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Alex Miller
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    mentally strong
  3. Morale
    do everything to protect your family
  4. Date of birth
    1992-11-21 (27 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Stuttgart Germany
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English German
  9. Relationship
    wife: Annika Miller [deceased/infected]
  10. Family
    daughter: Mia Miller [deceased/infected], like a brother: Jack Hawk [alive]
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    75 kg
  3. Build
    muscular build due to his military past
  4. Hair
    short, black military haircut and a clean shaved face
  5. Eyes
    a mixture between brown and green
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Good
  7. Equipment
    old clothes found in a hunting cabin, a compass and a backpack
  8. Occupation
    Ex Military
  9. Affiliation
  10. Role


Alex Miller was born on the 21st of November 1992 in Stuttgart, Germany. He mostly had a normal childhood, growing up with his mother and father in a rural part of town as a only child. Early on, he developed a great interest in the duties and ways of life of the military. His father decided to take him on hunting trips from a young age on and taught him the proper, safe use of firearms. 

In 1998 at the age of 6, he started his education in primary school, he showed that he had great abilities in leadership and got elected as the student president at his school with the age of 11. This was also around the time he started dating his future wife Annika Schmidt (later Annika Miller).

In 2009 at the age  of 17, he graduated school top of his year and class, he was suggested to join the military by a recruiter and took upon the offer immediately. He joined the Bundeswehr, in which he had a great fascination since a young age.

In 2011 he proposed to Annika and they married in late fall of the same year, him being 19 and her being 21. His wife was very supportive to his career and they both agreed upon the fact that she was going to be a stay at home mom and work from her home office, she was planning on a career in web design. 

In late 2015 they finally decided to make their dream of a small family come true, Annika happily announced to him that she was pregnant in February 2016.  

Only a few months later, at age 24, he got his last promotion (Staff Sergeant) in Stuttgart before he was sent to train UN units in London. Annika decided to move to London with him and to support her husband no matter what. They have a stressful but otherwise happy family life, on the 23rd of November 2016 their baby daughter Mia Miller was born and further added to their dream of their own family.

In June 2017 they got the harsh news that he was going to be deployed to Miroslavl with his unit and wouldn't see his family for at least 4 months, there wasn't going to be any communication between home and the soldiers due to the high security level of the operation.

The departure at the military airport was very rough for the young family but at least they would see each other again in a few months and the deployment money would improve their financial situation, or so they thought...


-17th of July 2017 0900 UTC +3

SSGT Alex Miller former German soldier and SGT Jack Hawk former British soldier, were put in a UN squad (UN peacekeepers) together. They were deployed to Miroslavl, where the plan was to establish a research center. They were part of a detachment of 100 soldiers and medical professionals that was used to put up a base for treatment and research in Chapaevsk. 

Under the lead of Kozlov, the unit of 15 men including Hawk was ordered to locate a missing squad of US Marines that were cut off from any means of supply or communication and ex-filtrate with the survivors via MEDEVAC on the northern side of Chernogorsk next to a church. They were transported from Miroslavl to Chernogorsk by a american CH-47 Chinook and fastroped onto a fire-station located in the north-east of the city. The last known position of the Marines was the police-station in the south-east of Chernogorsk, so they started fighting their way down south and across the train tracks, they suffered heavy losses upon fighting the first two groups of Infected. the four dead bodies were left in a house near the tracks for later extraction but the mission had to continue. Their group continued to the police-station without any major fights. 

Upon arrival it was clear they had to clear out the infected surrounding the station if they wanted any chance of getting in there alive. One of the men, PFC Vadim Kozlov, volunteered to launch a distraction in order to draw away the main crowd of hostiles to successfully enter the building. the man sneaked his way 100 meters south of the current location and started firing off his service-rifle multiple times. As soon as he fired, the large group had risen their heads trying to locate the sound, after a few more shots of Kozlov, they started grunting and moving into his direction faster and faster. The sounds of disease, death and wet crunching of broken limbs accompanied them on their hunt. they could be heard for another 50 seconds before turning into rage filled grunts and violent breaking of doors and windows. Miller ordered the remaining squad to move up with him towards the now cleared objective. As they continue their mission, half way to the police-station the grunting and violent sounds are interrupted by multiple bursts of small arms fire and a sudden barrage of sharp, rip like sounds of explosions.. followed by dead silence. PFC Kozlov had pulled the pins on multiple of his grenades in order to take out the enormous horde of hostiles overrunning his last stand, supposedly killing him in the act.

As the squad arrived at the police-station, a Marine opened the door and yelled for them to take cover inside, they moved in fast and as the door closed behind them, they could hear a big horde approaching. It only took second before they were crashing into the outer walls of the building thus locking the men inside.

Miller took count of his squad and the remaining Marines. He let his SGT radio in the casualties and the secured targets. Hawk also called in their current situation of being pinned inside the station but having roof access, suggesting a MEDIVAC directly from the roof. Although dangerous, it was deemed necessary. All means of aerial transport were either damaged or in deployment at that time, so they were ordered to fortify their current position and wait for further instructions. So they did, caring for the wounded, distributing ammo, rationing the remaining food and blocking off the ground floor with furniture, making it impossible for the Infected to gain access to the first floor were the men were taking position.

-21st of July 2017 2200 UTC +3

On their 5th day of siege, the men received a radio transmission ordering them to stay by for a incoming helicopter to pick them up and to signal the landing zone with red flares. Minutes after they ignited the flares they could hear a Mil Mi-26 roaring above, the Russian transport helicopter hovered next to the roof, allowing access to the back hatch with a ramp that was let down onto the handrail of the roof. Immediately Miller got aboard the chopper and instructed the pilots on the situation and that they have to leave as soon as possible with multiple of the wounded having bad infections and being in immediate need of medical treatment. Throughout the conversation of Miller and the helicopter crew, Hawk and the other UN soldiers started loading the wounded and deceased on the chopper and taking a seat on the remaining seats. Upon Hawks order, the pilot had shut the back ramp and started to lift off, heading for the base in Miroslavl.

Minutes after takeoff the helicopter had began losing connection to first the UN HQ and then all smaller outposts too, a large storm was interfering with the old, outdated Russian communications equipment, rendering it useless. Seconds later, a bright flash of light accompanied by a deafening explosion sound had shook the vehicle. The pilots were yelling and emergency lights were blinking, alarm sounds going off in the cockpit. one of the pilots screaming:''Engine one and two complete failure'' followed by the helicopter loosing altitude fast, descending rapidly down to the ground. ''brace for impact'' Is the last thing Miller remembered before waking up in a burning helicopter wreck, surrounded by flames, smoke and dead comrades.

[read the next part with ''legends never die'' playing :p]

With his last recourse of energy left, he crawled to the cockpit, or where it was supposed to be, it was gone.. torn off by the impact, it was replaced by a burning inferno of trees. He turned around and continues to crawl, avoiding the smoke in the transport compartment by staying low, passing seemingly mutilated soldiers.. all hope was lost for the rest of his unit. As he approached the ripped open back ramp, he saw the unconscious Hawk laying underneath a piece of debris. He crawled over and lifted the piece off. He dragged him out of the burning helicopter wreck, grunting and screaming in pain. He placed Hawk next to the open ramp, got out and started to yank on Hawks plate-carrier in order to get him out of the flaming hell he was still stuck in. With his last strength gathered into one more pull.. he finally got his friend unstuck and fell to the ground, Hawk landing on top of him. Moments after they had escaped, it combusted into an inferno of fuel, bodies and collapsed trees. He passed out due to his immense pain along side of his still unconscious friend and comrade Hawk. 

Hawk woke up due to the flaming mess starting burning his legs, this was what saved them from sharing the same faith as all of their comrades, he had been knocked unconscious by the initial impact but besides minor bruises and burns he was otherwise unharmed. He got to his feet, saw his friend laying next to him and started to drag him a safe distance away from the fire, leaning him against a tree and taking a seat next to him, facing the crash site he watched all hopes for rescue from this godforsaken island turn into molten metal and charred bodies.

[turn off the song if not done yet]

-22nd of July 2017 0600 UTC +3

After a harsh night in the forest they had crashed in, they both awoke to the storm worsening. They had to find cover and that quick. Hawk pulled his wounded friend to his feet and started to explain that they had to find cover if they didn't want to run the risk of getting hypothermia. Miller agreed and tried to walk to the best of his avail, limping badly. After hours of aimlessly wandering through the forest they stumbled upon a old hunting shack which seemed to be in rather good condition. Once inside, they stripped off their charred, shredded, blood and water soaked uniforms and dressed in what clothes they could find inside, preparing a meal with preserves and a old camping stove.. after they had eaten they decided to stay in the cabin and wait out the storm.

-24th of July 2017 0800 UTC +3 

In the early hours of the 24th the storm had mellowed down and they decided to pack a backpack and a compass they had found in the cabin to go and find a way to contact the UN HQ, little did they know that they were in the midst of humanity's downfall as they knew it and they are two of the last few UN members alive.


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