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Jared Miller
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1991-09-16 (28 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Nevada, United States
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Miranda Miller (Ex-Wife)


  1. Height
    188 cm
  2. Weight
    96 kg
  3. Build
    Athletic and Built
  4. Hair
    Dark Brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  7. Occupation




Name: Jared "Six" Miller
Age: 28
Birthplace: Nevada, United States
Group affiliation: Unknown


"War does not determine who is right, Only who is left."

- Bertrand Russell
Mosul, Iraq. - 5 Years Before Takistan

Name: Lieutenant Jared "Six" Miller

Unit: 2-3 MAR USMC

Unit Identification Code: M94430

"Hang in there, Hendricks!" Jared kicked open a rotten wooden door to what appeared to be an abandoned household. His handgun was raised in his right hand while Hendricks had his right arm hooked around Jared's left shoulder. Quickly rushing over towards the wooden table, he sets Hendricks down, sliding his handgun into it's holster before reaching over to tear off the wounded soldier's tactical vest. There was a large gunshot wound in his right side which Jared wasted no time in placing his hands on to apply pressure, attempting to stop the bleeding.

"Jared...It's okay..." Hendricks said as his right hand came up to grab Jared's left forearm, his thumb brushing along the man's skin before gently dropping his hand, leaving a bloody hand print on Jared's uniform. The man's eyes began to dwell upwards, rolling into the back of his head before he finally let out a soft final breathe.

"Hendricks! Stay with me!" Jared kept his hands on Hendricks's wound as he stared into the man's eyes. He was in denial but he knew there was no point in attempting to save him, he was already gone. Jared's jaw somewhat dropped. He retracted his hands, bringing his right hand up around Hendricks's collar, fetching his dog tags before yanking them off. He held them in his hand for a moment, staring at them.

R. D. O Neg

"I'd seen death before, from afar. But killing the enemy through the scope of a rifle is one thing, it's a whole different story when you have to watch someone die in your arms."

Cincinnati, Ohio - 3 Years Before Takistan

"When all your rely on one person for all your happiness, you have all your eggs in one basket and the world is filled with wolves and wolves love to eat eggs."

Jared's right hand shook uncontrollably in shock as it hovered over the doorknob to his house. He closed his eyes and it felt like all his time serving was literally being re-lived in seconds; death, destruction, change, gunshots. All of it was just flashing through his mind before his eyes opened up again. He was wearing a white t-shirt and his standard uniform pants with his black leather combat boots, his pants were tucked into. A duffle bag over his left shoulder with all his things in it. He finally made a move and turned the doorknob to open the door, pushing it open. He took four steps inside and dropped his duffle bag to the floor, looking around.

He saw his wedding portrait of him and his wife. They both wore white smiles and seemed rather happy together, even he gave a meek smile at the sight of her in the picture but an even bigger smile was awaiting her in person. He looked around some more before his eyes fell to the side bench at the front door where the shoes were left. There was a pair of unfamiliar shoes there, men's sneakers. His heart dropped, his fists clenched and he made his way over to their bedroom.

"Miranda!?" There was no answer when he called for her as he practically broke into a jog, kicking the bedroom door open. There she was in bed, with another man. The amount of anger and rage that went through him as he walked over, yanked the bed sheets off to reveal both their naked bodies. The man in the bed slipping on his boxers as he made an attempt to flee but Jared grabbed him by the throat and pinned him up against the wall.

"Jared stop!" Miranda came up from behind him and started slamming her fists into his back. Jared finally bashed the man's head against the wall he was pinned to, before letting him drop. The man started coughing uncontrollably as he held his throat. Now Jared was about to unleash on Miranda as he shoved her back.

"How long have you been doing this to me!? Is it because I was gone for so long!? Why not file for a divorce!?" With each question came a stronger shove backwards, Miranda couldn't answer but she was in tears and her face was beat red. Then came the final shove before she fell backwards, banging the back of her head on the corner of the bedframe, then down to the ground. Unresponsive. Jared's own face was red, a vein piercing across the left side of his neck as he stared down at Miranda. He found it odd she wasn't moving and merely dropped to his right knee.

"Miranda?" He asked, he seemed somewhat concerned and alarmed as his hands grabbed her shoulders to lift her up into his arms. The man behind him seemed somewhat startled and shocked, he was very quietly trying to make his way out but Jared's right hand slipped to it's holster and he drew his handgun pointing it towards the man's center mass.

"GET THE FUCK BACK AGAINST THAT WALL, I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU." He said trying to fight back the tears as his hand came over to Miranda's cheek, brushing it softly with his thumb before moving stray strands of hair out of her face. She was dead, there was no breathing that could be heard and her pulse wasn't present. Jared laid her back down before slowly standing up with the gun in his right hand, walking over to the man who sat against the wall patiently but in reality was absolutely scared senseless. Jared pointed the gun towards the man's face and didn't even second think before pulling the trigger. The bullet pierced through his eye, painting the wall behind him in crimson.

Jared put safely removed the magazine and pulled the slider back with his left hand, cocking the chamber twice, turned the safety on and dropped the handgun on the floor. He made his way back over to Miranda, dropping to both knees this time, holding her in his arms. He was in shock but eventually the reality of it all kicked in and he began to cry and cry. He pressed his forehead against hers and his chest began to cave as he heaved heavily, attempting to regain his composure but he couldn't. Police sirens could be heard roaring outside the house and since the front door was never closed two sets of footsteps could be heard walking in.


"CPD! Anyone here!?" An officer shouted out before making her way into the bedroom, her gun already drawn as she aimed it at Jared who slowly set Miranda back down and placed his hands on his head.

"I killed them both..." he said with some moderate tears running down his eyes. The female officer froze a moment as she seemed in shock by the state of the room before quickly placing both his hands behind his back and pinned him to the floor, putting handcuffs on him, his face turned to the side as it stared into Miranda's eyes. He was pulled back up and brought over towards the cop cruiser outside, being placed in the back.

"We've got a double homicide at 1137 Juniper Garden Crescent, any available units respond.." The officer spoke on her radio and got plenty of different chatter back but at this point Jared's hearing was blurred as he just thought about what had just happened.

Cincinnati Court - 2 Years Before Takistan

"Mister Miller for the murder of Devin Walsh, how do you plead?" The judge asked in front of the courtroom as Jared stood up with handcuffs around his wrists.

"Guilty, Your Honor." He said staring into the judge's eyes. The man merely nodded and looked down at his papers before speaking again.

"And for the murder of your wife Miranda Miller, how do you plead?" The judge asked letting his glasses slide down the bridge of his nose as his pen was in hand.

"Guilty, Your Honor." Jared spoke again before sitting back down, staring at his feet.

"Right then, for the murder of Devin Walsh, this court hereby sentences you to 25 years with no available request to parole. For the murder of your wife, Miranda Miller. this court hereby sentences you to an additional 25 years limited to an 8 year serving time before parole. If you understand these terms, you..."

The Judges voice faded out as Jared stared down at his wrists. Taking a slow deep breathe before nodding in acknowledgement.

Madison Correctional Institute - Transfer Day
The loud sound of a cell door buzzing was heard from Jared's cell as he was awoken from his nap, jumping forward slightly and flailing his limbs as he turned to sit upright in his bunk. His hands came up to his face and he began to rub his features to try and wake himself from his deeper slumber before standing up and slowly making his way towards his cell door where a guard approached him.

"Miller, you got a visitor."

"If it's not my mother or sister, then send them back home."

"I think you might want to talk with them." the guard spoke in a suggestive tone before leaning towards him to speak in a softer voice. "If you want out of this place, they're offering you one at a cost." He said before clicking his tongue and patting Jared on the shoulder.

Jared was admittedly skeptical about the guards words but followed through and decided to follow him to Visitation. The room was entirely empty aside from a woman in a blazer, sunglasses clipped into her dress shirt. She was accompanied by two men in black suits as well, seemed almost like FBI level professionalism. Jared furrowed his brow and took a seat opposite the woman as he looked around the room at the cameras before looking back towards her.

"I heard you're here to get me out?"

"Not quite. I can offer you a reduced sentence Mister Miller, although it will come at a large cost." The woman said as she slid her right hand into her blazer, producing a small folder along with a pack of cigarettes. "Want one? You may need it, before you look through the contents." she said as she stuck one between her own lips and nodded towards the folder.

Jared looked up at her skeptically but accepted, his right hand came up to pluck it between his fingers as he stuck it before his lips, dipping his head forward as she lit the end for him before lighting her own. He then picked up the folder and began to flip through it, although various lines of the dossier were blacked out.

"Let's wind the clocks back 5 years, Mosul, Iraq. You served under Captain Arthur Ames, is that correct?"

Jared gave a few subtle nods as he shakily took a drag of his cigarette while still scanning through the contents of the folder.

"Well Captain Ames, has personally requested you by name to help him on this operation in Takistan. We've informed him that you are currently a prisoner of the State but that we could arrange for you to be deployed if you accept our deal. This mission is important and if Captain Ames is requesting you by name, then you must show promise of some kind, though I will tell you right now. You will be wearing an ankle monitor for the entire duration of this Operation to ensure you don't attempt to flea and become a fugitive. Upon your return, you will only have to serve eight more years. Compared to the long forty-three years that you have left, rotting in this place." She took a long drag from her cigarette and leaned back in her chair before gesturing towards the folder. "All you have to do is say yes."

Jared slowly looked up from the folder that had hidden his face for the duration of the conversation, he dropped the folder on the table and nodded a few times. Putting the cigarette out onto the metal table.





"I want to remind you that this operation is off the books, hence the civilian clothing. We're here to gather information on what's been going on between the Nationalist Party of Chernarus and the IST. We're not here to interfere whatsoever, we clear?"

"Yes, sir. Understood." Jared said nonchalantly as he looked down at the ankle monitor on his left leg.

"Hey, don't worry about that thing. Give it a day and then you won't even realize it's there." The Captain said in a tone of encouragement.

Jared didn't seem to take his words to mind as he continued to stare at it before looking out the window of their van, they began to pull into an alleyway and unpack their essentials. The Captain made his way to the back of the van and opened the doors before letting everyone out.

"Stretch your legs, we got about a month to learn the terrain, the language and prepare. So in the meantime, get crackin'. I'll see you boys back here at eight sharp, we'll grab some grub then."

Hearing those words made Jared feel at ease, he may have been in a third world country that was in the middle of a war, but he preferred it over being in a cell. He spent that entire month doing what was asked of him, but life seemed to have a funny way of throwing him off his course. He met a woman by the name of Katya, they spent a whole week together just learning about one another. For some reason, she was not afraid of Jared's past and was in fact fairly supportive of it, she was from Chernarus and explained to him that the things he did weren't good but that she understood the reasoning behind them. Luckily, the Operation was stationed by the coast, so Jared could take Katya to the beach without any issues and even got a chance to take pictures with her. He was happy for the first time in a very long time.

Though as much as he hated it, time flew by like it was nothing and that month was quickly over. Now came the action of his operation and he had to cut all ties with Katya, but explained to her that they would see each other again some day. She didn't seem convinced and he knew his words didn't sound convincing but maybe it was for the best that he remained alone as he didn't want to carry the burden of being a murderer and having that thought gnaw in the back of her head for the rest of her life if she stayed with him.

It had been a few months now since initial deployment and there had been a steady incline of riots on the street due to the Chernarussian and Russian feud, Jared and Captain Ames were on a tracking assignment and were in the middle of following an important asset in a crowded street. They had to practically shove people aside to get through and as they did, Jared heard a scream of agony come from behind him. He turned to look back at Captain Ames and saw a man biting at his right forearm. A crazed look in the man's eyes, though also a particular discoloration. Without even thinking, Jared drew his handgun and put a bullet in the man's temple which he soon realized was a mistake as the rest of the crowd dropped to the floor or began to run as panic ensued.

"We need to get you back to the Van and get that patche-" before he could finish his sentence, they began to take fire by automatic rifles. Causing them to disperse into a nearby alley. It was even worse now as they had to run through various alleys and streets to avoid the gunfire coming from behind them and on the nearby balconies of the clay-built homes. Jared was helping the Captain throughout most of the way as there seemed to be significant symptoms showing. The Captain's skin grew paler by the minute and sweating profusely. They were lucky enough to get back to the van and Jared put him in the back before hopping into the driver's seat to make a speedy escape.

Jared pulled the van over on the side of a dirt road, they were just on the outskirts of the coastal city. He hopped out of the driver seat, waving his right hand back and forth as dust and sand flew in the air due to the van driving through the road. He made his way towards the back doors. Pulling them open, he sighed softly before looking around then back to the contents of the van.

"Alright, Arthur we're-What the fuck!" Captain Ames leaned up and his face was completely pale, his eyes were the same as the man's that had bit him earlier. He began to gargle crawl towards Jared who in return slammed the door shut and backed away from it. His heart was racing and his eyes wide as a deer in headlights, he had no idea what he had just witnessed. He decided that at this point, he was no longer safe. Although he had never seen it before, he knew this was some kind of virus or disease and whatever it was, the Captain had it. His first decision was to try and get a hold of Command on his radio but to no avail. It was as if the entire country had shut down in the span of a few hours.

Jared made the decision to put down Ames as he knew there was no other way he could lure him out of the van and drive off, he needed to deal with the situation at hand. He grabbed his tactical shotgun from off the floor and slid back the pump with his right hand before taking a deep breathe, cocking it back forward. His left hand now reaching out quickly to yank the door open before backing away from it. Watching the now infected Ames rush at him like a lion for it's prey. Jared pulled the trigger and blew off the Captain's head like a watermelon, his brain matter and blood splattered all across the dirt and the back of the van, some even going into the van itself.

"Shit..." was all he could muster as he brought the back of his left hand up to his nose to try and compose himself while holding the midsection of the shotgun in his right hand, returning to the van. He tossed the shotgun into the passenger seat and just looked down at the steering wheel for what felt like hours but was more likely only a few minutes. His right hand lowered to the keys in the ignition and he stared up the van, driving forward to god-knows-where.




Jared grunted softly as he climbed over a large steep hill, when he finally got to the top, it was just pure forest. He sighed softly and stared into the distance as he looked over to his dog Scout who stood next to him, his right hand lowering to pet the dog on the head gently. Scout was wearing what appeared to be a ballistic K-9 Harness with some small side pouches, clearly it could carry some weight. He smiled a bit as he overlooked the ridge, staring out into the distance, it was the city. Quite a bit had changed since the start, including the buildings which were now mostly covered in vines.

"Scout! Get back here!" He said with a heavily panting tone as he sprinted to catch up to her.

As they made their way inside the demolished city, there was something about the place that seemed all too eery. The infected still roamed but not as much of a horde as when this all first started. While they continued to walk, he heard Scout barking. She quickly ran off and of course, Jared being so attached to his canine companion, he ran after her. He sprinted four streets down before watching Scout bolt off into an alley where he quickly followed himself yet again only to come to a halt. Scout was growling as she got into an attack pose as her teeth began to show, Jared drew his .308 Hunting Rifle, there were four men dressed in various different mismatched clothing. They almost looked like homeless people from back in the day as they all turned around in sync, pointing their assault rifles at both Jared and Scout.

Jared held his hands up, holding his rifle in his right hand as he tilted his head slightly before very slowly lowering onto his right knee to place the rifle on the ground. As he did, he heard another two people walk up behind him and sighed softly through his nostrils, closing his eyes as he felt a barrel press up to the back of his head.

"You. Who is." A disgruntled sounding man huffed out, the way he spoke didn't sound right. He had a thick eastern accent.

"I'm nobody, just passing through the city...I don't mean any trouble, my dog just found you guys..." He said as his eyes remained closed, he could feel his heart racing, was this it for Scout and him? Suddenly his knees buckled as he was struck in the back of the head and left unconscious.

Jared woke up with the back of his head throbbing in pain, his eyes had troubles opening up as he saw the silhouette of a woman in front of him. She placed her hand on him and began to gently stroke his chest as her voice spoke to him in a calming tone.

"You're okay...Just rest..." She said before placing her hand on his cheek and she began to brush her thumb along it softly. He went in and out of consciousness quite a few times before blacking out completely.

He woke up again to the sound of someone shouting in a foreign language, it was distant and since he was still in a state of fogginess from waking up, it was sort of background noise to him. He felt a different sensation under him, it was a mattress and his eyes opened slowly, analyzing the room he was in. It appeared to be an old medical tent with a bunch of hospital equipment in it, he was hooked up to an IV bag which he quickly ripped out of his arm, looking around as he climbed off the hospital bed. He almost fell to his knees but recovered quickly as he leaned onto a nearby table, making his way outside, he had to lift the tarp like flap door and outside he was. The sunlight burning his eyes as he lifted his right hand up to block the light shining into his face, squinting as he could clearly hear the voice now.

"Dobrý den, You must be G.I Joe, ano?" the man asked in a playful tone.

"G.I Joe? What? What'd you mean by that?"

"Scouts tell me they found military documents on you. So G.I Joe is new nickname." the man patted Jared's chest with the back of his left hand.

"Oh, um..Right. Listen, I need to head East, I heard there's an airstrip there that has a functional plane. They're offering rides back to America? My home? Far from here--"

"Ano, ano. I may not speak good english, but I understand it, no need to speak to me like idiot, bratr, okay? Yes, I can arrange convoy to bring you to the boarder but no further, we do not venture into South Zegoria, it is dangerous place. We do not trust, too many foreigners." the man said with an almost distasteful tone.

"Right, well I'm just trying to go home, so I appreciate this gesture." he said with a nod as he offered his hand to the Chernarussian man, the handshake was returned with a firm grip before releasing his hand. Jared casually slid his hands into his jacket pockets as he began to walk around the small camp to search for Scout when he happened to notice three kids playing with her, smiling softly as he approached them. An older woman sat in a chair knitting, she seemed to be overlooking the children as they played with the dog by the campfire. She offered Jared a small but invitational smile which he felt inclined to accept.

"I see Scout has made some new friends here." he said as he approached and knelt down next to the old woman. Though noted she didn't answer him, most likely because she couldn't speak english which made the conversation just that much awkward. Though the woman did point the to crate behind her which just by a quick glance, Jared noticed his rifle and backpack sitting on the crate. He was quick to stand up and grab his gear when another woman approached him, the same one from earlier that had taken care of him.

"Are you leaving so soon?" she asked as she stood there, folding her arms across her chest.

"Yes, I need to get home as soon as possible to contact my government." he said with a purse of his lips

"I understand..." the woman said in an almost defeated tone.

"You guys can keep the dog as well, she's travelled a long ways with me, had her since almost the start of this infection. She's smart and she knows how to hunt, so maybe your scouting party can use her well." he said with a brief smile before walking past the woman, shouldering his rifle by the strap. He made his way up towards the exit of the camp where 4 men were gathered by an off-roader of sorts. One of them was working on the hood and the three others seemed to be conversing but quickly stopped when Jared got in earshot.

"Ahoj, we leave in five minutes, get in back of car." One of the men said, the smell of his morning cigarette still pungent in his breathe. Jared didn't rebuttal and just opened the car door before settling inside, he closed the door as soon as he was in and rested his head against the window. Soon he drifted off to sleep.


Jared was awoken very suddenly by the car rattling and bumping, his head smacking rather hard against the window causing him to wince in pain and instinctively bring his left hand up to his forehead. Before he could even ask what was going on, the door on his side opened and he was pulled out forcefully and thrown onto the muddy floor. When he glanced up, he was in a forest of sorts and there appeared to be snow. It must've been up in the mountains as there was a certain breeze but all those observations were quickly stopped when he was held at knife point by one of the men that was in the car with him. He stood up slowly and rose his hands up, rocking his jaw back and forth in a sarcastic manner.

"Right...Take it Easy..."
It seemed now matter what, Jared was constantly finding himself in life threatening situations, even before the infection had started. This just proved to be another as he carefully lowered his gun and reached to slip on his jacket, trying to display to the chernarussian men that he was not going to be a threat. Though as he did so, he began to look around and put on a certain front, hoping they wouldn't read through it as he spoke.

"Listen, I didn't give you guys the whole truth about me...I'm actually a spy. Right now I have probably thirty soldiers locked in on our location--"

"Bullshit." One of the men cut him off. Though Jared called back on his bluff by lifting his pant leg to reveal his ankle monitor, hoping those didn't exist in the country.


"That thing on my ankle is a tracker, to let them know where I am. The reason I needed this ride was to escape them, but they have trucks too, so I have been trying to get ahead of them, I suggest you run before they gun you down. They need me alive but you guys, pfft. Collateral damage." he said nonchalantly trying to double down on the bluff. Which by the looks of it, was creating doubt in their minds as they looked at each other, giving Jared a chance to catch the one with the knife off-guard as he swiped it from his hand and put the man into a hostage situation by holding the blade up to his throat from behind.

"Alright, now listen. I want you to run directly south of here. I know none of you got guns and mine's still on the floor and if I see any of you try to go for it. I'll slit his throat, so if you all want him to live, you'll listen to me." he spoke in an authoritative tone and it didn't even take a second thought for them to run downhill in a full sprint as if their lives depended on it. Meanwhile the man he held with the knife to his throat was thrown to the grown, Jared quickly going to grab his rifle as he pointed it at him.

"Tie yourself up with your belt." he said as he slid the knife into his back pocket, glancing into the car window to check if the keys were still in the ignition but unfortunately they weren't. The man he had hostage was quick to unbuckle his belt and tie it around his wrists in a sloppy knot but enough to keep him restrained. Jared then looked down at the man again with a grin and couldn't help but chuckle.

"Looks like your friends abandoned you."

"Ano, for now, until they come back and I gut you like pig--"

"How do you figure?" Jared said as he cut him off.


"I said 'How do you figure?' as in, what makes you think that's going to happen?" He slid his rifle onto his back as he steered down at the man in a smug manner.

"Because you haven't killed me." the man spoke as he struggled with his restraints.

"Oh, I'm gonna shoot you, I'm just waitin' for them to be far enough so I can get a headstart when they hear the gunshot." Jared rose both his eyebrows as he said this and then slid his rifle off his back, aiming down the iron sight and pulling the trigger without even a single second of hesitation. The loud crack of a gunshot echoed through the dead winter forest as birds began to fly out of their nests out of fear. Jared held up his rifle, pointing it in the sky as he stared down at the dead chernarussian before taking his leave, sliding it onto his back and breaking into a sprint. He slid his left hand into his jacket pocket and pulled out a compass which pointed East.

To South Zegoria.







Love these graphics! 

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Daryl T Moss


This man sounds familiar... I believe isaw him delivering packages...


I cannot wait to meet you in game!

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23 hours ago, Daryl T Moss said:

This man sounds familiar... I believe isaw him delivering packages...


I cannot wait to meet you in game!

Thanks man won't be for a lil while 🙂

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