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Brandon Terrano
Character information
  1. Alias
    "Ronan" | "Gladius 4-7"
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1981-01-30 (39 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Carmel, New York
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Family
    Quinn Gray [Niece], Giovani Terrano [Son], Jack Castle [Brother], Elizabeth Valentine [Sister]
  9. Religion
    Roman Catholic


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    86 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dark Brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Features
    -Deep cut beside his right eye
    -Faded burn across the left side of his head
    -faded bullet graze along his head on the right side
    -faded bullet graze across his left cheek
    -faded bullet scaring on his right shoulder
    -Old black and blue bite mark on his left arm
    -Several small, faded "Luciano" scars across his face
    -Scar directly across his right eye, with further inspection you realize his eye has been replaced with a glass one
    -faded bullet graze along the left side of his neck
    -His right ear is completely missing, it was shot off
    -His left pointer finger has no nail
    -Large knife scar across his back
    -Missing right index finger
    -Missing left pinkie toe

    -Lion tattoo on his left pec
    -Dragon tattoo along his right bicep going onto his pec
    -Tribal grey wolf tattoo on his right forearm
    -Mandalorian tattoo on his left bicep
    -"Nous Defions" tattooed across his back
    -His left forearm reads, "Rest in peace, Alexandra. Il mio angelo nella vita e nella morte." in the color of the Italian flag
  8. Equipment
    -His Wedding Ring.
    -Purple Face Mask.
    -Evelyn's Wedding Ring.
    -Ulysses' Knife.
    -Mr Pinky.
  9. Affiliation
    Black Roses
  10. Role




"It's about more than just us. This is the survival of humanity we're talking about. That's my mission, that's OUR mission. A better tomorrow. A new world."

-Brandon Terrano



Brandon Terrano, born to Anthony and Constanzia Terrano in January of ‘81, was raised in a small town outside of New York City called Carmel. Brandon’s father was involved in the Genovese crime family along with a cousin of his, Albert Gallo, brother of the infamous Joey Gallo. Terrano lived an easy life of luxury, the life of the son of a mobster. During his highschool years, Terrano met a Greek-Italian woman named Alexandra, and with the approval of his father who believed in the traditional Italian family ways, they started a relationship. Sadly, through his easy life, it occurred to Terrano he never really thought of what he was going to do with it after highschool. Anthony had no desire to put Terrano into the business, as he didn’t desire that life for his son, so Terrano decided he should go into the Army to discipline himself, and prepare for a career afterwards. Through some friends of theirs, Terrano was able to get into the SFAS program faster than most, and trained to become a Green Beret without the usually needed three years of general service. After Terrano finished his training, he moved to Brooklyn with his sweetheart, Alexandra around the time of his birthday, and nine happy months later his son Giovani was born; However, days before Gio was born, 9/11 happened, and it was almost guaranteed that soon Terrano would be deployed to Afghanistan.



Terrano did a lot of small ops during the first few months of his deployment; However, one day he was tasked to go with the 87th Infantry Regiment during Operation Anaconda at the Southern landing zone of a Shahi Kot Valley. Once they hit down, they instantly began taking the most amount of fire in the valley. Eventually, they were able to continue their move up North until the 3rd battalion arrived and two apaches destroyed the enemy position harassing the US troops. While moving up one of the stragglers ran out and sprayed his weapon towards Terrano and his advancing regiment, he was hit twice in the shoulder when he jumped in front of one of his friends to shield him from gunfire. Terrano was rushed back with a retreating apache, and was deemed unable to continue serving for the time being, so he was honorably discharged, and sent home a few months after.



A year or so after his return from Afghanistan, Brandon’s father passed away due to cancer, and the funeral was set to happen at a church on President’s street, NYC. While there, Brandon met one man who would change his life forever. The man he met, was Vincent Gigante himself, the current boss of the Genovese family. He recognized Brandon from pictures Anthony had showed him, Terrano’s father was always proud of his military boy, and made a currently jobless Brandon an offer, to which he accepted. From that point forward, Brandon took over not only his father’s operations, but the operations of a few other famiglia members who’ve recently passed or been sent to prison. The jobs he received were anything from racketeering, number coordinating, loan sharking, pushing “vending machines” and even a few hit jobs, all of which Brandon was naturally able to do with ease. Brandon was made into the Genovese family quickly, he also ranked up to Caporegime just as fast afterwards. Sad days came from his profession however, his wife Alexandra was brutally tortured and slaughtered by the associate of a Irish mobster Terrano had dealings with, Donovan Kennedy. Terrano never found out exactly who killed his wife, all he knew was that he was Chernorussian, and it seemed lost he would ever find him until a few years later when Terrano was given the opportunity to go with the Consigliere to a meeting with some Chernorussian arms dealers in Chernarus itself, to which Terrano happily obliged.



Terrano arrived in South Zagoria with profit and revenge on his mind. Originally coming to the region to deal with arms traders and to hunt down Donovan Kennedy and his Chernorussian assassin, Terrano had a bit of a different path to follow once the “end of the world” hit. He quickly lost the willpower and motivation to hunt Kennedy when the realization that people were tearing each other apart truly hit him, and since he had lost his crew to the harsh unknown environment of the region, he decided to join up with a local mercenary group known as “Mars Corporation”. His ventures with them were short as only a few short weeks after he joined them, the majority of their soldiers were wiped out by the forces of the Chedaki. Even though his time was short with them, he saw them as family, and that day lit a new fire of revenge inside Terrano, one for the Chedaki. The ones of Mars Corporation who survived scattered for a time, Vincent, Daniel, Xavier and Jordan. Those were the only survivors besides Terrano. Terrano’s story after that is simply a history of him going group to group as he built up the amount of people he called family. First, he was with Viridian. The ones who he will always till the day he dies call family. His time there ended when the Mujahideen came and began their holy war against Chernarus. He was kicked out, sent away for aspirations to protect others. He didn’t blame them. Instead, after that he began moving from group to group in the pursuit of protecting others. The United People of Salvation. The Bounty Hunters of Alex Menendez… The Moretti’s. The Moretti’s came long after the Mujahideen. During the time of the Black Fangs and Collectives reign. They proved a far to dangerous foe for Moretti to continue operations in Chernarus, so, they left. They left to Russia and Brandon went with them. They remained there for a time, and when they returned five months later that was when Brandon met Jack Castle, and not long after, the Valentines. Together they fought a hopeless war against Anarchy along with many of the other factions in South Zagoria and a small detachment of CDF forces. It was Brandon and Castle who organized the assault on Novy Sobor and for the gas bomb to be launched. That was the largest of the many battles during the war, and it was a turning point in itself for morale. While the battle was not won, the sheer number of people who fought showed the hopeless there was hope. That they were not alone. However, the victory and high moral was short lived, and after many more ventures with groups such as the Moretti's, Terrano sought passage to Poland, and remained there in exile for some time...



After his time in Poland, Terrano decided to return to South Zagoria in search of his family. He came back from the shore across from Salvation, and was again left alone once again to brave Chernarus. It wasn't long before he found Elizabeth Smith, Jack Castle, and many other ones of his old allies. They brought Brandon right back into the fold, and at the start of an all new chapter, one that could shape the entire world around them. New enemies have emerged, and it is once again up to Terrano to stop them...


-Discover the fate of Tony Moretti. [DEAD, COMPLETED]

-Secure a future for the Valentines.

-Redeem Jaxon Valentine and show him the ways of a true leader. [FAILED]

-Find the lost child kidnapped by the Chedaki. [ABANDONED]

-Discover the fate of Rory Taylor.

-Never personally torture another living soul.

-Bury Mr. Pinky and end the story of James Kassidy. [COMPLETED]

-Avenge Ken Mendenhall. [COMPLETED]

-Discover the fate of those he considered family.

  •     Jimmy Mariani [GONE]
  •     Eddie Sorella [ALIVE]
  •     Kyle Williams [GONE]
  •     Eden Ripley [MISSING]
  •     Elizabeth Smith Valentine [ALIVE]
  •     Kenneth Richards [MISSING]
  •     Jango Bale [DECEASED]
  •     Dean Mendenhall [DECEASED]
  •     Xavier Pak [ALIVE]
  •     Vasco Fernandez [MISSING]
  • Fred Dimmock [ALIVE]
  •     David Meeks [MISSING]
  •     Jordan Rainey [ALIVE]
  •     Daniel Barnett [ALIVE]
  •     Sal Scarpaci [DECEASED]
  •     Louie Scarpaci [MISSING]
  •     Ethan Jones [ALIVE]
  •     Vincent Braddock [ALIVE]
  •     Kyle Nelson [ALIVE]
  • Roy Cross [ALIVE]

-Continue to hunt and kill remaining Chedaki.

-Find Everest Casimir and learn more about his version of the virus. [COMPLETED]

-Re-obtain the Russian listening device.

-Discover the fate of Anarchy and it's partisans. [ABORTED]

-Attempt to redeem Luke Krey. [ABORTED]

-Protect the children of Ken Mendenhall. [PARTIALLY COMPLETED]

  •     Luke Krey [ABORTED]
  •     Dean Mendenhall [FAILED, DECEASED]
  •     Quinn Gray [ALIVE]

-Obtain a situation report from outside Chernarus. [COMPLETED]

-Find out more about XSB-1. [COMPLETED]

-Help in the development of XSB-1 Destroy XSB-1 and stop anyone from using it.

-Restore Myshkino dam and turn the lights back on.

-Find and eliminate Asher Stephen and his compatriots.

-Redeem or eliminate Everest Casimir.




-Outbreak begins.

-Terrano loses track of his crew.

-Terrano meets Rory Taylor and Peter Matthews.

-Peter recruits Terrano into Mars Corp.

-Brandon meets Daniel Barnett, Jordan Rainey, Xavier Pak, Fred Dimmock and the Braddock brothers in Mars Corp.

-Mars Corp. falls to the Chedaki. Jordan and Brandon are separated from the others.

-Jordan and Brandon part ways, Brandon goes to Severograd to join Viridian.

-Brandon joins Viridian, he gets close to them and they become his family.

-A member of Viridian, James Kassidy, is killed by another member, Eddie Sorella. Brandon mourns the innocent loss deeply, and holds onto his toy bear, Mr. Pinky.

-The Mujahedin arrive in Chernarus, Terrano is the first to meet them.

-Terrano hires Alex Menendez to create an army to fight the Mujahedin.

-Terrano is kicked out of Viridian for his conquest.

-Terrano joins up with UPS. He meets Ken Mendenhall and Everest Casimir, who he considers his brothers.

-Brandon meets Roy Kalo, one of Alex Menendez's top soldiers.

-The Black Fangs and PAU arrive. They wipe out the Mujahedin.

-The Communist Collective arrive.

-UPS returns to Salvation along with a revived Mars Corp. and Viridian. The Black Fangs quickly attack to obtain Quinn Gray, Ken's daughter.

-Terrano meets Bobby Kalo, Roy's brother. He vows to protect him.

-Terrano joins up with Tony Moretti.

-Terrano and the Moretti's capture Wes Carter and hand him over to Ivan Lynch. He is executed for the murder of his wife Evelyn.

-The Collective and Black Fangs arrive in Moretti's camp, they take Terrano and mutilate his face with a spiked bat. He loses his right eye.

-Terrano leaves the country with Moretti, they go to Russia.

-Terrano returns months later, in the ashes of Black Fangs and the Collective, Anarchy has arrived. Ken Mendenhall was murdered. Terrano vows vengeance.

-Terrano burries Mr. Pinky where James Kassidy is buried. His story is over.

-Terrano joins the Syndicate, he quickly takes charge. He meets Sal Scarpaci.

-The Syndicate creates a Coalition with other groups.

-The Socialist betray the Coalition, the torture that in sues gets two of Terrano's friend's killed.

-Terrano creates another Coalition with Jack Castle, they go to war with Anarchy.

-Tony Moretti returns to Chernarus.

-The battle of Novy happens, Terrano solidifies a friendship with CDF forces with the gas bombing at the start of the battle. It ends in a stale mate.

-Anarchy and the BPR disappear.

-Tony Moretti recreates his Family. Anarchy and the BPR reappear. They create an alliance with the Family.

-Ben Khron is found among the Family. Terrano executes him in the name of Ivan Lynches wife.

-Terrano learns of Ken's son, Dean Mendenhall.

-Terrano hides Dean from Anarchy. Anarchy finds out and takes no real action.

-Tony Moretti is killed by Donovan Kennedy during an attack from the Kamenici.

-Terrano leaves Chernarus alone to find Everest Casimir.

-Terrano returns months later with no luck. He finds Elizabeth Smith and travels with her, Jack Castle and the Valentines.

-Terrano begins working with Elizabeth, a mysterious CDF group and other doctors on the infection.

-A benign strand of the virus is inserted into Terrano along with a experimental booster. It's a massive success.

-Terrano, Jaxon, Kam and Elizabeth obtain encrypted radios from the Chernorussian doctor.

-Straz goes missing. Elizabeth is taken to a secure location while her baby is being born.

-Jaxon becomes addicted to comfort.

-Terrano and Jack Castle part ways to contemplate their next move.

-Terrano meets back up with Bobby Kalo and joins the Black Roses.

-Terrano allows Fred Dimmock to harm his niece and Ken's daughter, Quinn Gray.



Family | Friends/Trusted | Neutral | Enemies

Daniel Barnett

Giovani Terrano

Quinn Gray

Bobby Kalo

Roy Kalo

Diana Huxley

Fred Dimmock

Jordan Rainey

Jack Castle

Elizabeth Smith

Jaxon Valentine

James & Vincent Braddock

Xavier Pak

Mark Daniels

Hans Runkel

Sergey Trotski




Clyde Boye

Colt Kalo

Alfie Marks

Moxxi Devlin

Kam Asbjornson

Asher Stephens

Kent "Smiley" Leewood

Luke Krey

Viktor Padella







huh what is this 45fd682fa08ca33b2cb2b83eedb8ef65.png I dont recall this

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@BorisRP Y'all left the town several times ?

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It only refers to the battle of Novy I see now how it can be misinterpreted

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On 5/12/2018 at 10:05 PM, Gallo said:

@BorisRP Y'all left the town several times ?

huh there were always people left in town? Dont wanna call it retreat when we pushed into the woods and killed you guys becose everyone thougt they were a special elite sniper on the coalition 


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9 hours ago, PVPer said:

becose everyone thougt they were a special elite sniper on the coalition 

God you got that right. Was obnoxious really. Went to our rally and found like 30 dudes with wichesters. Jesus christ.

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