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Tony McCarter
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1986-08-30 (33 years old)



In Tonys early career he was in the military but decided to leave it, to work in the police force, in the city of Sochi. He worked as a police officer for almost 10 years before he did something really bad at the work, that made him leave his former home and be on the run. With this, Tonys wife left him and took his house and car, she took everything.
Tony had some gambling issues. Big ones. And had to get some loans from the bank. When they denied him he started to look for some different ways of getting cash to gamble with. He got in contact with some bad people that helped him out. In return they wanted him to rob some banks and even kill som people. He did that, but the demands didn't stop. they just wanted more.
Due to everything that happend he decided to flee out to the woods. Tony even tried to kill himself but he's to weak for that. He can't pull the trigger.
He has been living in the wild for almost a year, fighting for his own survival. He still moved around a bit, mainly because of the lack of food and a safe place to stay. He didn't want to be found, the longer the same place, the higher the risk. Tony one day ended up near society again. Houses, for the first time in months he'd seen houses again. And they looked nothing like he remembered. Empty stores, schools, hospitals. What has happened? Has he found an abandoned city? Has he died and come to hell or just gone crazy? He has to get home again.
His journey to come home begins, meet his wife again, start over, get help. The loneliness isn't worth it. He must find a way to sort this out.

The silence hits him. The life in the woods has been silent, a life outside society is that. But this was different. Somethings wrong.
On his journey to find home he comes up with a plan. Tony wants to get in touch with people that are powerful. He thinks they can help him. He want to clear his name and he's willing to pay the price. He's too weak for suicide, but he has killed other people before.

This is where Chernarus and the outbreak hits him. After weeks of walking, hunting, surviving, there's finally houses again. Oddly, this place is the same as the place that made him turn home. What is this place? Everything looks dead, empty and there's the silence again. Will he ever find new people to trust, new friends or even his wife? Will he even have to clear his name? It must be as he feared, he has gone mad. Tonys new life as one of the survivors begins here. Is he one of the immune? Will anyone take him in?


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