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Jaemin Kim
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Paranoid, Emotionally numb
  3. Morale
    neutral, numb when experiences lows but even with highs
  4. Date of birth
    1985-11-05 (34 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Texas, USA
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Some Korean
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    168 cm
  2. Weight
    75 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
    Dark Brown
  6. Features
    Small scar on side of head, visible when hair is short. No other defining scars, and very few tattoos located on torso.
  7. Equipment
    Carries a Crowbar whenever possible. Always quick to obtain food and water and medical, even when supplies are plentiful. Other than that, no real special piece of equipment. If possible, he will carry bolt action rifles as a weapon of choice.
  8. Occupation
    prior service (Army)
  9. Affiliation
    None but looking
  10. Role
    Sniper, Support


 Jae-min "Crowebar" Kim, is a man in his early 30's. Nothing remarkable about him. He never excelled in sports, nor stood out in any career. He grew up in the south in the US, not ever really fitting in. A mix between cultures meant he understood both but could fit in neither. He tried his lot in the Army, doing nothing grand, and spending his time just drifting through life aimlessly. His short stay in the military didn't make him elite fighting machine, if anything, it made him competent enough not to die on a camping trip. 

His lack of direction in life, nor the bond of companionship lead him to travel. Living a life of solitude, Jae-min would spend most of his days droning through menial tasks at work, only to spend every free moment out in the woods. Feeling that his only comfort was the comfort of the wilderness. Spending years of doing this, Jae-min then began to travel across the country, hiking different trials, climbing various mountains, and exploring new locations. Eventually, Jae-min wanted to perhaps leave the States for the first time in his life. With no familial ties he cared about, nor any significant other, he planned to leave for a trip to explore various countries in Europe.

After liquidating his assets, he planned out his journey across Europe. Starting in the Netherlands, he would make his way into Germany, Poland, and perhaps make his way northeast into Lithuania or southeast to Ukraine. With no real timeline in mind, he realized there was no rush in his adventure. Naturally, an American in the Netherlands, Jae-min found his way to Amsterdam, where he spent far too long and far too much money indulging in what Amsterdam had to offer. However, he soon realized that his life couldn't be entertained through various carnal indulgences and finally began his generic hike across Europe. 

His journey was nothing too special since his interactions with the natives were kept to a minimum. He ran into similar people he would have met in the States, only difference was language at times. He never could seem to fit in with people and he found he didn't want to linger longer than he had to. It was in Poland that he encountered trouble. A group of men attacking a man and woman. What did it matter to him, why should he care? It was none of his business, yet he couldn't just stand there and do nothing. Never in his life had he been in a situation to be the hero. So he tried to help, and just like everything else, he failed. The woman lay dead, and the man sat against a wall bleeding from stab wounds to the stomach and chest. Jae-min lay surrounded by 3 men and being pummeled. 2 other men squatted near the man and lifeless woman. Speaking in a language Jae-min couldn't understand. In his state, he couldn't understand even if they spoke English. 

Finally, 2 of the men picked him up, and threw him between 2 buildings. Laying in trash, left to either die or sleep off his beating. Why didn't they stab him? Was he so harmless that they didn't even kill him? Perhaps that was a good thing, since it saved his life? He lay there looking at the men returning to the rest of their group. Standing there, they laughed at the bleeding man. One then stabbed the already injured man in the leg, and they continued to play with their victim. At that moment, something snapped in Jae-min. It wasn't a red hue rage that flooded over him, rather, it was a cold, numb hatred. He wasn't filled with a burst of strength, but instead there was an overwhelming calming. His pain left him, and he staggered to his feet. He slowly walked towards the men, not knowing what he would do, yet he had to go to them. He bumped into the back of an old truck, using the back to hold himself up.

At this point, the men hear the sound and look up at him. A brief command is given and one starts to walk his way and the others return to their victims. No fear touches Jae-min, only the void remains. As the man draws closer, Jae-min's hand brushes against something resting on the back of the truck and he grips it hard. The man stands before him and speaks in polish yet Jae-min doesn't understand. The man pokes him in the chest and repeats himself. The man finally puts his fingers to the edges of his eyes and mimics "Chinese eyes". Jae-min looks past him and sees the woman laying there and his eyes return to the thug's face. He brings the object he gripped up and into the side of the man's head and the thug's face goes limp yet his arms lock up in strange positions as he crumples to the ground dead. Jae-min finally rationalizes that he held a crowbar. He looks up and the 4 men have not noticed a thing.

He approaches the men silently. Striking the closest first, taking him down, not knowing or caring if hes dead. The 3 remaining spring to action, one of which slips and falls. Wasting no time, Jae-min strikes the man in the face with the curved end. One man fumbles to draw something from his coat, and only gets his hand half way out, revealing a small semi-automatic pistol. Jae-min's swing goes low and instead of hitting his temple, it catches the man's throat and nearly tears it out. Jae-min looks up to see that the last man is already half way down the street, leaving his friends behind. Jae-min, still wrapped in the void, turns to the 2 men still moving. The man he struck in the back of the head lay motionless, eyes wide in confusion. He then looks at the man he struck in the face. He lay there screaming as one of his eyes hangs from the socket, the flesh torn in a downward motion exposes his nose and even his top row of teeth. He doesn't even notice Jae-min as he approaches and Jae-min brings the crowbar down. Striking him repeatedly, he realizes that the man stopped moving at least a dozen swings ago and he ceases his barrage. He looks over at the last man, clutching his throat. The man lay there trying to hold in the blood, gurgling on blood and trying to get air into his lungs. He watches in horror as Jae-min walks up to him. Jae-min says nothing, doesn't even hesitate, and brings the crowbar down again.

It was over, all lay dead, except for the bleeding man the thugs stabbed. Jae-min approached him and knelt down to be eye level with the injured man. His chest covered in thick dark blood, Jae-min knew that the injuries were deep and fatal. The man spoke in Polish, looking at Jae-min in fear. He rambled over and over, trying to push back from Jae-min. Not thinking of him as a savior, but as another killer. He points at Jae-min and rambles in the foreign tongue, but manages to say, "You... Demon..." and points to the weapon, "Crowbar... killer" Jae-min stands up and looks at the man. A demon? No. No, hes not a demon, but a killer, that he is. He turns away from the dying man and begins to walk away. He picks up his gear that was discarded when he first fought and begins to walk away. He hears sirens approach and he picks up the pace, darting between buildings, and fleeing to the woods.

Crowbar, perhaps that's his name now. The tool that brought him the void of emotion. He realized that during any moment of stress, fear, excitement, or anything, the void would return. So Crowbar would be his new name. Something inside of him broke that day. The old version of him died that day. Society doesn't need him, and he doesn't need it. If anything, society would be looking for him. Not seeing him as a hero who saved at least one, but a killer who ended four lives. No point in going northeast into Lithuania, rather straight east into Belarus, and into the vast wilderness of Russia. He would find a way to live in the wilderness, where he would adapt or die. There was definitely no turning back now and so began the real survival.

Jae-min lost track of time, he knew it was at least a year since the incident. He had traveled well into Russia, when his first interaction with the infected occurred. He finally needed to go into town to get medicine and the old map he had showed a moderate sized town nearby. He heard gunfire first, and decided to stay hidden and observe. Tracking the sound of the gunfire, he noticed that other people were following the sounds as well. However, the people looked odd and moved towards gunfire?

These people were crazy! As he watched from afar, he heard a noise to his right, and a person stumbled out of the treeline. He looked as if he was homeless and in dire need of medical treatment. In fact, the man was missing an arm and the bone was exposed, showing that not only was the injury somewhat recent, but that he acted like it wasn't even a problem. He hobbled around strangely and Jae-min noticed that the man's angle was broken and he walked with his foot twisted to the side. What was going on?! Jae-min stumbled back into the brush, crashing into the leaves and drawing the attention of the injured man. The man turned dull lifeless eyes towards Jae-min, and with a dry raspy yell, began to run at him in a rage. Shock hit Jae-min, then swiftly the void enveloped him. He saw the man wish him harm and this could not stand. Striking the man in the side of the head with his crowbar, the man staggered to one side. No man could take a hit to the side of the head like that! So Jae-min tried again, and again the man recovered from the blow to the head. Jae-min spun his crowbar around and like a rapier, he thrusts the end into the eye of the man. He crumbles to the ground lifeless. Upon further inspection, the man looks as if hes begun to rot weeks ago, and shows signs of already being long since dead. 

This doesn't change the fact that he still needed some medicine. To play it safe, he would have to avoid everyone at all costs. The gunfire begins again, this time closer and he sees two people running down a street. He estimates that they're a good 500 yards away and they've not noticed him. Their attention is on the crowd of crazy people chasing them down the street. Their rifle fire comes in slow intervals, most likely some sort of bolt action hunting rifle. Jae-min watches as they continue firing while running backwards. In their haste, they ran right into a smaller crowd and Jae-min watched as they were savagely torn apart. Using this distraction, Jae-min managed to raid a few convenient stores and a pharmacy and made his way out of the town, full of supplies and with even more questions.

His travels caused him to see more signs of similar disasters, and more of the people who are dead yet alive? Are they infected with something? What happened? In his travels, he saw various newspapers that showed images of what looked to be riots, conflicts with military personnel, and even what appeared to be an air strike at some point? Strangely some things would be in English but never pertaining to what he needed to know about. He wandered around, following main roads, staying off in the woods or down in ditches. His travels brought him to a main highway, full of wrecked cars, not a soul in sight. A few long since decayed bodies. There's been signs of looting however, so Jae-min keeps his guard up. He doesn't see much to take, but the wind blows a paper into his chest. He grabs it, and inspects it. It's a map to a fairly large area. Most of the fine print has worn out through the weather, but the lines show that the highway he is on will take him to this map's location. The header is still able to be read. "Chernarus" this will be his next location. From the map's information, it looks like there will be everything he will need, including possibly firearms at the various military facilities. 

So now Jae-min, rather Crowbar, will begin a new adventure in this merciless place called Chernarus. The void has kept him from letting emotions overwhelm him when things got dicey. Will the void continue to help him survive, or will it be the thing that costs him the last bit of his humanity in a world starved of that very commodity. Not having a home, far from the world he came from, not knowing if its just as bad there, Crowbar pushes forward...


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