, three men with black suits grabbed Moe and Michael, one from inside and the other two from behind. The men were swift with their strike, not allowing either man to yell out for help.
Luck had it that the suited men did not some to kill Moe or Michael, they came to offer a job. A certain organised crime family had taken interest in the two, as they did exceptional work in the few jobs they had been given. The two didn't think twice before taking the job as a Soldier for the Carlone Family, run by Sal Carlone. Michael and Moe spent years in the family, rising through the ranks. Michael became Sal Carlone's under-boss, Moe became a capo under Michael. Throughout their years they killed, stole, extorted, and lies everywhere around the country, making several trips across the country to take care of business.


In 2017 he traveled to Chernarus with Moe Moretti, his friend, and Donnie Marcano, his brother, to save one of the families members who had been captured and held for ransom while on a trip around the world. After arriving, Michael Marcano was separated from his brother and Moe during the outbreak. Michael later found Moe as he was shot down by three men. Michael searched long and hard for his friend's killers before eventually giving up and finding his brother Donnie. Michael organised his own in country mafia with a few men he picked up through his travels. Michael took a month long trip to look for his friend's killers once more, but gave up and returned to his men. By the time Michael had returned, the three men he left in charge had somehow disrupted the group's solidity and everyone abandoned the mafia. Donnie dissipated after a while and Michael's group did the same. He wandered the land for a while before being introduced to a man named Ken Mendenhall by his close friend, and previous member of the mafia, Tion. Michael, Ken, and Tion started a group that later became the UPS (United People of Salvation). Some time after this groups creation, Tion left the group to pursue the creation of a radio station to broadcast himself across the country. Tion succeeded and broadcasted a daily news show for a while until he was eventually bitten by an infected and was soon after put down by Ken in an emotional moment. After hearing the news of Tion's death, Michael's core was changed, he shifted from a very violent and up front man to being a witty, calm person.

Michael's Wrath

After a few weeks, Michael began to break down because of Tion's death. A while after Tion's death, it was revealed to Ken and Michael that a man named smiley had led the infected to Tion, causing his death. Michael was infuriated and demanded that he be caught and killed. Some time after, Ken managed to capture Smiley and tortured, beat, and killed him. Without Michael. Michael was informed after the fact that he had been left out of the man's death. Months later, Michael, Ken, and the rest of the U.P.S. were in a construction site when Ken brought in a strange woman that Michael had never met before. Ken had been becoming increasingly violent in nature and had tortured many people in recent events. Ken proceeded to torture the woman both mentally and physically until Michael stepped in and spoke to Ken privately. Michael held back his anger as he questioned Ken about why he had been left out of the killing. Ken explained to Michael that it had been an in the moment decision, and that they were being hunted by the "Communists" and they had no time to contact Michael. Michael didn't buy it, although it was the truth, and retaliated with anger, pushing Ken and grabbing him by the shirt collar. The two argued for a moment before Michael stormed off angrily to smoke a cigarette. The torture of the woman proceeded until Michael stepped in again and told Ken that "There is no point in breaking her mentally, if you're just going to kill her anyway." Ken and Michael had another argument, this time in plain view of everyone. The arguing continued until the woman was eventually shot and killed, at least from Michael's point of view.
Days, maybe weeks later, Michael and Ken found each other in the Pavlovo church, with nobody but the two of them. They spoke for a moment, before hostilities began. There was a short scuffle, Michael tackled Ken to the floor and multiple punches were thrown from both sides, before they both stumbled to their feet and stood. Michael seemed to calm down, almost to a point of forgiveness. Michael stepped closer to Ken and they seemed to have resolved the dispute. As Michael reached his preferred distance, he drew a machete from his belt and sliced at Ken's hand, cutting it off with one clean swipe. Michael's intention was to teach Ken that all of the people he had tortured were wrong, and that he needed to change his ways.
Ken screamed and stumbled back, in shock of what had happened. Ken looked at Michael with a betrayed look on his face, and fell unconscious, hitting the floor like a brick.
The man looked down at Ken for a moment before hurriedly bandaging the wound the best he could and fleeing into the night.
Other U.P.S. members, and a few others, found Ken and figured out what had happened.
Later into the night, Michael decided to return to the church to make sure Ken was alive, and possible reconcile with the group. When Michael returned, there was more arguing, threats were thrown back and forth as Michael gripped his revolver that was hidden in his jacket pocket. After some time of arguing back and forth, they came to an understanding and decided to become friends once more.
The morning after, the group walked to their homestead and began to cook food and chat. Michael spoke to Ken and asked him to help gather wood. Ken agreed and followed Michael into the woods.
As they walked, Michael drew his machete once more and held it against Ken's throat, speaking in a monotone manner.
"I need you to understand, I don't want you to capture, or torture anyone every again... or I'll kill you."
Ken nodded and Michael lowered the machete, before they headed back to camp. The group once again began to make merry and eat food, everything seemed to be right in the world, seemed.
As Michael ate and conversed happily, Ken made a swift strike and plunged his knife into Michael's stomach. The Italian choked as he looked down towards the blade, then back up to Ken's face. A look of rage was blatantly present in the man's expression. Michael fell to his knees, holding his hand over the wound. All Michael could hear was ringing as he watched Quinn Gray rush to his side to patch up the wound.
And then everything went dark and Michael woke up days later in a bed, not far away. No one was around when the man awoke, so he got to his feet and stumbled away.
A few days later, Michael returned to the house to find the rest of the U.P.S. hanging around, but there was no Ken in sight.
The was talk of Ken going off on his own, although there were a few groups that were looking for Ken, since he had attacked and protested against him. The group traveled to Myshkino since that was the last time they had heard from him.
As they entered the town, everyone gasped and their eyes widened. In the center of town, hanging from a pole, was Ken Mendenhall, a noose tied around his dead body.
Michael stood for a moment, shocked with grief before he turned and sprinted away from the scene, leaving everyone standing in the town.

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