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Viktor Mach
Character information
  1. Morale
    Extremely psychotic
  2. Date of birth
    1961-06-12 (58 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Miroslavl, Chernarus Soviet Socialist Republic.
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    Chernarussian, Russian
  7. Family
    All dead, Viktor killed his own family.
  8. Religion


  1. Height
    196 cm
  2. Weight
    98 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Evil
  7. Equipment
    Anything that Victor can find.
  8. Occupation
    Former Soviet Union Soldier, dishonorably discharged due to his mental health. Former gang member. Former ChDKZ militia.


The Tragic Childhood:

Viktor was born in Miroslavl, in a abusive family. From a very young age Viktor was beaten by his father, for no logical reason. He always tried to retreat to his mother for comfort, but his mother did not really care about Viktor as she had a drinking problem and she prioritized drinking before her own son. Viktor always felt as he was a foreign to his own parents. From the young age Viktor only found comfort in nature. The peaceful nature of it kept him going through his hardest times. During his teenage years, Viktor got kicked out of home, because Viktors parents couldn't afford enough money to feed themselves and their alcohol addiction. Viktor lived on the streets for long years of his life. He has learned alot of things about life on the streets and with it he, himself started drinking, getting into fights and causing a lot of trouble. From this time on Viktors sanity has started to slip. In the age of 16, Viktor was arrested for almost beating another homeless man to death, he was still a minor so he got placed in a militarized style of orphanage house. In there Viktor got indoctrinated in the ideas of soviet union and the military doctrine. During his time in orphanage Viktor still caused alot of trouble, got into fights with the staff, teachers and other kids. He was feared by everyone, but in the end Viktor succumbed to the teaching of that orphanage, because of the measures they used to calm Viktor down. Viktor was often being beat up by the teachers, locked up in empty rooms for days in end, and all other cruel punishments a teenager shouldn't experience. In the age of 18 a little calmed down, but mentally broken Viktor was forced to join the Soviet Armed Forces. He was trained and was assigned to 3rd Guards Motor Rifle Division. During his time in the soviet military, Viktor was deemed as a weird and very violent person. After serving in the military for 3 years Viktor got discharged due to his deteriorating mental health.

Life In The Soviet Union:

In 1982 Viktor got discharged from the military and came back to Miroslavl, Chernarus. Back in his homeland Viktor started to heavily binge on alcohol, drinking for weeks without end. Soon enough Viktor was running out of money, so with his connections made from a local pub, Viktor joined the underground criminal organizations that consisted of bunch of low life drunkards from Miroslavl. These said low life drunkards used to do organized crimes, like robbing village stores, breaking into houses and etc. Life was going good for Viktor, he was drunk all the time, had enough money to rent a apartment and put food on the table, but all good things come to the end. Apparently there was a snitch in their gang, so Viktor took thing in his own hands and violently murdered the said snitch to later find out that he in fact wasn't the snitch. His fellow partners in crime after hearing this didn't want to do anything with Viktor. His fellow partners in crime wanted to kill Viktor as he posted a threat to their organization, but soon enough Viktor has learned of the plans, that will be executed against him. In the fit of rage Viktor killed all of his fellow partners showing no remorse for his actions. He buried them in deep forests of chernarus without anyone knowing. A huge search was done for the "lost" men but, they couldn't be found, and the case was closed. This was total breaking point in Viktors life as he felt no remorse for anyone else.

Life As The Most Wanted Man:

1991 came around, and the all oh mighty USSR fell, with it the western culture flooded the former soviet republics, including Chernarus. With that bunch of new crazy narcotics flooded the streets of Miroslavl, Chernogorsk, Novigrad and and other major cities. Viktor got immediately hooked on Heroin. With his new found addiction he needed more and more money to fuel it. And so Viktor started to search for a good source of money. And so did he find. Apparantely his parents hit the fortune selling their lands to some big oil company in america. With these news he made his way back to his childhood home to find that his parents want nothing to do with him. With the fit of rage Viktor killed his parents in sight of their neighbors. This was not good for Viktor as there were alot of witnesses around. With that in mind Viktor took anything valuable from his childhood home and went on the run. Shortly after making his escape Viktor hijacked a Lada 2105 and made his way westwards towards Takistan, where he eventually escaped to and been hiding there for 7 years. For those 7 years Viktor has committed more horrendous crimes like manslaughter, murder and theft of various properties. At this point Viktor Mach was the most wanted man in Chernarus, Takistan and in general Caucasus region.

The Fall Of The Most Wanted:

In 1998 Viktor got captured by Chernarussian border patrol guards trying to cross the border between Takistan and Chernarus. Viktor Mach is considered to be lucky by being captured by Chernarus government as he would face a death penalty in Takistan for his crimes committed there. Viktor Mach got sentenced life in prison without a possibility for parole. Shortly after being sentenced and put in jail Viktor did an interview with ČNT (Chernarus National Televison) where he stated he feels no remorse for what he has done and he feels like they all deserved death or crimes he committed. The interview was cut short after the interviewer asked Viktor about his family and his childhood. Viktor responded to that question with violence threatening to slit the interviewers throat. Originally Viktor was locked up in Miroslavl regional prison, where he was kept in a solitary confinement 24/7, but due to liberal and western ideas taking over Chernarus, Miroslavl regional prison got shut down and Viktor got transferred to Storozh island. A prison that is based on a island. Due to limitations of Storozh prison, at first Viktor was released into general population where he killed more unsuspecting victims. After this ordeal Viktor yet again got locked up in solitary confinement, where he remained until the Chernarussian civil war.

The Civil war:

When the civil war ragging on, the Chedaki forces captured the prison and liberated most of the prisoners to fight for their cause. One of those prisoners were Viktor Mach. Viktor remembering his youth and indoctrination he went through joined the chedaki forces, where he fought against CDF, NAPA and MEU units. After a month of fighting for Chedaki Viktor was once again captured and imprisoned in Storozh prison. This time he got charged with treason against the state, crimes against humanity and terrorism. This time he was sentenced to death. A huge legal battle has happened between the Chernarussian government and anti death penalty activists. This battle has gone around for a very long time. During this all bureaucratic debate of should a mentally unstable man should die or live something really bad has happened. The apocalypse.

The apocalypse and beyond:

During the first weeks and months of the apocalypse life in Storozh Island remained mostly usual, but really tense. Prisoners felt that something was going on as the prison guards felt tense and very concerned about something. About 2 months into the apocalypse the food rations were running low, and so prisoners started to disappear. To save supplies prison guards started to banish prisoners out of the island. Very useful prisoners, with engineer or medical background were left around. Viktor being such a psychotic person and useless to the prison staff, he was in one of the first batch of prisoners to be banished. On the boat to be dropped off near the coast of Komarovo the prisoners have revolted and overpowered the staff escorting the prisoners away from the island. The first chance that Viktor got out of his handcuffs he grabbed the correctional officers shotgun and killed all of the CO's taking over the ship with other lunatics like him. After reaching the coast everybody were exited to finally enjoy their freedom. Most of the prisoners departed in 5 minutes time of landing of the coast of Komarovo, but Viktor and another prisoner remained admiring the beautiful views that chernarus has to offer. After a brief moment admiring the views, some of the infected has showed up and attacked both of them. The prisoner who remained with Viktor got bitten, while Viktor shot the infected that attacked them. The other prisoner needed medical help asap, and locally there were no health clinics or hospitals,to search for medical supplies so the other prisoner decided to go back to Storozh island to seek medical help, later on starting the infection on the island. Viktor left alone wandered the land of Chernarus, surviving the wasteland in a brutal way. That is sadistically killing and robbing other survivors. To this day Viktor is wandering the land of Chernarus avoiding any governmental institution and enjoying his long awaited freedom.

Picture one: You can see Viktor giving an interview to Chernarus National Television.

Picture Two: You can see Viktor with his gang in soviet union. From left to right: Bohumil Kubát, Viktor Mach, Dalimil Řehák and Bedřich Dostál.

Picture Three: You can see Viktor just arrested after being on the run for 7 years.


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