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Lilianna Grey
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1999-09-12 (20 years old)


  1. Height
    174 cm
  2. Weight
    58 kg
  3. Hair
  4. Eyes
  5. Affiliation







Lilianna was born and raised in Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada. She grew up in a family where all her parents cared about was work. Every day they were either absent or too busy with business to care that she even existed. Her life was filled with constant disappointment and multiple babysitters who attempted to step in as her ‘parental figure’. However, no one stuck around in Lilianna’s life long enough to ever be an influence. So as she got older, she kept to herself. She didn’t want to get close to anyone in fear that she would just be disappointed or left alone.

As she grew older, she became more rebellious. Acting out in ways to get attention from peers, teachers, her parents and even strangers. Multiple detentions, suspensions and even a threat to be expelled didn’t cause her parents to even blink an eye.


During her first year of highschool, life had changed for her. Of course, the rebellious side still stuck however now she had a purpose. Mischief and violence became an everyday life for her when she was recruited by a local gang by the name of 856. She finally had a family, people that would take care of it. They had been around prior to her entering highschool but had disbanded for a short time, she had just entered high they had begun to start to remake a name for themselves in several different locations across western Canada.

In her early days in the gang, it simply consisted of selling drugs, vandalism and just petty theft. As she grew older, things got a bit more serious. Guns became involved.

In 2016, the gang became rivals with the notorious Hells Angels, in which Lily and two of the other members fled to Ireland, seeking to get out of the chaos of the gang life. She had only gone because the two had become her closest friends, her family. Liam, one of the members, had family in Ireland. That was were Lilianna would finish off her last bit of schooling.


She didn’t spend much time in Ireland, just over a year. There she learned of their culture and enjoyed it. Her gang life however was now over, so her and the two others decided just to continue their rebellious actions as individuals. She got into trouble a few times but nothing major. They attempted to sell drugs, but eventually realized that the Irish gang scene was too dangerous for them as youth to handle alone.

In March 2017, she received word that her father was in a place called Chernarus. Her mother apparently had passed away and her father had moved there with no explanation. She didn’t bother to use that information until the outbreak in July 2017 began.

When the outbreak occurred, for whatever reason she sought out her father. It had taken her awhile to finally find her way to Chernarus but she had – with the help of several different people.


Chernarus wasn’t like she expected. She as also surprised when she found her father to see what he had been involved in. Her father had been involved in the slave trade, something she found rather interesting. It was then that she met a man by the name of Falk.

This man felt more like a father than her own father did. Even here. Lilianna found her father back to his old ways, caring more about his ‘work’ than her own existence. It didn’t take long before Falk’s influences had gotten to her head.

Eventually an opportunity came, when her father made it clear the only reason he kept her around was as a benefit to him. Having a pretty daughter came with its benefits. It was in that moment that Lilianna considered her own blood dead to her. She took the chance and ended up killing her own father, before he had the chance to fuck her life up even more.

After that, she continued to hang around Falk and learn from the man. He knew his stuff and again, he felt like more of a father than her own.

The last year and a bit she had been off doing different things, keeping a low profile and keeping herself hidden for the most part. She was always around however when needed by Falk or when he had a task for her. She kept herself busy.

It wasn’t that long ago that she received a radio message from him, speaking about the return of Anarchy – a group that he knew she’d fit right into.


Returning to South Zagoria, she quickly found her place within Anarchy. Once again, she had a family, just like back in her younger youth days. This time, she didn’t intend on turning her back against them nor did she intend on losing them.











Everyone else




Tiger Tattoo - Upper left thigh

Compass  - Right Wrist









Play Dirty • 





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Star bucks type of girl 

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