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Iris Genovese
Character information
  1. Alias
    Mama G
  2. Mental
    Kind, Generous, Caring, Scared, Worried, Fearful, Strong
  3. Morale
    Glass Half Full, Girl Next Door
  4. Date of birth
    1986-03-28 (33 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Indiana, United States
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    American English
  9. Relationship
    Long Term Engagment
  10. Family
    Santino Moretti - Fiance


  1. Height
    167 cm
  2. Weight
    72 kg
  3. Build
    Standing at 5'6'' and weighing 16 0lbs, Iris is a curvacious woman. An Hour glass figure.
  4. Hair
    blonde with brown roots
  5. Eyes
    Magnetic Blue with speckles of green
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Features
    Iris has a round face and high cheek bones covered by adorable chubby cheeks. She has a birthmark behind her right ear and one right above her left butt cheek. She walked with a slight almost unnoticeable limp from a childhood injury.
    Scar on her chin from a cigarette burn.
  8. Equipment
    Usually carries a Machete or Butchers knife, she prefers melee weapons. Currently carrying a M417 but only uses it if absolutely necessary. Is most likely wearing jeans, boots, biker jacket, scarf, and ushanka for warmth. She carries a backpack and only the essentials plus plenty of food to offer.
  9. Occupation
    Runs "Iris' Place" in Polana
  10. Role
    Homesteading, Restaurant owner, Mother Figure


Iris was born in a small farm town in Indiana. She was born and raised in Witness protection under the name Iris Meyers until she was 13. She was raised to believe her parents left the hustle and bustle of New York before she was born because they didn't want to raise a child in that crazy place. She never knew it was to escape the five families. Iris was never given the full story from either of her parents while she was growing up.  What she knows now is that her father, Roger Russo, was a made man for the Genovese Family. Her mother was Lucille Genovese, the granddaughter of Vito Genovese. Her father died  in 1999, when Iris was only 13, of a "heart attack". Deep down, Iris new it was her mother that killed him. Lucille wanted to go home to New Jersey to be with the family again. She moved Iris where she would grow up with the protection of the family, Lucille wanted to prepare Iris for an arranged marriage to solidify an alliance. Once back, she started to learn all about her father, her mother, the reason they moved and how her father found out Lucille was pregnant, turned states evidence to go into Witness Protection so that Iris would be safe from the families. Life was hard for Iris back in Jersey, at 15 she was raped by a local gang member (who is now sleeping with the fishes of course), Iris went through depression and suffered from anxiety. Iris had no idea who she was or what her purpose in life was. Moving back to New Jersey and all this new information was a gut punch to a teenage girl,  the family tried spoiling her, trying to giver her the family and father figures she needed. By 2004 Iris grew as a flourishing member of the New Jersey faction. Iris used her flaws to become stronger and she needed to be tough in this world, but it was easy to pretend to be tough with a family like hers behind her. She waited tables at the family restaurant, which gave her access to information she over heard from some of the guests. As she got older her life got better, from 2004 to 2010 she went to college for communication, business management and bookkeeping. Which obviously came in handy for the job she would take running books and management for the restaurant. Iris was living on her own, single, working, and enjoying life.

After graduation Iris started running the books and occasionally managed the restaurants on slow nights to work her way up, she was assisting in the day to day work as well as helping with the families other businesses that were run through the restaurant. By 2012 she was running the restaurant under Fat Tony. Tony ran all the mob business that came through, no one could do anything without Fat Tony's approval. That same year, we had a huge meeting held in the restaurant where the current boss "Barney" Bellomo made an appearance. Fat Tony was replaced by a new face. They had given this guy an expanded territory that included Iris' restaurant. His name was Santino Moretti, and he was now in charge of everything that Fat Tony did and more. He spent a lot of time at the restaurant , going over everything she and Fat Tony had worked hard on. He questioned all of it, she found him arrogant and intrusive. She worked hard to get where she was and now this man was coming in and turning it all upside down. Things started to settle down, he went on to work solely on the business while Iris was able to continue running the restaurant. Spending more and more time together, by 2013 they had started a relationship, and decided to keep it secret because Iris' mother wouldn't allow it, she was determined that her daughter was going to marry a head of one of the families to create a stronger alliance. Santino feared that since Iris was the granddaughter of, the now deceased, Vito Genovese it would cause problem within the family. They were able to keep this secret until late 2016, when a shady underling named Flavio Lombardy decided found out. He tried to use this information to muscle Santino out. It became a silent war between the two men, Santino tried to have Flavio killed. December of 2016 Iris and Santino decided it was time to get out of town since Flavio had taken this news to Barney in an attempt to get me killed. .  I have been looking for the past few days, searching for anyone still alive, I want a piece of my old life back. I continue my search for those who are willing to join the 'family' and restore some semblance of order that I am used to..

They fled the country using fake passports, they arrived in late December and moved to a small outskirt town called Lukow. They started off as low and small as possible, not wanting to make a noise in their new town. Life was great for them during the next few months, they settled into our new lives and enjoyed the quiet. Iris and Santino  did their very best to remain unobtrusive and keep their real identities hidden. In early July they awoke to news reports of increased military activity. They remained sequestered in their home as long as they could, but now that two weeks have passed, they are out of food and time. There were a few people moving about but they seemed not themselves, limping about and groaning. They heard a snarl and turned to see their old neighbor looking at them, he screamed like nothing they had heard before and charged at them, Santino pushed Iris back into the house as he tried to talk to him. It was pointless, he seemed beyond comprehension, and it was at this point in time that he tried to bite Santino. A fight ensued between Santino and the neighbor. Santino yelled for Iris to show her what had happened and it was then that they agreed it was time to leave. Iris and Santino packed up some of their things and headed out. We have been looking for the past few days, searching for anyone still alive. 

Iris knows that Santino is struggling with the new life, that he really misses his status and the job. She can't deny that she misses some of her previous life too, the family they had, the protection, and the her job. She had a life with power and position, she ran something valuable that people came to her for and she missed the fact that people needed her. They wanted that old life back, could they create that life here, could they create the world they're use to out here? Could they run a successful family in a world that wasn't their own?

She has loved Santino for a long time, she thought that their love could stand the test of time. After running to a new country, changing their names, a mysterious infection that has turned the world to hell. She thought they could make it through anything. Santino changed, ever since he decided to start his own "family" in Livonia, he has changed and they are drifting. Iris spends her time at the restaurant and he spends his time with the boys, running around Livonia. She is happy to be spending so much of her time filled with running the restaurant and meeting new people, making new friends. 


About Iris


The color Purple, good-hearted people, jokes, reading, history and science, when other people think she is a good person, listening to the radio, her favorite music was country, classic rock, old school rap and R&B, she enjoyed the occasional classical tune, and loved some Big Band Jazz

She misses spaghetti, lemonade, a good book, going for a "normal" walk, going to the comedy club or movies, getting her nails done, and having close friends



Liars, peppers, Santino's stew, rude and disrespectful people, the cold weather



Iris has a strength about her, she exudes compassion and hospitality but she is also a fighter. She fights for herself for her family, she has flaws like everyone and she embraces her flaws. Iris is loyal to a fault, even knowing that she isn't what a mobsters wife should be and she doesn't always agree with what is done, she is loyal. She can be goofy, loves science and history, and she knows that she is a big nerd.



Santino Moretti - her long time fiance



Moretti's boys: Mikey, Gio, Grim, 


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