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Lewis Bax
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1982-10-20 (37 years old)



Bax was born 1982 London and is currently 37 Years old with no family and only dedicated to work, before the outbreak Bax worked for the civil service as one of the top security personal at a submarine communication centre, Bax was sent to Chernarus 2 years before the outbreak to advice people on security protocol and lived in a small apartment where he met 2 friends by the name of Matt Sansom and George Waite. As the outbreak happened Bax has no survival or military training however was lucky to have minimal defense training due to line of work. Due to lack of survival training Bax has found it easier to be in a group of survivors, Matt and George being too of them who have a close bond as they had crossed paths many times before the outbreak. Due to this close bond the three are loyal and productive to one another and have been able to adapt to the new world, with sharing their skills including Bax's secruity skills has made it easier to protect themselves. Bax is a reasonable person with a sense of duty to help those who need it however will not hesitate to protect his interests, Bax isnt optimistic with trying to return home so has a goal to live in a safe self sustaining place


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