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Mikey S Whittaker
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Slightly insane.
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1982-11-17 (37 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Lenox Hill Hospital. NYC.
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Mostly english, a tiny bit of spanish.
  9. Family
    Father: Johnny Whittaker. (Deceased.) Mother: Louise Whittaker. Brothers: Saul Whittaker (unknown) Kevin Whittaker ( dead ) Patrick Whittaker ( unknown ) Sisters: Mary Whittaker (unknown) Kate Whittaker (unknown).
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    195 cm
  2. Weight
    200 kg
  3. Build
    Wide-build, average. With a good amount of muscle.
  4. Hair
    Almost black in color and medium length, wavy in texture. He sports an unshaven five o' clock shadow.
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    Has some marks on his face, that signify that he went through something pretty bad.
  7. Equipment
    A knife, a small amount of food, a compass, some beat-up walkie talkie, some dusty ol' battery, and the clothes on his back.
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation
  10. Role


Mikey was born in Lenox Hospital, NYC. He was the youngest of all of his siblings. He had three brothers and two sisters and lived in a single townhouse, so it was chaos. Two of the brothers, Saul and Patrick were both around the age of 15 and already working, almost always out of the house. However, his brother Kevin was only a one year old at the time, and his other two sisters Mary, who was 6, and Kate, who was 10, were there for him. Everything was working out fine for him until he reached the age of five and his father, Johnny, decided to leave them. Saul and Patrick had went on with their lives, living in their own house and making a living. His mother, Louise, was distraught and quite frankly, could not deal with the kids so much anymore either, so she ended up forcing them all out of the house everyday early in the morning to run around like fools in the badlands of NYC until 7 PM, where they all came back home. School was a huge problem for everyone, but it was the worst for Mikey. He got in fights at school just about every day just because he was trying to stand up for himself, and finally matured and realized that these fights could be stopped when he got into high school. At that point, just Mikey and Kevin lived together with their mother. Everything seemed fine again until an eviction notice was slipped under the door one day. Just one more week and the jumpsuit-wearing men come in to take their much valued furniture out of the house, then the house in general. But that didn't happen. Kevin and Mikey was not letting that happen, and they were desperate. After some very hard work, determinaton, and planning, the two got their hands on about a pound's worth of stolen prescription drugs and some shitty methamphetamine within the time scale of four days. Hiding and keeping the drugs were no problem, but selling them? It seemed almost unreal, some fifteen year old kid and his slightly older brother getting their hands on a whole box of the stuff, but they had to get rid of it quick. They only had four more days to sell it. They ended up simply writing " Family Memories volume 1 " on the side of the box to seem inconspicuous, and they did, very much so. They were slinging crack and prescription drugs and what not all around Brooklyn, finding themselves selling to some biker gang by the name of " Broken Halos. " and every once in a while, some suspicious looking individuals wearing mostly red. By the end of that week, they finally managed to sell it all and scrounge up a whopping 60,000$ worth of money.. they were much richer now than their brothers and sisters. Their mother just began not caring, sitting in bed and watching television every day as her sons paid off the eviction debt without even realizing. Years passed.. then something came up. Mother was upstairs, crying and laughing.. a hysterical fit of some sort as Kevin and Mikey sat downstairs, now adults, conversation as they visited their mom who didn't even want to see them. They rushed up the stairs and they found her looking at her phone, and spoke some complete gibberish until she finally calmed down and formed the words, " Johnny's in Russia! " The two brothers looked at each other. An hour of explaining and talking had passed and before you knew it, their bags were packed and they had tickets for a place that was NEAR Russia called Chernarus. It was a cheap flight. The flight attendant spoke of some disease that they should watch out for that was " Probably just some bug. " ,taking precautions and such. Well, it was a smooth ride. No one panicked. No flight problems. No one really spoke too much. No landing issues. Didn't seem like anything was wrong at all. They arrived in Chernarus with their now 70 or so year old mother, Kevin being 37 as Mikey was 35. They stayed in some nice Hotel anticipating as they waited for their father, and he showed up! It was unbelievable.. and everyone was just so happy. But not for long.. things weren't really... right.. the next day. In fact, things were very terrible. As soon as the bunch were packed up and ready to enjoy their stay in Chernarus for a while, they met a very sickly looking man as they exited the room in the hall. Actually, that was several very sickly looking men in the hallway. And women. The family of four just stood, confused, and quite frankly worried, but did not say a word. One of the sick people began roaring, then all of them began doing so. The oldest of them all, the mother, was the first to go. Kevin tried grabbing her hand as they all ran but she just tripped over her feet and fell, hitting her head, knocking her out and maybe even killing her. Kevin screamed and cried as about five of them began eating her as the Father did so too, but Mikey just stood there and vomited. Kevin ran up to one of them, ripping a pole off one of the hotel carts and went over to the crowd and started slamming it onto their heads... suprisingly killing about three until they all piled up on top of him and all that was heard was a muffled scream. Mikey finished losing his lunch and ran to the emergency staircase, as his father ran behind him. Mikey had a horrible migraine headache from the panic attack he was having, and was more focused on getting away than anything else, but the migraine still distracted him a small bit. He toppled down the stairs and bruised himself up good as his older father, out of breath and about 65 years old slowly made his way down the stairs as the crowd flooded in and quickly surrounded him within seconds. His father managed to crawl out of there screaming with several bite marks, then also toppling down the stairs.. and said some of his quick, final words to Mikey as the two shed several tears. " GO! " his father yelled at Mikey, as the last of the crowd was toppling down the stairs two then landed on top of his father, and another muffled scream was heard. Mikey ran as fast as he could, tripping down the stairs and bruising himself as he ran into walls and poles. But somehow. Someway. He made his way out. On the first floor, there was no one left.. just corpses.. and as he went into the streets, they were surrounded with infected but his instict kicked in and he snuck his way into some storage unit, where he held up and survived off the rations in there until now...


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