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Willie King
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1979-04-15 (40 years old)



Meet Willie King, an ex-CIA agent from a small town in Georgia. Willie was sent on an undercover op in Chernarus, hoping to stay close to Russia and gain intel on the Chernarus and Russian government. Willie had little to no contact with the US Government, and stayed in a small secluded cabin. His op started in 2015, and was meant to end early 2017. However, when the outbreak started, Willie lost all contact with the US Government, and hasn't heard anything since. 

Willie spent two years in Chernarus, and is very familiar with the land. He knows the ins and outs of most big cities and towns. He has accepted that he must survive here on his own, without the help of his agency, or government. He obviously knows his way around firearms, and knows how to survive on his own, especially with limited resources. Willie doesn't like to kill, but will do what is necessary to protect himself and the people around him.

Willie's goal is to create a group of like-minded individuals, and create a livable society within Chernarus. A society where everyone has a job, and everyone works together to make life as stress-free and death-free as possible. 


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