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Robonull Scott
Robonull Scott
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Walking on a thin line.
  3. Morale
    Corrupted but determined to make things work.
  4. Date of birth
    1996-12-12 (23 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Northern Greece
  6. Nationality
  7. Languages
    English, Greek
  8. Family
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    184 cm
  2. Weight
    70 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Light Brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Features
    chopped piece on left thigh, broken nose
  8. Occupation
    Hunter, Computer Science
  9. Affiliation
    The Commune


My name is Robonull (Robo) Scott and i am from a small northern town of Greece , Kozani.
I was always a humble and fair guy. Always willing to help others in need, including myself.
That's how i started reading philosophy and my troubled spirit pushed me to try to learn more about the meaning of existance and what is to be.
Instead of that, i studied computer science and finished my studies, after that, i joined the army for a year, everyone had to in my country.
I took some basic combat training and there is where i started to get attached to guns, nothing much, just the sounds of them, to break them and to tie them, to clean them and to take care of them.
Combining my love to walk around the forests, soon i started hunting. and i became a good shot, selling the meat and furs to local companies to make some money on the side.
Couple of years later, me and 5 new friends of mine, hunters.some of them ex-militaries aswell, we built a little 'hunters club' and it became my home. I named it 'Parmenides Hideout'. and that's how life was going .. calm, reading, walking on the mountains, in the forests, hunting , reading, relaxing with my lads around the fireplace at night drinking beers , sometimes making dreams together, and other times just doing drunk philosophies just to wake up the next day with hungover thinking about how stupid we sounded last night.
Lost in our little world, just like everyone else... everyone ignoring what's happening around the world, thinking ''ahh, it doesn't concern me as long as it's not happening outside my door.'' ahh, so ignorant we people are.
It was that day, every single of us stood there drinking their coffee not talking to eachother listening to the radio..
Things got real. days passed and no one did anything in greece anyone keeped living their life, same as us. but i was burning inside, i knew something will go very wrong.
Days passed.. I was there in the hunter's hideout, with my gun my ammunation and my friends .
We heard rumors about the corruption spreading among turkey and european states.. with the corruption and the outbreaks , the infection came first to those lands..
i couldn't wait the war or that horrible disease knock on my door to do something.. i had to go.
I convienced my friends to travel , we had 2 jeeps and we wanted just to leave.
I got informed that the borders on albania and macedonia were closed and soldiers were shooting anyone just trying to get in or to get out, our only chance was to travel through Bulgaria. it was a total chaos. when we tried to go out of bulgaria, a horde of those.... things! was attacking on checkpoints bulgarian soldiers , a madness, we drove to the hills and set up a camp to pass the night and think about what to do.. we were trapped.
no one of us sleeped that night.
We had a fight about our next moves, three of my friends (out of five), Nikos,Kostas and Spyros. wanted to leave, to go back to Greece, because Greece wasn't infested with that disease, just yet. That's what they did, they took one of our cars and left us early in the morning before the sun came up.
It was me now, with Thanasis and Jo, those guys believed in me. After the other guys left, we camped on the mountains of bulgaria for some days after that, i organized a 'mission' to go on that checkpoint we saw getting swamped the other day and retrieve some military equipment because we saw what are those things are capable of and only our hunting rifles wasn't the best option. we had to survive. It was a success, we had some serious firearms now, knifes, even grenades , combat vests and helmets, we were meaning buissness by now.
From a humble hunter, i became the hunted and i had to do my best to protect myself.
On our way back , when we were at the forest near the camp, Jo did a horrible mistake, he shot on sight a small elk , he was sick of canned food he said. so stupid. out of nowere we heard those screams.. we run, jo tried to fight them off, he didnt know what was coming or the dangers of the infection how easily it spreads.. the caught him, i was too afraid to shoot, i've shot tons of times animals.. but those things are kind of... people??
My other friend pushed me, we have to go NOW! he shouted . i left jo, i left him to die. i followed Thanasis. We went to the car, and our only escape was the black sea. After we went to Varna , we found a nice elder couple living by the see, and they gave us a small boat just for some dry food and some painkillers, we spend the night to their house, and we left on the morning, going directly to the lion's mouth.. we didn't have much choices , we became 'Parmenides Survivors' from 'parmenides hunters'. We were over 10 days in that boat, our foods were running realy low same as our water, we had only one bottle left. when we finally arived at land. We were exactly at the borders of Takistan and Chernarus. the moment we arrived a group of survivors who left chernarus holded us at gunpoint and tried to rob us . they were young people, men, women, old people.. trying to survive. My friend thanasis resisted to give his gun and fought one of them with his fists , but it was pointless, madness took over him.
The time froze for me, my ears was buzzing, and my body became cold, and i remember these images,
i saw one of them, it was a woman, holding a newborn, new, life.
then i saw some feet away, looked like they burried someone , they even putted rocks around the grave and some flowers. Death.
Then my eyes went on 2 kids no more than 10 years old, the war and the pain was written to their eyes. Fear.
My view went back to my friend Thanasis, with a bloody face, looking the Chernarian guy pointing a gun on his head, Thanasis was fearless, he had accepted Death.. Acceptance of his end, the most certain thing in life, is death and nothing else. I saw everything in just a moment, I saw death, Life and the chaos between. Parmenides , that ancient greek pholosopher once said ''out of nothing , nothing comes''. (Ex nihilo, nihil fit). and i understood every**BAM** the executed thanasis , i have to survive.
I stand up and i began to run , it took them like 20 seconds to realise that i escaped , those 20 seconds was my chaos between, my void between life and death. But even when they realised i escaped they didnt even chase me or shoot me, they just let me go, maybe because i was just running back where they came from and they thought im gonna die anyway, i was running towards Chernarus.
I'm by myself now, and im gonna survive.


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