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Ralph Whitman
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Mentally traumatized and with a low spirit; near the breaking point. Paranoia and PTSD riddled. Diagonised Paranoid schizophrenic.
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    2000-07-13 (19 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Canada, born on a rural farm in Alberta.
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Mother: Betty Biological Father: Joseph Aunt: Mary Dad/Aunts boyfriend: Gerald (ALL DECEASED)
  11. Religion
    Recently has begun to believe in Gods. Not a die hard though.


  1. Height
    177 cm
  2. Weight
    66 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Light brown, messy and long about to the tip of the nose)
  5. Eyes
    Gunmetal blue, bloodshot and constricted pupils.
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    Due to his age, he doesn't really have a full beard however there is 'peach fuzz' growing. The hair is light and fine, not very noticable. Calluses and unhealed cuts tear at the few layers of skin, obviously not very sanitized given the current conditions. Under his eyes have bags, due to a lack of sleep given the paranoia and fear of being eaten alive or killed. His right arm has a gunshot wound from a mugging encounter that has never fully healed and has recently become infected, leading to a very painful predicament, and the bandage that has been tied around it has quickly become gray and soaked with blood.
  8. Equipment
    Very little. He carries an old bag, with basic tools such as rope, a tarp, canteen, canned goods and a knife to protect himself.
    He still has been unlucky; not being able to find a firearm to protect himself.
  9. Occupation
    Farmer (previously worked on a farm with his father) Scavenger/survivalist (current)
  10. Affiliation
    None, for now.
  11. Role
    Scavenging/collecting things. Growing plants, or crops, fixing injuries. Horrible with guns.


The world was a new one, with the undead now the predators, and we, the prey. Ralph was different. He became the predator..for a while at least.

Before the outbreak, Ralph lived on a rural canadian farm which required hard labor constantly even at a young age. He was an only child, so the work of expected siblings was laid upon his back. His mother, Betty had passed due to an ongoing battle with cancer 4 years after the birth of Ralph, and his father was an alcoholic schizophrenic who spent most times working the farm and most racking up bottles when the work was done. He became very abusive towards Ralph, though not very often. He became accustomed to the misery which was his life and believed even at a young age that this was ‘the best’. His father, Joseph, took him hunting and taught him how to hunt and gather; to live off the land. At such a young age Ralph didn't really understand how to cope with any of this, this way of living, becoming more emotionally distressed given the circumstances. Many nights the quiet farm was malformed to a house of sorrow, sadness and fear. The farm was in rough condition and there was honestly no life here. Ralph had learned some valuable agriculture skills from the farm life although they were mostly forgotten overtime. He moved out of the farm life at the age of 12, going to live with his aunt after she offered him a place in Vancouver for a little while. He took up this offer and after moving, began a more 'normal' life. It was.. better here, or so he believed.

His aunt, Mary, had a robust lifestyle. Fancy house, plentiful of land, a few cars and a nice loving boyfriend, named Gerald. She was very opportunistic and loved getaways, or vacations. She worked long hours as a nurse and her boyfriend worked in the mining industry. Mary would often go on vacations to the states or even in europe. Ralph was happy here, he could study what he enjoyed and was away from the old lifestyle of what he deemed to be painful and misery-ridden. He made a few friends, close friends, becoming mostly an isolationist due to his poor social understanding and capacity at the time. He more or less up and left his father for his own gain, leaving him more or less to die there.. alone. He occasionally would hunt and practice shooting in his spare time, still really enjoying it, and Ralph also began to grow potatoes in the sandpit outside, mostly out of boredom. Ralph gained interest in medical and first aid, mostly due to his aunt. He was taught basic first aid and then much more in depth descriptions. He was excelling in school, with a 81 overall average, an honors student.

A year later, Gerald was offered a mining job in Chernarus. The pay was greater, and the promise of the industry swelling there was too good of an opportunity to say no too Ralph, now 17, was pretty excited, having never been out of Canada, or even the province before. Looking for a new beginning, he got one alright.. And as such, they all went to Chernarus hoping for a better future and a sort of vacation, in a sense. No one really knew what they were getting into, and boy, were they in for a treat. Once, on top of the chain. Predators, not prey, owning the world and forging it into what we defined loosely as 'civilization'. Bound by those ties, could be called a delusional thought an oddity to how quickly the tables turned.

They were aboard the cruise ship, the Costa Risacca, which was carrying 3000 or so passengers. Asleep in the cabin, he heard the violent clashes of the ship slamming into the rock formation. Screaming, terror, the wretched cries for help, all but an eerie ringing that didn't seem to go away. It all felt like a dream.. Rushing out, watching people being literally torn apart by those ‘monsters’, the screaming..Literally having to push past the flooded and cramped hallways, he made a valiant attempt to save his own life. He didn't care about anyone else, no, no, they weren’t good enough. They didn't deserve to live.

Maybe everything would have been different.. if he had tried to save their lives. Or, maybe, nothing would change, an attempt for nothing. The lifeboat was crammed with people wallowing in tears and screaming, confused and terrified, Ralph wasn't necessarily calm but rather in shock and couldn't even begin to express the feeling. Cortisol and adrenaline, sweaty palms and confusion, that instinct-the drive to survive, fueled on it. It was all so primal.

Eventually, the lifeboat reached the beach shore of Cherno after a few days. The early stages of dehydration were beginning to settle in. Once off the shore, it was now the 25th. Those who were not infected yet were already beginning to fight each other over food. He watched with his very own eyes a woman getting literally beaten on by three men to practical death just for the canned food she was hiding. They then fought each other over the food, with one man earning the prize and eating it infront of everyone with his bloody, cut up hands with open wounds. Oddly..there was satisfaction in watching this.
It meant food. The ‘gang’ of people, now down to a couple dozen, were becoming nomadic. The hungry mind and body will make you do things you never thought you would.
They cut up the bodies with improvised knives and saws, then and there. A fire was made after a few hours and the ones who didn't eat would be met with an ill and bitter fate-starvation and sickness.

Becoming a cannibal wasn’t really in the agenda but if it meant survival, Ralph didnt mind. He did indeed find the tenderness and taste to be rather refreshing though that was probably just the hungry mind talking..Right?

The realization had settled in the new world. It was a desolate, deminded, cruel and butchered world. No one was going to save us.

Ralph was one of the luckier ones. He was immune, although destroyed by what he had done to survive.. he was the greatest threat to himself. The urge to take himself out and spare him of this troubling and terrifying world was great, though the willpower to survive overcame those temptations. He lived off scavenging and everyone he has came across so far, he avoided..for the most part.

Left abandoned now, alone in an unknown place, Ralph adapted overtime. The pain and grief alongside the hysteric sense of loneliness was overwhelming. He became more barbaric and mentally delusional as time progressed, and he survived just on the bare minimal. Staying in the woods was how he survived, in an abandoned house with rotting walls and creaky floorboards, the smell of decaying bodies in the downstairs basement. He didn't dare go down there, but he did hear some occasional thumping and taping.. A creek ran just outside with dirty and contaminated water, which he was forced to drink consistently to stay alive. He was one of the luckier ones, he didnt have to deal with the ones who still roamed as rotting corpses, he had a shelter, not at the mercy of the elements. What little he had, he lived with.. alone, long nights of hunger and fear. He couldn't stop the screaming in his own head. One night, he thought he heard screaming in the woods and decided to go and investigate. In the midst of the night with just a flashlight, he quickly realized he was lost and had no real way of going back. Stranded in the woods with just his backpack and some rough tools, he simply went straight-hoping to find his 'home'. Instead, he found a town full of rotten walking corpses.


(I've left a little bit of information blank or unknown here, so in the future I can build upon it and make the foundations stronger. Just letting you know incase something feels missing. Thanks for reading!)

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10/10 what a man!

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