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Billy Lee Clark
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1986-09-19 (33 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Monkerton (outskirts of Exeter)
  4. Nationality
    United Kingdom
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages


  1. Height
    172 cm
  2. Weight
    64 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    Strong, fit good in hand to hand combat, Can cook food as well


Billy live in Monnkerton which is the outskirts of Exeter (United Kingdom). Monkerton is a very small village and doesn’t have a big population. Billy  family was only a small one he only had older sister and the Mum and Dad. As he got older, he never seem to have a good relationship with the Mum and dad but did seem to have a better one with the sister. Billy would always have a problem to listen to anyone, he that kind of guy who would keep  to his self. He never really wanted to socialise, didn’t have any friends and  Never wanted to do the work in school. That’s why he didn’t get on with his mum and dad, he would always refuse to listen to them.

Billy never really like anything when he was growing up, but he did love one thing. Boxing. That was the only thing he generally love. He would always get a bus every weekend and sometimes after school to the main city of Exeter. He would always go down to the boxing club, to hit the pads and sometimes to do some sparring. All Billy wanted to be when he was older  is be a pro boxer. Billy started the boxing when he was 13 and he was doing it for 3 years. When he was  16, he had to stopped the boxing for a bit because he wanted to make some money for his self and wanted to leave his  family. So, he left secondary school went to college to study a plumbing course, he done that for one year then he eventually found a job in the plumbing industry. When he was 18 years old, he left his family and got his own small house in a place called Newtown still in Exeter.

Even though Billy was making some good money, he still wasn’t enjoying the job that he was doing. His thing he always wanted to do is be a pro boxer. Eventually a strange day happen for Billy had  got a letter from his Grandad who he has never met before, the letter was saying that I know you love your boxing and you should come to my training gym and see how far you can become. The Grandad was a professional boxer and his name was Mike Clark and he manage to win a European Belt. The Grandad was never really close with the family and he was kind of like Billy just kept to his self. The Grandad was living in Chernarus in a city called Elektrozavodsk where it located southern coast of Chernarus.  Billy thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to do for his career. Billy was going to travel there by plane, he had the money from his workings from the plumbing job. Billy also earn a limited dual citizenship in the country that would permit him to work there. So he  move there when he was 20  years old  on the 7th February 2008, to live with his Granddad.

Billy Grandad was training him to become a good pro boxer. Billy was fighting at small shows in Chernarus and fighting different people around Europe.  Then eventually Few months down line Billy did get his opportunity to fight for a European title, sadly he did lose the  fight but put on a brave effort to try and win. Even though he lost he will never forget for having an opportunity to fight for a European title. Billy still  didn't have many friends still in Chernarus but he did meet a girl he really like. The girls name was Elena. Billy really did like her but Elena didn't really feel the same way. She thought he was to obsessive with her and wont allow to give her any space. The relationship only lasted 5months and the broke up on the 13th august on 2008. his life couldn't . However billy  was still loving his life  he was doing a career that he wanted to do as a boy and making good money out of it. Sadly a few years later Billy grandad had got ill. The sickness didn't look that bad at first the doctors just thought it was the common flu but then each day was getting worse and worse. He was coughing up blood, could only walk certain amount of time and then billy knew it wasn't just a common flu, it was much more serious. Billy was looking after his grandad and his boxing had to come for a stop. On the 29th December 2011 Billy grandad has past away in the bed in his house. Billy was in complete shock and he just stay in the room all night holding his hand. On that night at 2:40 am something strange had happen. Billy was half a sleep and he felt his  grandad hand was moving. Then he was hearing a groaning noise. Billy had got of his chair and he saw his grandad trying to attack him, this had led him to confused and scared so he run out of the room and lock the door. The grandad was banging on the door but not speaking just a groaning noise. Then suddenly he heard explosions and people screaming outside. He knew this wasn't a coincidence so he knew he had to leave his grandad grab much supplies as much as possible in his house  and had to abandoned his house,  goes into wilderness, to try stay alive by any means necessary.

Billy left the costal part of Chernaraus and he decided to head inland. Billy could not get his head around on what is happening. He is left confused and scared and just fighting for his survival. When he was moving town to town to get supplies he kept seeing these infected zombies. This always make him think about his Grandad and he would dread to see what he actually looks like now.


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