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Quinn Thorne
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1981-11-18 (37 years old)


  1. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral


Harvey has led a decent life. He was raised in a middle-class family, had a loving parents, and the food was always on the table. During his mid-school years he became interested in various sports. Baseball, Football, Table Tennis, but his favourite was surely basketball. The sound of a bouncing ball, thundering in his ears, echoing through the entire gym. That was something beautiful. Harvey quickly became the center of attention due to his willingness to play for the team, ditching personal gain, and a feeling of prestige, to support others.

High-school was the place in which he met Emily. She was an absolute bomb. Confident, fierce, yet delicate and caring. It took some "accidental" lean-ins, bumps, and touches before something happened between the two. Over those three years everything seemed so perfect. - now captain of the basketball team - graduated with ease. But when it came to choosing his life path, nothing seemed like the right choice. All he knew is that as long as Emily was with him, everything was going to be fine, they would surely figure something out.

It didn't take too long for them to move away, just to try and find some place where they belong, where they can easily provide for each other. Em became a secretary, Harvey worked in a few places, construction, warehouse, typical blue-collar jobs, before settling in on being a basketball coach for one of the high-schools in his town in his mid 30s. It was a decent, not too luxurious, but surely happy life. And then - cancer happened.

Cancer took her away on July 16th 2016. All he knew was gone. Job he loved became tedious, alcohol almost became an everyday errand. House in which he felt safe, no longer felt like home. Desperate, with no other direction in life, he sold almost all of his possessions, deciding to just... walk away, maybe die on the side of the road, in any place, any place different, just not here, not in this town.

One day became one week. One month. Half a year. With nothing but two sets of clothes and a backpack. You could almost say that he found some inner peace in his ascetic, backpacking life. One day he walked into a land he no longer can escape. Some strange things happened. People started... tearing each other apart, army closed the borders, and now - there's no way of reaching someone out there, beyond this land. What a strange pathway was chosen for him, just some time ago he was ready to end himself, now he struggles to survive, for some reason wanting to go out with a bang:

,,Emily... my Stardust, forgive me. I'm not ready to see you just yet. I need to give the fuckers a fight"


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