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Peter fraze
Character information
  1. Mental
    Good/not insane
  2. Date of birth
    1998-10-15 (21 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Juneau Alaska
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    Basic russian/english
  7. Family
    brother who lives in Ukraine


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    68 kg
  3. Build
    Tall, Semi muscular
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Good
  7. Equipment
    A compass/keychain


Peter Fraze was born and raised in Juneau Alaska by a Russian/American family. He attended thunder mountain high school and graduated top of his class out of 150 students in 2010.His dream was to become a lawyer like his great grandfather Абрам Иванов(translates to Abram ivanov) who was able to spend some time with Peter before he passed away. Furthermore because he grew up in Alaska he knows how to hunt small game animals and some bigger game, also including basic survival tactics he learned from his father Nikita who actually grew up and in Vyazovka, Russia. Yet peter is still slightly inexperienced with some of the tactics due to his lack of practice because of him attending a law school in Ukraine in 2011 (Dnipropetrovsk State University of Internal Affairs ties into characters back story). Yet now because of his study of international law and international humanitarian law and after graduating 2012 he was prepared to finally get his feet wet(he spent a few years in ukraine up to 2015). He decided to help the growing state of chernarus with its political matters and turmoil happening he thought it would be a perfect chance to make a name for himself. now that he was ready he took Cessna skycourier plane from Dnipropetrovsk International Airport to Miroslavl. Once landing he finally realized the beauty but horror of chernarus, many people disliked him because of his american name and orientation. He found comfort knowning that hed eventually help these people but it never happened. he tried applying to the few law firms at chernarus and every single one denied him. Peter was shocked, all the time he spent and money trying to become a lawyer and help a developing country they just denied him! Now without a job and with the remaining money he still has he decided to try and get a cashier job in the minor town of Severograd. Surprisingly he managed to get a job. On his first day in the store he was in the back stocking the shelves full of beans and other types of canned goods, but then the building began to shake, peter ran and hid under a desk until the shelves stopped shaking. he decided to see what happened and went outside to see people frantically talking and looking at the sky. from what peter heard from the manager is that they started to shell the town. the manager said it was very minor and it looked as if they didnt even hit anything but he still told him to go home for the day because he didnt want him to get killed on the first shift. yet as peter was walking home he caught a glimpse of a russian helicopter but eventually realized it was probaly a news helicopter. Once peter got home he decided that because it was only 8 in the morning hed just go back to bed, after a good nap he was awoken to the sound of screaming and ambulance sirens. he looked outside and to his shock he saw blood on the sidewalks and people getting carried into the hospital, peter immediately turned on his tv and he didnt see anything about the bombing or people bleeding in sevrograd he just saw a bunch of stuff about riots. he turned off the tv and just stood their thinking that it could be ebola yet right when he started to google ebola side effects on his phone he heard his next door neighbor Girana screaming and yelling for help. he ran to his door and went out in the hallway and he saw girana passed out on the floor with blood on her eyes and face, peter was shocked and didnt know what to do so he just ran back inside and called the ambulance and told them what happened. They proceeded to tell him to stay inside and dont leave under any circumstances. an hour later he heard them pull up outside of his apartment and come upstairs, he peeked outside and told them where she was and what happened. they once again yelled at peter to stay inside, so he did just that and after thinking for a bit about what to do he just decided that if all this crazy shit was still happening tomorrow hed just leave and go back home. He knew that his law career would turn into nothing anyway and it wasnt worth staying and getting ebola. so he watched a movie and drank half a bottle of vodka before passing out. eventually he woke up the next day to the sounds of gunshots and screaming, he stood up quickly and fell down. He then crawled over to his window and looked outside to see a person sprint at his manager and bite him in the neck.peter screamed not knowing what just happened or why his manager was shooting at some guy. he checked his phone and once again saw nothing about these weird events at Severograd. peter then decided to get the fuck out of there and run away, he packed his bag with some minor supplies and food. Then he left his apartment and went down to the street but the one guy the manager just shot started to run at peter. Once again peter screamed and dropped his bag and just started running towards the woods, while running for his life peter ran past another person covered in blood and missing an arm. Yet once again peter screamed once it started chasing him too, while running towards the woods he managed to lose them in the mass amount of trees and bushes. Now lost in the woods and not knowing what exactly that thing was that took a bullet and bit his manager and even fucking chased him. peter just checked his pockets for anything useful and he found his pocket compass on his keychain and his phone, he pointed the compass east and followed it, hoping hed fine someone to help him or a town.


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