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Arthur Lonstrod
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Over-obsessed with his vision.
  3. Date of birth
    1992-10-20 (27 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    English, Russian, Swedish


  1. Height
    177 cm
  2. Weight
    77 kg
  3. Build
    Lean, Athletic
  4. Hair
    Dirty Blonde
  5. Eyes
    Light Blue
  6. Features
    A messy, medium length, beard. Always wearing a beanie or winter-y hat.
  7. Occupation
    Was once a skier
  8. Role
    Guide, Visionary



Arthur Lonstrod is son to Allister Lonstrod and Vivian (Barginson) Lonstrod. Allister and Vivian were married in Vivian's home city of Stockholm Sweden, but later moved to Allister's family's home town of Tulga, Chernarus. In 1992, they'd have a son named Arthur who would be born in Elektrozavodsk Hospital.

Arthur grew up in Tulga and would venture with his cousins, uncles, and father to Russian mountains every winter where his love for skiing grew. In the summer, he'd go to the summer camp in Chernarus. In 2002, Arthur and his family left Chernarus to live in Stockholm where his father took on a new job opportunity (his mother would not argue for she missed her home in Sweden). Though Arthur would be far from his friends and extended family, he and his parents would make trips to Chernarus every winter.

In 2007, Arthur and his family would leave Stockholm and spend time in the United States. His parents were hopeful that it'd give Arthur time to practice his English and eventually enter into an Ivy League school there. It is here where Arthur's skills with skiing would become recognized in South Eastern Indiana, and eventually across the western side of the United States where he entered many competitions.

Arthur was 17 when the events of 2009 occurred in his home country. This would be the year his family would stop making visits to Chernarus, as they wanted to be as far from these events as possible.

**How he ended up in Chernarus:

Arthur never entered into college and focused on traveling the world to further his skiing career. The next ten years of his life would bring him to mountains all over the world, and eventually to Chernarus; his home country. During this time, the country was fearing that another civil war may be incubating within the tension that had arisen in the country. Arthur was too young to appropriately respond to the initial civil war in his country, but now he had the power to act accordingly and use his love for skiing to protest the events relating to Chernarus.

Arthur tried to use his career to highlight the events occurring in Chernarus, but his platform was too weak to steer the gaze of the world onto his home country. Fighting tooth and nail, Arthur, right before the outbreak, entered into Chernarus with his ski team despite the tensions occurring in the country. This, they hoped, would at least get his following to pay attention to the events relating to Chernarus. However, this would only leave Arthur at ground zero of the outbreak that would infect the world.

**After the Outbreak:

After the outbreak, Arthur used his childhood memories to traverse his home country with his ski team. Many became ill, some grew mad, and others became victims of the infection until Arthur was the last of his group.

In a post apocalyptic world like this one, time becomes measured by close-calls and near death experiences. For Arthur, his life was divided into clear chapters. His life before his winter in Zelenogorsk, and after. Arthur spent this winter held up in a run-down home. Starving, thirsting, and no one to accompany him in his suffering. As the dead marched mindlessly around the home, Arthur would spending his time keeping himself warm. This, he knew, would be the place where he'd die. No hope, no motivation, and no food.

Then, Arthur came across a book of fairy tales which he found in a child's room within the home he was staying in. These tales of quests, purpose, and adventure sparked a new spark of hope for Arthur. The post-apocalyptic world became less of a grave in the eyes of Arthur, and more of an empty canvas waiting to be painted on. Arthur used this spark of hope to create a torch of purpose; to find a community which he nicknamed "The Last Hearth". Whether he built it or found it didn't matter, Arthur knew that the new world could only begin again when there became a final home for him and his fellow survivors. No longer would Arthur be a survivor, but a protector. A protector of this new dream of his, a protector of his vision, and eventually a protector of the last hearth; his final home in this wasteland... and the beginning of the new world as he'd know it to be.

In response to his new enlightenment, Arthur changed his name to match that of the fairy tale figure in his book that inspired him; The Wizard. And if he were to come across any friends to join him in his journey, they too would inherit a name from the fantasy book as a symbol of their ascension from survivor to protector.


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