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Minx Bright
Character information
  1. Alias
    Dr M. Bright, Chainsaw Craze
  2. Mental
    Stable, geniuses but can be an idiot
  3. Morale
    N/A for now
  4. Date of birth
    1994-10-21 (25 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    London, UK
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Adam - Father (Deceased), Eva - Mother (Deceased)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    134 cm
  2. Weight
    35 kg
  3. Build
    Little less Average
  4. Hair
    Pixie- like Ginger
  5. Eyes
    One light brown (left) and one red (right)
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
    Dr Minx Bright is mostly seen wearing a lab coat, with any type of shirt, or jumper depends on her mood. She wears beige color shorts or trousers. Around her neck, she always wears an ornate amulet necklace - which it appears to be 15 centimeters in circumference made from white gold, with thirteen brilliant-cut diamonds surrounding an oval-cut ruby in a starburst pattern. Dr. Minx Bright wears glasses.
  8. Equipment
    Lab coat
    ornate amulet (necklace)
    bag (because collecting weird things and samples)
    Guns (if finds it)
    Bioengineering and equipments
  9. Occupation
    bioengineering and abnormal genetics, at SynbiCITE


Dr Minx Bright born in London United Kingdom. Her parents were part of SynbiCITE company in London before she was born. Her father Adam was a scientist that got promoted to site director while her mother Eva was a scientist working with Bioengineering. Eva was conceived in Feb 1994. During the pregnancy she still worked in the company until she was 7 months in pregnancy, she was put on Maternity leave. During the maternity leave, Eva spend time at home while her husband worked. 

When Eva given birth to a healthy but small baby girl in October 1999, with the name of Minx meaning impudent, cunning, or boldly. Sadly, the mother died during the birth. Which leaving the child being looked after by the father. The family lived in a three-bedroom, large living room, large kitchen, lovely backyard house in South Kensington which is furnished with nice wooden style and very modern. Adam now single father with a new-born daughter and needed to arrange funeral for Eva.

At age 8, her father enrolled her to school, in Kingston while he starts going back to work in same company, SymbiCITE. Minx started to show signs of intelligence because even at her age, she able to understand mostly of science in Primary school. Which she is one of the most A grade student with most likely able to have graduated high school at age 15. Even University at age 21-22.  After the university she  got a full time job in the lab at around 22 or 23 at age. Her father being Site Director at SynbitCITE with higher ups to hired Minx as part of the team. That time her father Adam have given her a necklace that his grandfather given to his father, his father given to him and now given to her. It was said about so called 'legend' that the pendant holds something special and 'magic' also it's a good luck charm and gives protection that came from Egypt that his grandfather was a archaeology. She accepted it as even she is smart but also, she believes that anything is possible, her father told her "just because you can't see it - it doesn't mean it don't exist" - just like his father told by his father. 

At work,, she's with senior scientists in bioengineering and genetics departments. There are some junior scientists who works in that department too. Minx made friends with some junior scientists where they would work together, talk about work and personal lives such as their hobbies. After work, Minx and colleague friends would hang out watch films on DVD or go to movies.

When the infection started in Chernarus, she had no idea about that because Minx was working in one of her projects with her colleges, in enhancing DNA to those have weak immune system. So, they have better chance in living to their fullest. However, when the infection started to spread worldwide, including United Kingdom. She thought it was just a flu virus going around since it's Flu season at the time, she seen people feeling nausea, vomiting, pallid/sickly skin tone. Like you can see people being sick. Some people called-in sick at work.

But more and more are getting sick every day, some people actually died in hospital and it started major outbreak where many people running for their lives, freaking out and also leaving the area/country. Minx had to leave to get to safety with her father who both at time was at home - both finished works. Though many that died came back from the dead...as hungry flesh munching things. Even dogs became one of those things and attacking everyone. During the escaping, her father was attacked by the dogs, which he sacrificed himself for his daughter's safety. Minx ran to safety. Only safety she knew since the attack was back to SynbiCITE. The company went into lock-down ever since.

Minx has been trying to find out how this is happening with some others in the company, the Wi-Fi and phone signals are still up, but won't be for long. So, she taken that time to research, find out where is the source and maybe stop the madness. The researching leads to Chernarus, though she re-checking if that is true. It always led to that area. But finding a way to get there will be difficult, she would need a plane or a boat. She can drive her father's car just fine as she got driving licence, but maybe if she can persuasive a pilot in Airport to take her to Chernarus or if pilots are dead, she would have to try and get there herself and pilot herself. 

Minx gathered her things as well as equipments, food that's in the cafeteria. She headed the back door which had no undead things lurking around, she went to get her father's car after sneaking past the undead without them seeing her. Once she got to the car, she quickly turns it on with hot-wiring the car - she quickly drove as the undead is chasing after her, but the car is rather too fast for them, and she ran them over as well.

Once she got to the docks, she saw the chaos but she drove through the gate into the area of the boats but no too close to the water, she saw one person, a captain as running to one of the boats with some undead chasing after him, she drove fast and ran them over, or hitting them with the car before the car got close to the water. She got out taking her things and went with the male captain into the boat before more came. Minx talked to the captain into going to Chernarus and to take her there. At first, he wasn't sure it was good idea, but she told him he can just take her there, drop her off and then leave. She is a bioengineering that needed to go there. He finally agrees.

Upon arriving to Chernarus, there were things in ruin, but they did a deal. Though the two didn't know that one undead was at the back of the boat, that was bitten - and turned - it seems that this one before turned tried to leave or was related to the captain. Went after the captain which was near and was driving the boat. Minx used a knife she keeps and stabbed the undead though the captain struggling would be making the boat rock side to side, she killed the undead and tried to help the captain with the boat. The wave was harsh making the boat uneven and rocky, and getting to the shore or docks was painful. She was injured because of that, the captain died of the sudden crash to the shore crash that kind of did number on his stomach and pelvis. She painfully got up, gotten her stuff she bought with her and got off the boat. Now she's alone in the shipwreck and set on her adventure.

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A few issues here..  

1. "Eva was conceived in Feb 1994" - Mother was born late 1994

2. " Eva given birth to a healthy but small baby girl in October 1999" - Eva *THE MOTHER* gave birth at the age of 5? 

3. " a captain as running to one of the boats with some undead chasing after him, she drove fast and ran them over," -She ran the captain over along with the zombies and yet he still helped her ? 

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