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Matt Baxer
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1996-05-10 (23 years old)


  1. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral


Matt Baxter the 23 year old deputy park ranger for the state of Colorado. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and the great out doors. He knows his way around a pistol, shotgun, and hunting rifles, but no more than that. Matt hunts for the meat, not the fun, being sure to make use of every part of what he kills, respecting its life. Whilst still being conscious to nature and its ecosystem. Matt, hearing about the Black Mountains in northern Chernarus decided it would be an ideal place to vacation camp in a foreign country. That was, of course, before the outbreak. It wasn't long after the virus got out that he heard the gunshots echo across the mountain ranges. After turning on his radio he heard the wallowing cries of death and catastrophe. However, being a deputy park ranger, he had been through many survival worst case scenarios so he know he could survive in isolation in the mountains living his days in the woods, away from civilization. Hunting and catching his own meals he has learned to be self sufficient, but as the apocalypse raged on, he noticed less and less animals. Until one day, he finally decided eating rabbit for every meal was not enough to sustain him. Thus, he decided to head back down the mountains into what was once civilization...


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