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Ryan Summer
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1991-06-01 (28 years old)



Well to start off my name is Ryan Summer but my friends call me breezze. Me and my wife Belle and our two children Olivia and Marcus moved to chernarus from our home town stirling in scotland. I managed to get a job working at the power plant just down from nizhnoye. My life was great until everyone started getting sick and were dying it came and spread so quick it reminded me of the black plague well from what i read about it anyway. One day i was at work and we heard on the radio that the people who died from the plague were coming back to life and eating everyone in sight . I drove home as fast as i could but on the way i saw people running and screaming being chased by these thing i eventually made to my home but i was to late there was nothing left that resembled my home i got just out side the front door i saw blood smeared over the door when i opened all i could see was my dear belles love heart shaped necklace in a pool of blood i ran to the kids room and i saw them laying so still like they were sleeping i fell to my knees i couldnt believe it they were all gone right then and there i became dead in side so now i roam the land hoping to forget hoping to move on but i guess thats easier said than done.


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