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Kilian Blackwater
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1988-10-31 (31 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Houston, Texas
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    English, Tavianian
  8. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    79 kg
  3. Build
    Lean, Muscular
  4. Eyes
  5. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  6. Equipment
    Clothing Set 1
    ➤ Black baseball cap
    ➤ Black bandanna
    ➤ White sweater
    ➤ Blue jeans
    ➤ Black combat boots

    Clothing Set 2
    ➤ Green shemagh
    ➤ Green sweater
    ➤ Black jeans
    ➤ Black combat boots

    ➤ Combat knife
    ➤ Glock 19 Pistol
    ➤ Colt M4A1 rifle

    ➤ Pliers
    ➤ Canteen
    ➤ Gas Mask
    ➤ Binoculars
    ➤ Toothbrush
    ➤ Black plate carrier
  7. Occupation
  8. Affiliation
    The highest bidder



"Let's make a deal.."

Born in Houston, Texas, Kilian is the heir to an empire founded by a bloodline of outlaws and rebels. The Blackwater family first started their business during the roaring 1920s, taking advantage of the profit that could be made during the prohibition. As time progressed, they earned a reputation within the criminal underworld as smugglers of all sorts, helping supply people of all backgrounds with weapons and all other manners of illegal contraband. During the 60s, the family established a legitimate shipping company that would become a front for an empire of smuggling. Initially the business was used to covertly transport weapons to revolutionaries in Ireland but in the aftermath of the 1969 splintering of the I.R.A., the family stopped supplying what was left of the cells as they had broken up into factions. Instead they began to smuggle across the border into Mexico but remained in contact with the more traditional republicans.

Eventually the Blackwaters became known simply as “The Family”. Establishing themselves as a “household” name within the criminal underworld. They sold weapons all over the Americas, especially during the height of the war on drugs. When Kilian became older, he personally began to oversee the shipments into Central and South America, but eventually the organization wanted to branch out and re-establish connections in Europe.

In 2009, a small civil war broke out in a small Eastern European country known as Chernarus. Seeing the opportunity to hopefully establish contacts, Kilian traveled to the war-torn country. The civil war was quickly squashed, but he was able to contact NAPA guerillas. The network however took years to establish. As the network grew, Kilian’s needs for a larger security team expanded as well. Searching for those with military experience, he added a man who went by the alias Bowman. Eventually Bowman established connections with other European organizations, becoming a liaison for The Family’s Eastern European market.

In 2017 an infection swept across the world. Originating in Cherrnarus, Kilian and Bowman were overseeing a shipment of weapons. In the chaos the two were separated, with Bowman with the senior security operatives. Kilian attempted to flee but was met with a military naval blockade. Forced to dock he and his crew decided to try and wait until the situation blew over... But it never did... 

As the days turned into weeks, weeks into months, the military blockades fell. Kilian and his crew began using their ship to raid the coastline. During their raids, they attempted to find Bowman and the other mercenaries but found little luck. Some years passed before a transmission from Bowman was heard by what remained of Kilian's crew. The crew scavenged enough fuel and provisions and sailed down the coastline to South Zagoria in hopes of finding more men for the return home to the Taviana, but Kilian was met with an unpleasant surprise.

Adventuring into mainland South Zagoria, Kilian was able to establish radio contact with an asset that could lead to Bowman, however when he met with Bowman’s associate, he could not provide the information he sought. Not wanting to leave Bowman behind, Kilian set out to find any information he could. Eventually he was able to track down one of his safe houses. In the safe-house Kilian found a hidden journal belonging to Bowman, through reading he learned some of his past and the fate of his head of security...

*W.I.P. - Subject to Change - W.I.P.*



(Red names = link to character / group page)

- Kilian hears a broadcast from an associate he knew from before the outbreak. The broadcast originated from the South Zagoria oblast. He sails down the coastline and takes a smaller boat to the mainland.

- Kilian enters South Zagoria and makes contact with "Moses",  Georgie, and Dominik, people that he was made aware of in the broadcast sent by his associate. After meeting the four come to an agreement on a deal first established by "Bowman". They will look for Bowman while gathering weapons, food, and gasoline to leave Chernarus on Kilian's smuggling ship.

- Kilian departs from the group to investigate "Bowman's" whereabouts. 

- After investigating a series of safe-houses, he finds "Bowman's" journal. He learns that an actor from an outside organization was tracking his movements. Through clues left behind it is learned that a final confrontation took place, resulting in "Bowman's" death.

- After finding that Bowman has perished, he finds no reason to leave South Zagoria and take a dangerous journey across the world. He informs Dominik of Bowman's death and opts to stay in Chernarus.

- Kilian sends a broadcast to Bowman's crew, stating that he will be on the outskirts of the region in order to establish connections with other parties.

- Several months later Kilian returns and learns that Dominik has begun working with a group of smugglers. 

- Kilian departs to ensure his boat is well within working order.

- Weeks pass, Kilian returns again and makes contact with Dominik and attempts to convince him to let him in on the smuggling ring.

- While looking for supplies to investigate a contaminated military zone, Kilian encounters a group of slavers. Before the slavers take him he sends a radio broadcast to Dominik and "Moses" and tells them to leave the area. Kilian is then taken hostage.

- After being taken Kilian is forced to do hard labor. He eventually proves himself and as a result he is put in charge of other slaves. He beats them when necessary and informs the ringleader if a slave is acting out.

- After some time passes Kilian is given his freedom and a choice. Leave or stay and work as a freeman for the group who enslaved him. Seeing an opportunity to establish valuable contacts within a strong organization he agrees to stay with the slaver crew and is promoted to a foreman like position.



╳  Make contact with the asset. [Completed]

╳ Discover the whereabouts of "Bowman" [Completed]

╳  Retrieve weapons, ammunition, fuel and food provisions for the return to Taviana. [Altered]

╳  Locate Bowman's killer, discover why he was killed, and what organization his killer belongs to. [Ongoing]

╳ Establish a network of mercenaries and contraband dealers throughout the South Zagorian region. [Ongoing]



"Bowman" [Dead]

Anarchy (Group) [Active]

Vultures (Group) [Active]


The Assassin [Unknown]


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