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Anthony Hawk
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  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1997-07-25 (22 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    United States
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    United States
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Hey, I am Anthony, I will explain in this letter how I have got to this terrifying place.

It all started on May 25th of 2017, my wife and I got married two weeks ago and we wanted to search for a place outside of the US for our honeymoon vacation, as we searched for a lovely place we found Chernarus that's located between Russia and Takistan, we decided to go for 2 months to have a good time for ourselves. A few days later our flight was ready, we went to the airport and flew away to Russia as the nearest Airport to Chernarus was the one in Russia, we prepared our bags and went to this delightful place while waving to my parents through the airport. After quite a trip my wife called her parents to inform everything is okay and that we landed in the right place. We ordered a taxi that can take us to Chernarus, luckily, the driver of the taxi spoke English. After some time we got to our place, as we paid the taxi we entered the house to do our stuff, we placed our bags and went straight to bed as we were very tired from the trip. For the first week, we've done nothing except going to see artifacts because my wife and I like it, we went to several museums and enjoyed our time there, it was awesome. After being in Chernarus for two weeks it was the 15th of June, we decided to go to the other corner of Russia as this place was called the Romantic Place, we sat there had a good time eating and laughing, we came back to our house tired and we decided to go to sleep. The next morning my wife told me that my birthday is in 40 days and we should prepare, what she didn't tell me is that she's going to invite my friend, parents and the rest of my family from the US to Russia to have a good time, I was really excited that she knew, when my birthday is. We started planning how it will go, this is because my wife hates to do things 10 days before the deadline and wants to complete everything fast so there will be no stress later on. After a month, my wife reminded me of what we'll do for my birthday, it was great. My parents came on that day with my friends as they stationed in a hotel about 2 km from our house. On my birthday we started going on our trip and saw beautiful locations, we went to a lot of romantic places together, meanwhile, my family and my friends stationed at my house we rented and prepared the party. When I told my wife I want to go back home she told me she has one more to show me, a great statue in the middle of Russia, 10 km from the house we rented, suddenly, I heard some kind of explosion, when I looked there were smokes of explosion near my house, my wife and I were terrified to see it as, especially her because she knew everyone I know were there. We started packing our stuff and started heading towards our house. We started to see roadblocks, cops everywhere, firefighters and all of the forces trying to protect something we don't know about, something that runs to cops and trying to reach them. We continued our way as my wife was stressed to go to our house. As we reached our house we heard noises of screams and people dying, we opened the door and saw everyone that came to my party, infected. They ran towards us and we started to run away in fear, after a few minutes I heard screams of my wife behind me, as I turned I saw my mother eating her alive, I continued running towards nowhere to be seen or heard while crying. I saw bridges closing and helicopters flying away, it was me alone in Russia, trying to survive.

First day of survival, I found some food and set a campfire, I still thought about my family, especially my wife, crying while cooking the small amount of food I have, luckily I saw a flashlight, I started walking towards it and saw two people, they had dirty clothes and a rifle next to them, prepared to fight the infection. I decided to group up with them and share my food, one of them was called Sasha and the other one Vladimir, as we ate our food a bandit came towards us, demanding our stuff, luckily, he couldn't handle two Russians as one of them had a rifle prepared. After the bandit ran away we suspected someone infected running towards us, we were so stressed that we had to shoot him to death. In the next morning, I found myself alone once again, I didn't know what happened to my friends but I saw a note, it describes what they did and how they decided to die. I decided I will take what they had and go on a trip myself while trying to take anything I can. After a week of survival, I saw a big camp which people built themselves using every material they can, two people guarded the entrance. I went towards while crawling and asking for food, I begged them to let me in, they decided to check me if I wasn't infected. In this camp I saw a significant amount of food and people, most of them were Russians, they had a pretty good place, I decided to station there for about 5 days or until I will be able to walk again myself. After stationing there for a good amount of time one of them wanted my help to gather some food for the night because new survivors spotted. We went hunting for cows, birds, chickens and any food we can gather. We came back at night, with a lot of food in our backpacks as we heard an explosion, it was inside the camp, when we looked to the side of us we saw 3 people with RPGs aiming towards the base, our people died, the camp has been destroyed and thieves took over it. My friend told me to come with him and find a new place. We searched for days as we found nothing but abandoned stores and cars. We decided to station on a roof of a gas station, we slept for a few hours as we heard screams and shots, we saw people fighting the infection, risking their lives, as we looked from above we decided to join and hit the infected people with our hunting rifle, sadly, we had only 3 bullets left. We spent them wisely but those people were already gone. My friend looked at me as he was saying he cannot live in a cruel place like this one, he decided to suicide. I didn't let him but it was too late as he jumped from the roof of the gas station. I decided to run away, crying my way and trying to survive myself while I trust no one.


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