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Johnny Wilson
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    1962-06-12 (57 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    England, Plymouth
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
    Cathrine Wilson - Charles Wilson
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    87 kg
  3. Build
    Semi Muscular - Thin
  4. Hair
    White Semi long curly hair
  5. Eyes
    Left eye - Greyish no Pupil - Right Eye - Hassel Brown
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
    Blind eye on the Left
    Tattoo of a achor with a banner named "Salty Christine"
    Hair on his chest, arms and Legs
    Full white beard
  8. Occupation


Aye, Good day Laddie I heard a little bird speaking in me Tiny Ear that ye wanted to hear what i did before this Went down. Aye?

Let me Then tell ya, Sit down Sandlander and i shall tell you me story.




I used to be a Fisher on a good ol' Lil boat we called Salty Christine, She was a beaut i tell ya.

Now we didnt use the same as all the other fisher twats, Nay nay. We used Sails, No such things as Engines.

Now believe it or not we cared for the Enviroment, So Aye we used only sails and nets.

We used nets aswell of course and some of that good ol' Luck.

We didnt use such as "Radar" and what not Nay, A real man shouldnt rely on pure technology to know his skills.

And to me we caught many fish of all kind, Well atleast to my knowledge It atleast paid for us in the end.

Ye know, On the sea the people ye are trapped on aboard a tub like that. They become your second family,

And it not really miserable sure sometimes you miss home but if you and the lads are good in spirit, Ye shall always pass the Tests of the Salty sea.

Sea shanties and made up games will make life on the Sea easier, And my god we did that alot.

Oh i remember the time, me and the Lads put the Cap'n's on a fishing hook and used it as bait.

He surely got our arses over that but it was fun while it lasted.

But anyway It wasnt all fun and games, Not alot of Fishermen liked us cus we didnt steer away from tradition.

Nay, We had a bad rep on shore We got made fun of for smelling of sea and not gasoline.

But screw 'em, We did atleast what our ancestors did with Respect!.

Not like those idiots.




But anyways, it quickly turned sour for me and the lads.

We toke a long trip from Morice town, Down in plymouth harbour to the Green sea.

We've heard there was great catches there from some of the old lads at the Harbour,

They said a boat like yours could get more fish than your boat could carry.

I wont lie to ye, We were abit desperate for money the ship could use a few upgrades.

And they werent cheap i tell ya!.

Anyways, We went down there it toke us days even months i think.

We Arrived to our destination, And while trying to get them suckers on our boat fish i mean.

But we didnt get alot as i remember we only caught about Ten, and that would even give us a Pack of Smokes.

So we went further into the green sea and The wheather seemed worse than before.

The radio we had a bought made some weird noises too, I do recall however there was a lad on the radio i think that tried to communicate with us.

But honestly i couldnt understand that lads accent, It was so Deep and unclear.

Anyway the Wheather became worse and worse, We knew we were in trouble but it was kinda too late to do anything about it.

Before i knew it our boat got rolled over by a Wave, Good Ol' Salty Christine was lost to Davy Jones.

And the crew i dont know what happend, I still presume their corpses are lost to this day.

But i remembered the wave rolled us over, and i tried to see if i could find anyway one.

And surprise!, i couldnt i found the captains hat floating around but no corpses.

Just a broken of mast, a few boxes here and there. a Barrel of cider that broke.



But i remembered i floated to shore with help of that broken mast, It felt like forever.

But what came after shocked me to my core.

It was like i came to awhole new world, Burning Cities, Corpses everywhere.

And the smell God the Fucking smell lad was awful.

Even walking rotten corpses, Can you believe it? What fucking witchcraft happend here,

I thought to myself. And one of those rotten shits had a eye on me it came right at me.

I picked up a stone that was the size of my hand and fucking smashed it back to hell.

But there was more, So i ran as fast as i could into a nearby forest line.

And i just continued walking and observing what has happend. 

Honestly mate i was fucking shattered, I never seen such horror before.

But i found people, Funny enough they seemed like american tourist i believe.

And they told me a "outbreak" happend, and honestly im not surprised probably some sort of government experiment.

But after that it pretty much became like it is now, I go around still abit confused.

Drink when i can, and getting along with the rest of the lads that is left on this miserable planet.

Anyway That was me story lad

*Johnny stands up with a bottle, Stretches his arm out and shouts "Cheers lads! May god save us all!" and proceeds to drink its content*




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