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Thomas Agro
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1993-10-03 (26 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Languages


  1. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  2. Affiliation


Thomas Agro

My Name is Thomas Agro I am 24, I enlisted into This PMC called DSF at the age of 18, The PMC known as Defiance Security Force (DSF) was created in the early 2000's as a Elite Private Military Group. DSF has Operatives from all different backgrounds of the Military such as Navy, Army, Marines, and more. DSF has done operations from Asset Protection to Reconnaissance & Surveillance. The DSF has also taken part in multiple operations with the U.S. Military working along Special Forces Units such as Delta Force, DEVGRU, and Green Berets. I was a rated number 1 marksmen in my unit we got a mission to Go to Chernarus to help protect one of our top paying clients we took one of our Aircraft over there but as we are on board we flew into a storm and there was thunder and LOTS OF LIGHTING, We were Hit by a massive Lightning Bolt and hit one of our engines and knocked it offline and we were forced to crash land The Aircraft. Me and my other crew members barely survived some of us we even injured so we found our self in some forest wondering we finely came across a small town were we found some supplies we were hoping to find help but no one in sight Me and the other Squad mates kept going till we found some people they helped us out but then out of no were POW POW POW and BOOM! fighting took off bullets were fleeing over our heads me and the rest of my friends ran as fast as we could we all go split up i tried to find them but i just kept running and running i found a old barn to hunker down in for the night i was so tired of practically passed out but i got woken up to the sound of the barn door opening i was shocked the only thing i had was a knife so i quickly got up and hid behind the door waiting for someone to come in and then i would have to think back to my training and all the other times we went through this But... in comes this Woman and her son they were scared they barley spoke English but i put my knife away and talked with them they said they were running from a Place controlled but a group that would take everything you find and use for there own purpose but she said they don't like it when you leave once your in there walls they don't want to leave so she took her son and ran at night out side the gate and over the wall she ran with her son and found them self's here to this barn we all went to sleep and the next morning we Found a safe place that she told me about they were another group they were taken in people feeding them even giving them jobs to buy out of the market so i stayed there for about 2 weeks but i kept asking my self about about my Squad i know there out there they are all to tough to be killed they wont give up and never should i, I told the woman and her son i am leaving to go find my friends and that's what i did i am searching and searching i met up with one of my mates Andrew Nguyen he is the leader of DSF he is a tough son of a bitch good leader and far but gets the job done and don't piss him off or there will be a price to may he had some gear for me and i helped him pack his shit he was staying in this little house on top of a hill near Cherno but we said we were going to head up north and that is were we went up north to Search for the rest of our Squad mates


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