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Simon Foloran
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1987-12-11 (32 years old)
  2. Languages


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    85 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes


Simon was trying to make ends meet while working as a Nurse at a public Hospital in Nurember, Germany. He was living in a semi-stable state, if a bit stressful, but stable, trying to spend his free time reading up on Anatomy, Healing practices and Biology so he can one day take the Entrance exam and get enrolled in the Friedrich-Alexander University of Medicine. The man was a timid one, to him, caring for others seemed like a worthwhile effort, seeing as he had been caring for his sick mother, for 3 years before she passed away.

He had been cleaning up after his usual shift when news of some local conflict came up in a region called Chernarus, South of the Black mountains in Eastern Europe. Gruesome depictions of air raids, bombings and Russians fighting Chernarussians came up. Simon saw people in great pain, being rushed to hospitals already filled to the brim with the broken and infected. The media said the conflict has been ongoing and there was no sure way to know when it would stop.

Something within the images shown on TV sparked an air of compassion in Simon's heart. He figured he could do more there, than in the hospital. Simon packed up what meager possessions he had, said goodbye to his roommate Jeff and hastily set out to the airport. He was told that there are no flights to Chernarus available, because of the dangerous activity going on. Simon bought a ticket to the nearest available airport with the hopes of hitching with some relief group on the way to the war zone.

After arriving, he kept asking around any bus station, any taxi service, if they could transport him to Berezino, Cherno or Elektrozavodsk to no avail, before meeting by chance with some enthusiasts at a local bar, who were talking about some kind of infection spreading and wanting to go report it to the world.

A few awkward conversations later, Simon had a spot in their mini-bus and was on his way to Chernarus. There were very few cars heading in their direction, with most going away from Chernarus in large areas causing massive traffic jams. The newly acquired friends seemed to know their way around an area full of strife, seeing as they navigated off-roads to avoid checkpoints or bluntly bribing local guards with booze or money, so they'd be let through. In most cases the guards usually let them through with a sentiment of "It's your funeral".

Confused, they kept travelling, with a few stops here and there to gather information. The infection had spread. Rapidly. There were massive waves of infected running through any military encampment, civilian zone or farmlands with no issue. Fear set a seed in his heart and Simon started feeling a sense of regret for having come here. But seeing those people fleeing, tortured by exhaustion, broken and injured, seemingly reinvigorated Simon's belief that he could do some good.

So he did what he could, travelling with the fellows who picked him up before, using his knowledge to give first aid to any who need it, until eventually they came to a point where they could drive no further. It was at the outskirts of a town called Kamenka. The gang got out and had a look around. Absolutely abandoned, half destroyed and full of the smell of decay, the whole scene was very grim. Bodies lay on the ground, with some lanky figures shambling around like ghosts. One of the figures turned towards them and burst into a sprint.

Luckily, the co-pilot had his gun out already and after screaming for the figure to stop, shot it multiple times with his pistol. The infected man fell to the ground with a sick gurgle in his throat. Before the gang could relax, several screeches filled the air notifying them that shooting the previous man might have been a terrible idea.

As multiple figures appeared out from around houses and yards, the enthusiasts all grabbed what weapons they could from their mini-bus with the driver running up to Simon, shoving a pistol and a magazine into his hands and shouting "RUN FOR THE HILLS!"

Simon didn't ask twice, for danger was but a breath away. He took the firearm and ran straight for the trees towards the hill. As he ran he heard screams and shots from behind. He hoped he was doing the right thing by running. He was hoping that he didn't leave his new friends to die. He was hoping he'd figure out how the safety works on this pistol before the infected catch up to him...

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