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Ragnar Magnusson
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    2000-04-14 (19 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    iclandic and english
  8. Family
    Halldór - brother (Missing) Magnús - father (Dead) Anna - Mother (Dead)
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    210 cm
  2. Weight
    125 kg
  3. Build
    Thick and muscular
  4. Hair
    long brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    hands scared
  7. Occupation
    bounty hunter


15. August. 1997.
My brother, Halldór Magnússon was born
14. March. 2000.
I, Ragnar Magnússon was born
16. November. 2001.
Our mother, Anna Ísfold Kobeinsdóttir Dies in a car accident and our father does his best to keep us off the streets.
3. September. 2003. - 19. December. 2013.
School isn't easy when you're always moving from town to town, being the new kid and all. especially in christian schools, kids there despised Heathens so there were always fights. The other kid often had a knife but my brother was never afraid of going bare fist in a knife fight, though he always ended up with a new scar, his hands were usually covered in bandages, and I always had his back
20. December. 2013.
Our father ended up in a gang-related accident. He was shot a few times in front of us and told us to get the fuck out of here. So we ran out of there and into the city, Reykjavík.
21. December. 2013 - 16. July. 2017.
The first few months weren't easy and we barely managed. We survive the winter and got our selfs involved in some bounty hunting. we were very successful, we had enough to buy food pay for shelter and make extra just in case. We started to make some reputation for ourselves and finally got a trustworthy contractor. He becomes our contractor for the next few years.
17. July. 2017. - 24. January. 2018
Our contractor gets a bit stressed, so I ask what's wrong, he says that his source is starting to lose a lot of control. Says he lost contact with his men and might need our help soon. A few months pass and he calls us to meet him. When we get there we see him sweating profusely and says that he lost all communication with his source then asks us to go east and check what happened and help if able, says we would be rewarded enough to retire. We accept, but of course, we needed to prepare for anything. A month passes as we pack our stuff and take the next plane to Sweden. It was very hard to find someone to fly us. Everyone seemed scared of going just about anywhere. No idea why.
25. January. 2018. - ?
Everything is in chaos in Sweden, so we go to the next auto shop to see everything was closed off, so we knocked on his door and a man peaks "What do you want!" we ask him if he has any cars for sale, he says a few but they are all very expensive, we buy the car anyway and head north through Finland. The whole way back felt wrong in so many ways, empty cars on the road a lot of them crashed some of them off-road, smoke coming from everywhere, etc. and this goes on forever. We pass Finland and get to Russia, when we finally arrive in Moscow we stare in awe as whole buildings have fallen, people walking like they had the longest workday and some of them eating the others of the ground, a lot of them start running after our car. "What the actual fuck just happened here". We find our destination and take a look around. The building is empty and looks like there was a big fight between a lot of people here. out of nowhere, my brother falls to the ground unconscious. I take a look behind me and I see a man who threw a huge rock at my brother. I become furious and chase after him, taking him down and kicking him for it. I run back to my brother and there are people kneeled down about to take a bite. I kick them away and crush them but looks like they already took a chunk off his left chest and shoulder. I pick him up and get to the car. it's in flames, "Fuck!" I look around for the nearest hospital and luckly it wasn't too far. I go over the barricades and call for help. no one answers, I take him upstairs and try to bandage him the best way I can. then in comes a man in a lab-coat and tells me he can help. he hooks him up to some saltwater and mends his wounds. we stay there for a few days until the doctor says he can't supply us for much longer and that we need to leave soon. I nod and ask if I could have an extra bag just in case, he accepts and gives me a wheelchair to carry him. day later I pick up my brother and we leave the town.
Armed men walk up to us, start talking Russian and give hand gestures to follow them, so I follow them into big house witch seems unaffected by the chaos. A man walks up to me, he fits the description of the man we were looking for, he asks what we are doing here and I answer that we came here by our contractor because he lost contact with him. He smiles and laughs then says we can rest easy now that I've found him, he then asks if i would join him on a boat ride and I accept. we go to the black sea on a small fishing boat and taking my brother with me and he took one of his men. we were sailing and talking then from his jacket he pulls a gun on me my first reaction was to jump on one side of the boat making him lose his balance, I dash closer to him and break his arm holding the gun and throwing him at the other man knocking him of the boat, a bullet had passed through the man and into my shoulder knocking myself of... Next thing I know I'm on a beach somewhere.


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