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Arthur Baines
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1969-08-20 (50 years old)


  1. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral


My character is named Arthur Baines. Born in America in 1969, he grew up reading novels. He coasted through high school without many friends. Never went to college as he couldn't afford it. After a gap year following high school, he took a job as a chef in Antartica, working at one of the research facilities there. He held that job for seven years. After moving back to civilization, using the money he earned he decided to start a new life in Europe. He moved tp Chernarus, learned the language, indulged in the culture. He held a job as a librarian in the town of Elektrozavodsk until the fall of civilization came. He'd spend his days sorting and reading books. He didn't go out much and wasn't very informed on current events. He liked being secluded into his own little world, but it was impossible to hide from the events leading to the apocalypse. As news came that infected were spreading to coastal cities like Berezino, he headed westward along the coast hoping to make it to Bay TIkhaya for a ship out of Cherno. Upon arriving there, he found the bay empty without signs of people or ships. He then began to head up north, following the train tracks, hoping to find some sort of safe haven.


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