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John Kraft
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    2002-10-11 (17 years old)


  1. Alignment
    Neutral Evil


When John was a kid his parents got divorced which caused his mom to become an abusive alcoholic. His father lost his job two weeks after they split up and he took all his anger out on John. He once took his shotgun and aimed it at John. One night John's father came into john's room with a gun. John was petting his dog and when his father aimed the gun at John their dog jumped out of John's lap and bit his dads arm. His dad scream and pushed the dog off of him and pulled the trigger. John filled with anger ran toward his father with his knife he kept in his drawer and stabbed his father in the chest and took his gun away from him. John ran downstairs and called the cops. When the cops arrived he told them what happened they took his father to prison. His mother who was depressed from loosing her job went and took a knife from the kitchen and slit her throat.


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